Monday, August 27, 2012

Country Boy Kinda Life

I told Justin the other day how incredibly blessed we are to be able to give the boys a country life.  Growing up in a large city, this kind of living never crossed my mind.   We are so blessed to live on a beautiful acreage full of wildlife, ponds, fruit trees and endless resources of good 'ol fun.  It is beautiful, peaceful, safe and full of opportunities to play and learn about our land.   

We took the boys out Friday to pick some fresh Asian pears off this crazy tree we found in our pasture. This tree is amazing. His mom and dad used to pick pears off this very tree 40 years ago and we just found it this summer.  Literally loaded with fruit.   At first we thought it was an apple tree, but after discussion and internet searches it turns out it's an Asian pear tree.  Random. Delicious. Amazing.  I mean, seriously, how many kids get to go grab a pear any time they like.  No pesticides, nothing.  Just home grown fruit.  

After picking fruit, we went to check out our food plots for the deer.  Justin is so proud of his handy work and I am too.  The little beans, clovers, radishes ect were sprouting nicely and with the rain we got all weekend have already grown more.  The boys LOVE going for rides on the Ranger.  They know how to "load up" into their seats and get ready to ride.  Of course we had to take Rebel, she loves to run and take a dip in the ponds at every stop.  

in the Daddy Ride

J with a bucket of radishes to spread before the rain

Checking the deer cam with daddy

Following daddy and 'doing work'

learning about the different types of soybeans.

my Stockton.  His hat is too big but he likes to wear it low so it pushes his ears down.  Love that smile!
This weekend was full of family.  Just the way we like it.  I actually got some time each morning to sit down with a mug of coffee and read a book while the littles went to the barn with Daddy.  I was told (mainly by Stockton)  "go to Daddy barn, mommy stay INSIDE!".  ummmm, ok.  No problem kiddo, I will stay here in the quiet all by myself.  Although, I could only stand about an hour or so before I needed to see what everyone was up to, which was alot of fort playing, face painting, bb gun shooting ect.  The little guys are growing up before my eyes and I love it some days, but others I just need them to stay little.