Thursday, June 7, 2012

2nd Birthday Party

We had the boys 2nd birthday party the weekend after they turned 2.   I wish I was the crafty type that can put together the cute themed parties...but I'm not.  My crafts never turn out and I should have remembered that when I started planning.  There is this little website called Pinterest that has tons of great ideas for just about everything you can imagine.  Crafts, food, clothes ect.  It's all there.  But it's also misleading as it gives you (or me in this case) the impression that you can make anything and it will be SOOOO easy.   Pinterest lies I tell you, it lies.  I tried to make this cute felt happy birthday banner to string along the porch.  I spent hours in the evening cutting out felt shapes and letters to find that the only thing my fabric adhesive would adhere to was my hands.  Ended up using hot glue then having the felt rip apart when I tried to string hour before the party.  
Did I happen to mention that I am a procrastinator? Yeah, I am.  

We took the easy way out on and ice cream!  It ended up being the perfect day.  We celebrated our little wonder boys with lots of friends and family.  We played, ate, opened presents and just enjoyed spending time with everyone.  The boys had a blast.  They visited with everyone and played with new toys.  It was a great day and we celebrated Hogle Style.  No frills, just good times with the ones we love.

Archer and his cousin Drake playing cars

The boys playing with the new tractor from Steve

Stockton and his tractor
Pop Pop and my brother Drew having a chat

Eating pizza and drinking juice

Archer chowing down on ice cream

Jennifer and KeKe!

the fam damily

opening presents

New plates from the Coffmans!

Super Stockton!

Super Pop Pop!

Nana and baby Drake

Arch getting a drink of water

I thought cupcakes would be easy and that a good mother would make them for their babies and guests.  So I made 36 cupcakes and 2 baby smash cakes that Friday night.  Icing would be so easy, right? I can just whip that up and ice/decorate all the cupcakes/cakes while the boys nap before the party...right? Wrong.  Turns out when your recipe for icing calls for unsalted margarine you might want to have some on hand.  And if you don't, you might as well run to the store...or wish you bought the dang cupcakes.  But instead, I used regular butter and didn't quite follow the directions so I ended up with runny icing that no amount of confectioners sugar could thicken or save.  So...forget about the cute fishing themed cupcakes I saw on pinterest, instead everyone got a tasty yet ugly cupcake. 

Live and learn I say.  Live and learn.

Happy Birthday to You!

Make a wish!

With cousins Eli & Dallas

that icing wasn't pretty but it sure was good

hi Drake!

Aunt Deana-neana-neana saying hello
After the party was over we went down to the pond for some fishing with friends. The fish were biting like crazy and it was a perfect night to play at the ponds.  What a great way to end a great day.  

Archer would not put the Diet DP down

fishing after the party

fish on!

Coffman boys caught a perch!  (love archers big drink in the background)
Archer, Syndey and Kurt

Sweet baby Blake and Ashley

Headed's way past our bedtime!
A big Thank You to everyone that came out to celebrate.  We had a lot of fun, made lots of memories and can't wait to do it again next year!

Happy 2nd Birthday little buddies! We love you to bits!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Big 2!

It happened.  My little babes turned 2.  It seems like time has flown by yet stood still if that's possible. But I am loving this toddler phase.  They are so smart, funny, loving and each have a personality all their own.  Justin and I thank God daily for our little men and typically every night we just shake our heads and laugh at the things they said or did that day.   My little wonder boys!  I wish I had something deep or profound to write about, but really saying how much of a blessing they are pretty much sums it up.  

The Happenings:

  • Talking: they talk up a storm and talk so clearly.  They are forming short sentences and really know how to get their point across.  They learn new words daily and use them correctly.  Their little voices are so sweet and sing-song, I love hearing them talk and sing.
  • Counting: they can both count to 10!  They love to count cars, crackers, dry cereal or anything else "countable". 
  • Colors: They both know the colors blue, red, green, yellow and orange.  Stockton seems to have them down a little better than Archer but we are working on that.
  • Body parts: you both say the names and point to all your body parts including your: head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, hands, fingers, arms, boobies, belly, belly button, weenie, bottom, legs, knees, feet and toes.  
  • Elmo:  He's amazing.  They love getting to watch Elmo's World for a little bit every day.  And they have learned so much from it too.   Justin and I are both pumped to take them to Sesame Street Live the next time it comes to town. 
  • Naps: still one nap.  They go down around 1pm and typically sleep 2 to 2.5 hours.  
  • Nighttime: they have pushed their bedtime back a little to 7:30p.  They wake around 8am. 
  • Meals: any and everything goes.  Both have been great eaters lately.  A peanut butter and nutella sandwich has been a big hit at lunch the last week or so. 
  • Gymnastics: we go to a mommy and me at the local gymnastics academy and they LOVE it.  They call it "nastics" and can't wait to go every week.  Archer is good at walking on the beam and Stockton loves to flip and swing.  They both love jumping on the trampoline and doing somersaults all over the place.  You love your new trampoline (jump jump) at home and get the giggles when you bounce really high!
  • Fishing: they love to fish with their daddy.  When we catch one they yell "fish on!!" and can reel it in all by themselves.
  • Cars: both are obsessed with anything cars, tractors and trailers.  Especially Archer, he likes to hoard them and hide them.  And he loves trailers.  Anything that can hook on to another car just makes his day!
  • Hugs and kisses:  They hug and kiss like champs all day long!  And it's really cute sometimes when you say "love you!" they say back "NO! Love YOU!"  It's pretty precious, not gonna lie.  
  • Socks or shoes: You MUST have either sock or shoes on at all times.  Barefoot just isn't an option these days.  
  • Happy babies:  You are two of the happiest little babies I have ever seen. I am so thankful for your joy every day.  


