Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras

We had a super busy Saturday.  Went to Tulsa to have lunch and see Nana (my mom).  Had some pizza at Hideaway then attempted a nap.  Attempted being the operative word.  They are just too hyped up when we go on day trips to nap any place but at home.  We left T-Town and headed home but we had to make a fun stop on the way.

Mardi Gras!  Well, a fun little Mardi Gras party Nana Banana and Pop Pop (Justin's parents) put on with some of their friends at their airplane hanger.  Lots of food, live music and fun.  We got there pretty early so the bugs had plenty time to put all that open space to good use.  They ran and rode their cars everywhere. They acted like they owned the place.  

Getting beads from Pop Pop

Stockton talking to one of the other hosts, Fweddy R.

Stockton: so proud of all the beads he gathered

Archer: someone is getting very very sleepy!

Archers hidey hole for his beads
Stockton is my 'button boy'.  He loves to push buttons and figure out how things work.  Of course he had to visit the band to check out their equipment.  Jim Blair was so kind to show him the amps and microphones.  He was so intrigued on what was happening .

Stockton: checking out the equipment

Just before it was time to pack it up and head home and put those tired little faces to bed the band started up.  We got to listen to a few songs and dance with Nana and Pop Pop. 

 We partied until 7:45pm...that's a late night for these guys.  Once their little bodies hit the matress they were out like a light!  Such a fun night!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chatting with the Babes

Last night we were playing with the face time on my iphone.  The babies LOVE to watch themselves on the screen.  Pretty sure their confindence level is at high right now, as they think they are super funny (which they are), and they must think they are pretty handsome because they love to kiss themselves in the mirror when given the opportunity.  Anyways...back to the video(s).  They may bore you to death, but I never want to forget these sweet voices, giggles and smiles.  And you get a *glimpse* of the two interacting with each other...they are so funny.  I am so glad I get to stay home and hang with them every day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

19, 20 & 21 Months

Happy 21 months baby boys! I am going to combine the last three months, I guess it's more of a quarterly update? The last few months have been fast and furious.  We were crazy busy through the holidays and things don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  

The Happenings in a Nutshell:
  • Stockton got past his rage.  Chalking that phase up to eye teeth trying to come in and an apparent lack of consistency on my part when it came to discipline. 
  • Words...lots of communicating in this house lately. They use up to 40+ words on a daily basis and are starting to say 3 to 4 word sentences lately. (more on the words later)
  • Climbing.  They have found a new love of climbing after showing no interest in it at all.  They can climb their playground and go down the slide by themselves.  They have been climbing on top of the kitchen table lately when I am not looking and I just caught Archer trying to climb into the tv cabinet today. 
  • Eating.  Eating well at most meals.  Although for most of month 20 they pretty much boycotted every lunch.
  • Hugs and Kisses: hugs and kisses run rampant in this house.  Archer has even been following up his kisses with 'wuv you'.  Clearly these kids are hugged, kissed and told "wuv you" enough.  It's one of their favorite things to do! They love to kiss each other and they even kiss strangers (not so sure I'm excited about the stranger part.  Archer ran up to a lady at a birthday party the other weekend and planted one right on her lips. My little Lothario)
  • Gymanstics ('nastics' to the boys): We joined a mommy and me class at the Oklahoma Gymnastics Academy after the first of the year.  We are the only ones in our class so far but they love it.  There is another class earlier in the week but we would be the youngest in the bunch and I want them to get more familiar with the routine and teacher before we change days.  I am really more concerned with teaching them to follow instruction and discipline than socializing right now.  If you have ever been around them you know how social they are.  But, soon enough we will switch classes as I know they will learn alot from watching other kids their age.
  • Sickness.  They battled ear infections and got tubes and their adenoids out in November.  Since then they have been relatively healthy...until this week.  We went to the pedi Wednesday and both boys have RSV and Stockton has pneumonia.  They have been troopers this week and besides being pretty ugly yesterday have been the sweetest little sickies I have ever seen.
  • Potty training.  ugh.  I think you guys will be ready to start this soon.  You both tell me when you poop and pee pee.  And lately have been telling me 'poo poo diaper' about 15 mins before you poop.  I was really hoping we could wait on this as potty training two at the same time makes my stomach queasy thinking about it.  But, for now we are saying "bye bye poo poo" when we change our diaper and will soon start letting them flush it in the potty.  I need to get a book on this as I am just flying by the seat of my pants right now. 

Sleeping and Eating:
At 21 months the boys are still on 2 naps per day.  They go down for 1.5 - 2 hours in the morning around 10:30a and then back down for about an hour around 3:30p.    I'm not going to lie, I love the two naps.  It gives me just enough quiet time during the day to get everything done (most days) so when their bedtime rolls around I can kick back and relax.  They wake around 8am and still go to bed at 7/7:15p.  They are great sleepers and I am so thankful they love going 'nigh nigh!!' and rarely fight me on it. 

The boys love food.  You couldn't tell to look at them because they are so tall and skinny.  But they eat really well.  I cook them 3 meals a day and they snack off and on throughout the day.   Favorite fruits to eat right now are: apples, clementine cuties and the occasional banana.  They aren't big on the texture of fruit so I puree frozen and fresh fruit with yogurt to make their smoothies.  Those boys love a good smoothie.  Veggies are better lately.  Favorite veggies include: green beans, black beans, avocado, baked fries, sliced new potatoes, corn on the cob, tomatoes and black olives.  They are still meat lovers.  "Chicky" of all varieties would be their favorite meat.  They LOVE rice a roni.  Like, go crazy for it.  Mac n cheese, not so much.  These kids are not fans of mac n cheese or hotdogs.   They also LOVE almonds (almies) and cashews.  

