Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twin Play Date!

We had a fun twin play date last week.  My twin momma friend  Alicia introduced me to Blair around Christmas.  Blair also has twin boys who are a few months older than Arch and Stock.  We have chatted a bit on Facebook and finally we decided to get the boys together.  They made the trip to our little country paradise for a morning/lunch play date.  Her sweeties are named Fynn and Sutton.  And they are not only beautiful little men but so sweet!  The boys got along well and mine even shared their toys.  I was proud.  Very very proud.  We had fun chit chatting and watching the boys interact.  We even took the Ranger out to the pond to explore for a bit.  2 adults + 4 toddlers = a slow and easy ride in the Ranger!


I was thrilled to get this pic of Archer!  The boy has a few loves (more on his loves in the next post) but his Mardi Gras beads and cars are two major love affairs that this kid has.  He hoards cars.  Hides them, takes them to bed and just can't function without them.  The beads, well, he just loves wearing beads.  Crazy kid.

Arch and Stock
Fynn and Sutton were having a fun time playing in the Ranger.  It's the perfect size for our little fellas to play in.   

Fynn: seriously, I love that happy face!

Sutton: Cheese!!
Sutton:  I just want to squeeze those cheeks!!

Stockton: one of his favorite poses - hands behind the back
We went back to the house for a little more playtime before lunch...

Sutton on the Buzz 4 wheeler

Fynn at the water table

And before the boys had to go home we took a break for lunch.  They all ate really well (baked cheetos go great with any lunch!)

And then we were able to get them sitting still for a few seconds for a group pic. 
Please excuse my childrens dirty socks...it's just plain silly to put white socks on a toddler... glad we are coming into summer and it will be barefoot/sandal time!

 Thanks for coming to visit Blair!  Can't wait to get the boys together again soon!