Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dove Hunt 2012

It was the boys first dove hunt this weekend and boy, were they excited! Daddy has been talking with them about 'shooting the dubs' for weeks now and our moment finally came.  What was even more special than it being their first hunt, was that their beloved 'Pop Pop' came too.  3 generations of Hogle men...pretty darn special if you ask me.  Of course momma tagged along too...not because I needed to be there, but because I wanted to get this on film.   I love documenting memories being made.  

Justin and I got up at 6am to get dressed, get coffee going and their breakfast/snack/milk together before they woke up.  We got them up around 6:30am.  Justin walked in the room and Stockton shot up like a periscope out of his crib.  "shoot the dubs, daddy?" he asked.  Of course, that made Justin beam with pride...I had to chuckle.  That sweet little voice was so excited.  Archer was still asleep so Justin went and rubbed his back and asked if he wanted to shoot the dubs this morning.  Archer rolled over, looked at his daddy and said "ummmm, OK!" The were so excited to put on their camo outfits and hunting boots.  Which by the way, are the cutest darn camo boots ever.  Once we got everyone dressed we headed out the the door just as Pop Pop was pulling up.  We headed to the barn, loaded up in the Ranger and out to our destination.

putting our earmuffs on

Archer, Stockton and Pop Pop

3 Generations of Hogles...and a Rebel-dog

I love the next two pictures, it pretty much sums up their little personalities.  Archer, with his eyes big and waiting to find out what is going to happen next.  Stockton with his kissy lips just doing his thing.  


With our earmuffs on, off we went to our special hunting spot.   Daddy and Pop Pop somehow ended up with their little chairs to carry so the boys were just tooting along.  

learning about the Mojo decoy ... "come to mojo little doves!"

cool cat Archer

Stockton getting a drinky-drink

Stockton just chilling, waiting on the dubs

Pop Pop

Stockton wanted no part in holding the little dove

Archer and his mid morning snack

Justin and Rebel-dog

Pop Pop sharing cheerios and a laugh with Archer

Rebel fetching a dove that fell in the pond
The bird Rebel retrieved from the water was a strange one.  It must have dropped and floated for a bit because a turtle had gnawed his neck off.  I for one did not know that turtles were such scavengers and ate things like that? So gross.


While throwing sticks in the water my little Stockton slipped and fell in the mud.  He was NOT happy about it either.  Luckily Pop Pop had a hanker chief handy and cleaned him right up. 

Stockton is NOT happy

"daddy pow pow"

looking for dubs

picking up our Mojo
Great day!

holding some dubs

again, so gross. 

headed home to clean birds and eat a big breakfast!

It was a fantastic morning and the little guys couldn't have done better.  They never got in the way or wandered off where they shouldn't be.  They had so much fun being big hunters and helping their daddy and pop pop.  And, their daddy was beaming with pride afterwards on how great they did.   I was a proud momma too, they were champs getting up so early and behaved great.  Good moods all around! And, since we eat what we kill, we had a hearty dinner of fried dove that evening.  It was the perfect end to a great day.