Stockton and Archer: Fishing Champions!


Stockton & Archer


Oh, littlest pig.  You make my heart smile every time I see you.  You are just so incredibly funny every day.  You love to kiss and cuddle.  When I carry you, you latch on tight and enjoy the ride.  You are a momma's boy still and I love every second of it.  You still have an attachment to your blanket "preety" and will not sleep without it over your head.  We finally found a stuffed caterpillar like Archers and you like to cuddle your "patter patter" also.  You LOVE music and when a good beat comes on you wiggle and dance like crazy.  Elmo and the Wonder Pets are your favorite tv treat.  You are the best sleeper...the first asleep and usually the last to wake.  You could spend hours and hours at your water table.  Bacon is your favorite breakfast food right now.  Twinkle twinkle is your favorite song that I sing to you at night.  You make me sing it and sway with you at least 5 times before I put you to night night.  You have an exaggerated laugh right now that is hilarious! It is very high pitched and wild, it makes me smile every time.  You are such a chatterbox.  We have the best conversations every day, you definitely know how to get your point across. You love cars and buttons.  You also love the car wash, you talk about it all day every day.  Figuring out how things really work make you happy.  You love your bird, Celeste, and have to tell her "night bird" every night.   The puppies are your favorites though.  You love to give Rebby kisses and have even befriended Jimmy (or mimmy as you call him).   Thank you for being you, Stockton.  You make my days worth while and I pray that I can be the best mommy I can so that you can thrive.  I love you more than you could ever know!!!

Big pig! Sweet Archer-bug. You are my ooey-gooey monster baby.  You are obsessed with all things cars and love to line them up in lines or hook them together like trailers.  You love tractors, airplanes and helicopters.  When they fly over the house you raise your little finger up and say 'airplane in the sky!!'.  You sing the sweetest song when you are sleepy.  You make sure I cover you with your Body (blanket) before nap and night night.  Also, you must have your 'trifecta' of animals: elmo, patter patter and puppy before you will go to sleep. You love to jump jump, especially in your bed where you can hold onto the rails and really get some air.  I love that when you go in for a kiss you grab my face with both hands and pull my towards you.  You are a little more timid than your brother on trying new things but you eventually will do it.  You love to swing.  When we are on the playground you point to the blue swing and yell 'Archer wing! Archer wing!".   And only the blue swing will do.  You know that your milk cup has a blue sticker on it and that your brothers has a yellow sticker.  Again, you will NOT accept anything but your cup with the blue sticker.  You like to have things just right...a little more ocd than your brother I would say.  You have fallen in love with your Crocs sandals.  You will kick and scream if I try to put any other shoe on your right now.  You do the best impressions of fish and a baby bird.  It makes us both laugh every time you do it.  Some times I catch you watching yourself in the rear view mirror when we are in the car making those silly faces.  Those silly sounds and faces make my heart so happy.  Your 2 year molars where emotionally tough for you but it seems like we are past that and my funny little man is back.  Thank you for all the kisses, hugs and laughs.  You are an amazing little guy and I am so proud to be your momma.

Archer was NOT happy about sitting down.  haha.



Two years have come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We have many adventures ahead of us in this crazy twin world.  I am so thankful for everything I have learned from my little men these last two years. They have taught me the true meaning of life and family.  Realizing what is actually important in life... that has been an eyeopener that I didn't really expect.  I *thought* I had it all figured out before you guys came along.  Guess how wrong I was? So, thank you.  Thank you little pigs for being you and loving me. 

 You will always be my baby boys, even one day when you are grown and out of the house. 
 I love you to the moon and back.  Forever and always.