Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Play Day

Since a cold front and some alledged snow is heading our way we took advantage of a BEAUTIFUL afternoon and played outside today.  We wandered the yard and I think the three of us managed to step in every stinking (literally) pile of dog poo. I spent plenty of time this afternoon soaking and scraping the bottoms of our shoes.  Good times!

Archer: Love that crinkled nose when he is happy


Happy Arch!

Silly Stock

Archer: I'm comin' to get 'cha!

Stockton: loves Rebby so much
And, notice poor Rebby's tail.  She had to have a tumor removed last week.  She has been a great patient and we are ready for her to feel better.  The boys missed her so much after she spent some time at the vet. They love to call out "Rebby!!! Rebby come home" (sounds like 'um ome!' and it's adorable). 

Hope the cold weather doesn't stick around...we like pretty days like today!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Keeper Sleepers

The bugs have decided that they are too cool for their jammies lately.  I have been walking into their room in the mornings and after naps to find this:

 Archer's first great jammie escape

 Monkey see monkey do: Stock couldn't resist the nakedness

 Archer is all boy: hands down the pants.  And his ability to pull his shirt to his waist is amazing.

But, thankfully Nana Sharon came to the rescue and bougth some Little Keeper Sleepers.  What are LKS's you ask?  Jammies that zip down the back with some hard core snaps to keep those little fingers from getting to the zipper.  I still find semi-naked babies after naps, but what can you do??  Here are the LKS's in actions tonight.  Pretty sure we will need to go up a size in the next few weeks.  But, for now, we have clothed babes every.single.morning.  Yippee!

Stockton loves his daddy.  And his "preetty".

Archer having some turtle time!

I love baby butts.

Happy Stock-Stock.

Archer stole 'preetty' but he wasn't fast enough for Stock.

This little slide is too much fun!

again: I love baby butts.

The Archer-roo

Stockton and "preetty"

Thank goodness for the LKS.  They are keeping my kiddos warm and their beds pee free.  NICE!

Also...I referenced the 'preetty' which is a whole new post in itself.  Keep on the look out!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Eyes Have It

If there is one thing I am thankful for, it's that the babes got my blue eyes. 
But their eyes are a deeper shade of blue than mine.
One day a lady at Hobby Lobby commented that "Jesus must have put ocean in their eyes". 
At the time it made me chuckle, but the more I look at them the more I agree.

It was a perfect day to play outside.  Little to no wind, almost 70°...we had to take advantage of it.
I had to grab the camera and get some shots of my sweetie pies.

baby boys




Archer lovin' his car

Stockton watching the internet man on the roof...hope my wifi gets back up to speed!


And their big blue eyes have "it". 
That special twinkle when they laugh.
As blue as the ocean, just like the lady at Hobby Lobby said. 

Hair today...Gone tomorrow

The baby boys got their first big boy hair cut today.  I have trimmed it in the tub once...and only once. Stockton *might* have had a chunk missing from the back of his head for a while.  If you were standing in front of him you would never notice. ha.

In all seriousness, sweet baby Archer's hair was getting completely out of control.  While his mullet was endearing the whispy old man swoop on the sides had to go.  Stockton was getting a bit of a mullet himself but he doesn't have quite as much hair as the Arch-man. 

So, off to get our hair cut we went. A few suckers and some hot wheels were necessary to distract them from the task at hand.  Forty minutes later, we were done!  Here are some pics from our adventure:

Archer - Before

Archer - After

Stockton - during

Stockton - After

Stockton - another sucker for the ride home

Archer - thoroughly enjoyed his sucker...what a sticky mess!

And trying to get both boys to sit together for a pic tonight to show off their new hair cuts...well, Archer just wasn't having it.  So this is best we could do.

Oh, and a note to myself: two suckers each in an hour and a half leads to quite the sugar high.  No afternoon naps for theses two.  I walked in to find they had thrown all the blankets out of their beds and were one shirt away from being naked.  Good thing they are cute!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're Back!

I have taken some time away from blogging.  Not really on purpose, but somehow with the holidays and this crazy little thing called LIFE, time has escaped me.  Now that things have things have slowed down...the holidays and sicknesses are behind us.  It's time to catch up on the last 1.5 months of my little two little bugs life that I haven't written about.   We had the best Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families.  This holiday season has been by far the best.  The boys are at an age where their innocence and excitement is contagious.  Seeing things through a childs eyes has been such a blessing.  I feel like they have been teaching me more lately than I have been teaching them.  So stay tuned as I am hoping January will be packed with new updates, a breakdown of the holidays, pics and videos!

Stockton and Archer - 19.5 months