Sunday, November 11, 2012

2.5 Years

To my sweet, amazing, caring and ridiculously lovable baby boys.  The last 30 months have been a real eye-opener on what life really is about and to me, the true meaning of happiness.  We have our 'challenging' days, there's no doubt about that.  But we soldier on and our good days more than outnumber the challenging ones.  We start every day with a hearty "Good Morning baby boys!" and hugs and kisses.  You both love to hug and kiss, and not just kissing mommy and daddy, you have to give each other kisses before your nap and bedtime.  Our days are spent together as you are still home with me full time...I am just not ready for a parents day out program, but in reality I am just not ready to share your sweetness with anyone else.  For a while after you were born I felt like I had lost myself, but in all actuality I have found myself.  I have found a peace in who I am, the privilege in being your mommy, and what's truly important in this life. So for that, I thank you both.  

This age is so much fun.  You both are all boy and love anything that has to do with cars, trucks, trains, trailers, tractors, dirt and sand. We spend our days playing and creating with all of those fun toys.  Your imaginations seem to grow daily as you create roads, dig in your sandbox with your excavators, form train tracks with tunnels made of mega blocks.   Being outside is a necessity.  You both love your playground and over the last month or so have been crazy about climbing the "wall".  Like your car seats and your chairs at the kitchen table, you both claimed a side of the rock wall as your own.  Archer on the left, Stockton on the right.  What's funny about that, is that when looking at your car seats and kitchen chairs face on - Archer is always on the left and Stockton is on the right.  It must be one of those crazy twin things.  Lately we have had fun pulling our red wagon around the yard picking up fallen tree limbs and leaves.  Going on a morning walk discovering nature has become a staple of our outside time.  We have learned all about mushrooms, moss, leaves, trees and hickory nuts.   Our version of Ring around the Rosie is to chase each other in figure eights around the trees.  It ends in fits of giggles  and shortness of breath.  


Oh, my little Archerbug.  You are such a sweet soul.  You love to give hugs and kisses.  Your kisses consist of grabbing us behind the ears and smashing your face into ours.  You still love your "body" (blanket) very much.  You have to sleep with it at every nap and night time along with your big Elmo, little Elmo, patter patter and puppy.  You have another of the same blanket, a "two body" as you call it, in the car as well.  You like to take the taggies and make a ring for your fingers.   You talk extremely well and your imagination never ceases to amaze me.  Sometimes your brain gets ahead of you stutter your words when you have something you think is REALLY important to say.  But you always get it out in the end.  You love your brother so much and call him Stocky most of the time.  When he is still sleeping I can hear your talking to him "whatcha doin Stocky? It's time to wake up Stocky!" You have to have a blue sticker on your cups...that's your color and you claimed it early on.   You love the puppies.  Chasing little Ratty around the house throws you into fits of giggles.  Jimmy loves you too, and will sit next to you and let you pet and rub his belly (this is big, because Jimmy isn't a big fan of anyone but his momma most times). And you love giving Rebel hugs and kisses.  You like to help pick out your clothes in the morning and carry them to the bathroom to get ready for the day.  You love being a big helper ALL the time.  Whether it's carrying diapers to the trash or pouring your drinks into your cups, you are always ready to help.  You love to jump on the trampoline and do "booty bombs" by jumping up and landing on your bottom.  I would say that you are definitely a mommas boy but are all about your daddy, especially when it comes to being in Daddy's barn and 'doing work' outside.     You have recently started playing more in your play kitchen and love to "make water" on the stove.   You do have a very stubborn streak in you though and when you get mad or upset you see red.  It takes a while for you to calm down, which can be a little trying...but we are figuring it out.  You like things to be just right and having a routine still suites you.   Overall, you an absolute joy to be with every day.  Your sweet smile melts me, especially when you do your cheese face.  I mean, how can you not want to squeeze those plump little cheeks and kiss that face?
Archer's Cheese! face


Sweet Stocky-monster.  You are so incredibly special.  And you are so so so funny.  You love to show off and clown around.  You like to call your self a "baby monster" and ROAR!  You have a fake laugh that makes me chuckle every time you do it...which is a lot.  You give the sweetest kisses and hugs.  You love your mommy but Daddy pretty much is king when he is home.   You like to refer to your self as "my Stocky".  I guess you have heard that a lot from me.  You will say: "mommy, hold my Stocky please!"  You are very bossy but you almost always say please and thank you.  You still have a love affair with your "Pretty" (blanket).  I am sure that no other blanket will ever compare to that Pretty of yours.  You love to cuddle. I could sit and hold you forever, and some days I think you would like that too.  You say the funniest things out of the blue.  At the grocery store last week as we were headed down the aisle you randomly said: "I've got a bad feeling about this!".  You were dead serious and it made me laugh out loud.  I have to be careful what I say because you always remember.  You love your brother Archer and tell him so every day.  You are very forthcoming with the "I love you's" and it warms my heart.   You love to "read a book".  You love to draw, more so than Archer does.  And you are getting really good at coloring.  You are trying to color in the lines and it makes me so proud of you.  You are fearless and love to try new things.  I love that about you.  Always ready to jump in and give it a try makes me very proud.   You love your "car shoes" and get upset if we don't wear them every single day.  They light up and and they are definitely super cute.  You prefer not to wear a jacket lately but it's about to get colder so we need to get over that.  You love going to Daddy's barn and and riding on the "daddy ride" around the property to check deer cameras and help Daddy take care of everything.   You are just an incredibly funny little boy with a sharp mind and big heart.  I am a lucky momma, that's for sure. 

Stockton and his big belly laugh!
We like to joke that you two are big smarty pants babies.  Your little brains are like sponges and it's so fun to teach you new things.  You both can count to 14, can say your ABC's, can sing Twinkle Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and the WonderPets theme song.  You both know 10 colors.  Animals are a favorite of yours and you can identify anything from a beetle to a hippos to meerkats and water buffaloes. You know the shapes: circle, square, star and triangle.  You know that a triangle has 1-2-3 sides and are so proud to count them.  I have to limit your tv time because you both get so engrossed in your "shows".  WonderPets is your absolute favorite, followed by Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.    You also know your full names. When asked you proudly say: "I'm Archer Warren Hogle" and "I'm Stockton Tanner Hogle" while pointing to your chest.  You call us "Mommy Marie Hogle" and  "Daddy Warren Hogle".  The bird is "Bird Tanner Hogle" according to Archer.  

You wake up around 8am and typically nap from 1pm - 4pm.  You have been telling me lately when you are sleepy and it's time for a night night.  Bed time has been pushed back to somewhere between 7:30pm and 8pm.  You both eat a large variety of foods and really aren't that picky right now.  You like to chose your breakfast whether it's scrambled eggs/toast/sausage, french toast or oatmeal and bacon just to name a few.  You are both tall and slender and built just like your daddy.  You weigh close to 32 pounds with Archer still being the heavier of the two.  



This is only the beginning of our beautiful journey little boys.   Thanks for bringing so much joy and peace into our lives.   Your daddy and I look forward to continue walking down this road full of family, fun and love with you.  To watch you grow and learn.  To watch you laugh and love.  You are our proudest accomplishment.  We love you through and through. Yesterday, today and tomorrow too.