Stockton (left) & Archer (right)

Their language skills have really increased over the last few months.   They are so curious about their surroundings and books.  They are always repeating and wanting to learn to say new words.  Of course their favorite word is "hi!".  They love to greet people, especially mommy when I get them out of bed.  They point out things and tell me all about it every day.  Some of our favorite things to talk about are: puppies, socks, balls, cars, mo-nay (lemonade), mil (milk), eat, nak (snack), wuv you, diapers, wieners, bath, tee tee (brush teeth), slide, books and all of our body parts.  They love to point out and say: hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tee tee (teeth), ear, hand, foot/feet, toes and of course the wiener.  They also love their little word books and can almost say what every picture is.   I sometimes I wish I had not taught them to say 'done' when they finished eating.  Now when they are through, they hand me their plate and say "thank you, done, down".  When you hear that sentance you know that they are truely and completely done with their meal.  Most of the time I let them down right away, but if they haven't eaten much I will take their plate then try to give it back a few minutes later. Most of the time they will go back to their meal.    Thanks to their daddy, they can say 'cold beer' and anything that resembles a long neck gets called beer.  Awesome parenting, right?  We think it's kinda funny :)  Because their little voices are so stinking is a video of Archer in the bath saying some of his words.

They may look alike, but they definitely are individuals.

Oh, Archer.  You are truely one special little boy.  Your eyes sparkle and your nose crinkles when you laugh and smile at everyone.  You love to kiss.  You can make your back legs look like a scorpion, love that.  You are obsessed with water.  We brush your teeth 3-4 times per day so you can play in the water while we do it.  If I don't hurry you will try to climb up the cabinets to the kitchen sink.  You love to jump up and down in your bed while holding on to the rails like a little monkey.  It makes you so happy to jump.  Your hair is wild and has some curl.  I love when you wake up it's going everywhere.  Makes me love your crazy self that much more.  You call your favorite blanket "body" for reasons I don't understand.  But you love your 'body' so much.  You don't have to have it all the time but when you want a blanket only 'body' will do.  You are such a happy baby. The world is better because of the joy that comes out of you. Thanks for all the laughs, kisses and hugs Archer-roo. You are one special special baby boy. I love seeing the world through your eyes.

Archer running free!

Archer: dirt is fun!

My littlest pig, Stockton you are a sweetie.  You love your mommy and will cling on to me like a spider monkey.  You are so interested in buttons and how things work.  Books make you so happy and you get mad when your brother tries to take them from you.  You sleep like a champ.  You are always the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up.  When you find something funny your belly laugh is so deep it just rumbles out of your mouth.  You are a little more particular about the food you eat, but you eat well.  You never stop, and your only speed is GO! when you are awake.   You also have a favorite blanket.  You have named it "preetty".  And, you have made it very clear that there is only one "preetty" for you.  You like to carry "preetty" more than we would like sometimes, but it makes you happy.  You give the sweetest kisses and hugs.  My life is complete with my littlest pig attached to me.  Thanks for showing me how sweet life is when you give 100% to your child.  Love you lots baby boy!

Stockton: agrees that dirt is so fun

Stockton: 'ol blue eyes

So...that's our last few months in a nutshell.  To me... they are amazing, smart, funny, loving, HAPPY, beautiful baby boys. We might have our moments and sometimes the days seem like they never end, but they are so much dang fun the majority of the time.  Here's to a lifetime of always loving and being the best parent I can be to my sweet little angels.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Daddy's Boy

Sweet baby boy Stock hasn't been feeling up to par today.
102 fever that came out of nowhere.
The only upside of a sick baby is that they are the cuddliest.
He was seriously a body attachment most of the day.
And you won't here me complain one little bit that I had a 25 lb monkey stuck to me all day.

When daddy got home it was all about the "Daddy"
Daddy kisses.
Daddy hugs.
Daddy cuddles.
I'm so thankful to have such an awesome partner to parent with.

and I was able to sneak a quick pic in this afternoon. 

Hope you feel better tomorrow Stock-monster.
Love you mucho and hate when you don't feel well!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Climb and Slide

Wednesday of this week the little misters got a bit adventurous.  The weather has been phenomenal lately...if this is winter, I will take it.  We have been able to play outside several days a week.  And I am sure that any mother of an almost 2 year old(s) will tell you how much easier the day goes when you can play outside.  Well, we were outside playing with cars, dirt, balls, mulch, ect...when I sat down on their slide with my back to the bugs.  A few seconds later I heard stomp stomp, giggle giggle and to my surprise they were both on the platform of their playground just laughing like crazy.  But I need to remind you that they have NEVER shown any interest in their ladder or trying to climb their playground.  zero. zilch.   So this new development not only baffled me but scared me silly.  Now when I let them outside, I can't just open the door...finish cleaning the kitchen/fill drink cups & snack catchers...I gotta be out there too. With my eyes wide open.  Before they would go out, tinker with their cars or mowers, yell for me to come out...never far from the front door.  Now mom has some competition: climb and slide.  So, I guess our new adventure of climbing, sliding and the tumbles I am sure they will take is here. Wish me luck.  Times two.

Here are the littles enjoying their climbing and sliding this week:

Stockton: first little man up the ladder

Stockton: ready to slide

Stockton:  even held on to his apples the whole way down

Archer: had to have his mo-nay (lemonade) and his mommer (monster)

Archer: prepare to slide!

Archer: now that's talent...mommer in one hand mo-nay in the mouth and one free hand

Archer: reflecting on his sliding abilities

 Stock-man just a'sliding

back up we go!

Stockton: taking an apple slice break

Stockton: slices in hand and ready to slide

Archer: how can you resist that smile?! I know I can't.

Archer: that scrunched up face gets me every time...

Archer: happiest little guy around

Archer: loving life. loving his slide