Monday, December 3, 2012

Saturday morning was a big day for the littles.  There was an excavator in their very own back yard.  We got a hot tub and needed to run electric to the deck where it sits.   The excavator showed up around 8:30am just as I was getting the boys up.  I had planned to cook them breakfast before going out to watch it work but they just couldn't wait to get out there.  So, breakfast was a cup of milk, cereal bar and dry cereal.    We headed out and they were in awe of everything going on. 


they look so grown up with big boy haircuts now.

They were big helpers and helped daddy get the pipe ready to put in the ditch that was dug.   They never got in the way made sure to take in every single moment.  I was surprised that at one point they went out to their playground and took a break from all of the work being done.  But it didn't take long before they were back to being 'helpers' and in the middle of all the action.

helping daddy

supervising and making sure the job looks good.

The little one (Stockton) even found a snakeskin lying on the ground.  He was pretty proud to show it off!  I love that that stuff doesn't bother them.  They are just so curious about everything right now.

Stockton and his snakeskin.

Before the excavator went home, we coaxed them to actually get on it.  They were scared at first but once they got used to it they were just fine.

big boys Stock and Arch on the excavator.
It was a great day.  Now, when they finish the electric and the hot tub is up and running it will be a REALLY great day!