Sunday, April 29, 2012

Touch a Truck

Our little town had a pretty big event for the littles yesterday.
Touch a Truck!
There was a ton of things to look at: a fire truck, tractors, planes, a helicopter, motorbikes and tons of heavy equipment.
All for the the littles to touch, climb on, honk horns ect.
The boys had a blast taking in all the trucks and watching the people and other kiddos. They were a bit unsure of actually getting on most of the trucks but they did get on a few. 

Of course I took a million pics.  Pictures tell the best story anyways, right?

Archer: Airplanes!!

Stockton on the little tractor

Archer on the little tractor

Archer: a bit unsure about being in the wrecker


Archer and Daddy watching the OG&E truck lift it's bucket

Archer: WHOA! That guy is high up in the air!

Archer was NOT happy about being in the bulldozer

Stock was loving it!

Archer on the ground, Stock in the dozer...hi brother!

Stockton HAD to make sure he had his free pencil at all times...

Stockton in the helicopter: pencil in hand of course


Archer  wanted to go back to the helicopter!

Hiland was giving free chocolate milk to the littles.

We couldn't resist a chocolate milk break

Of course we had to get in  the boat


Family pic!

Holding hands on the way to the truck

melts my heart! brotherly love

We had a great morning.  So thankful out little town put this family event on. Next year should be even more fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Play Date Fun

The weather is beautiful right now.  Minus the allergies and the fact I want to scratch my eyes out every day.  Good thing I have a doctor who can help me with that ... ha ha.  We had a super fun play date Wednesday with two of my girlfriends and their kiddos.  We met at a little park that has just added new playground equipment.  There were a few scary drop offs on the higher levels that we had to really watch the boys on, but other than that it was so nice and a fun change of pace.   The boys had fun playing with their little buddies Grant and Eli.  I am so happy that they are enjoying playing with other kiddos and play so well with them.  Archer is a little more outgoing and will really engage with the kids from the beginning.  It takes Stockton a little bit to size up the situation and he sticks a little closer to mommy until he is ready.

Grant, Stockton (hood) and Archer

Beautiful Cristin and 3 month old Baby Kate

Baby Stock playing in the tunnel

Eli about to slide

Eli can get some air!! Jump! Jump!

Stockton, Grant and Archer getting it all figured out

Archer ringing the bells

Archer, Stockton and Grant hanging out on the Sway Table

After some playground fun we took the boys for a walk in their strollers. We covered about a mile...and it was a HILLY mile too.  I counted that as part of my workout for the day.  After strolling around we brought out the blankets and a picnic lunch.  It was such a great morning.  The boys got to interact and play with other kids.  The moms got to have some fun conversation time.  I'd say it was a success! 

Me and my loves

Eli, Cristin and Baby Kate

Laura and Grant