Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 Months

Hello babies!  I guess I should just say toddlers, but I just can't seem to make myself.  So, the "babies" are growing and thriving and turning into little people right before my eyes. The past month has been full of changes.  Mostly good, but some challenging.   We have noticed that they seem to look more alike as they get older.  Yes, they are identical, but we have been blessed to be able to easily tell them apart.  But...it is getting a little harder to tell them apart with just a glance.    They are continuously on the go.  They play hard and fast.  We are almost doing a full out run.  Stockton likes to throw his hands behind his body and just take off.  They love to push their Tonka trucks through the house every morning after breakfast going 90 to nothin'.  And they put their milk cups in the back of the truck so they can stop for a drink when needed. 
Just another day mowin' the lawn...


Doing a little automotive repair...


Still the same.  In bed around 7/7:30pm and they wake between 7:30a and 8a.  Although, for the last two weeks Archer has been waking up screaming for a few minutes at 5:30am then going right back to sleep.  It's just enough to wake me up, check the monitor, fall back asleep then J's alarm clock starts going off at 6:30a.  I hope this passes...and quick! 

Naps are still x's 2.  Morning nap at 10:30a until noon.  Afternoon nap around 3:00p until 4:00p/4:30p.  If they keep sleeping, I'm gonna keep putting them in bed!  Good job fellas...keep up the good naps.

Doing a little better at veggies...but not much.  Avocado is still their favorite veg.  Sweet potato fries used to be a go to veggie but I think they are tired of them. I am going to try some pumpkin soon and broccoli cheddar biscuits again. 

Fruits are hit or miss as well.  They love apples and applesauce.  Archer loves bananas but Stockton has pretty much veto'd anything that's not an apple lately. 

They still love chicken and most meats.  Even pheasant! 
Jimmy is finally letting Archer play with him!!

Just checking out the leaves...we love our camp chairs!

The Happenings:
  • Words: Here you go! (here go), Dude, hello (heyo), blanket (sounds like 'pretty'), milk (mil), okra, sock (dah), blocks (bah), lemonade (memonay)
  • Will go "udden udden" when they see a car of a picture of anything with wheels. 
  • If you ask Archer how old he is, most of the time he will say one and try to hold out a finger.  If you ask Stockton he says "free" (3) and holds out four fingers.  We might need to work on that. 
  • When they see a Sonic they yell out "bapple!" because they know they get a package of apple slices when we go there.  (momma likes diet cherry limeades during happy hour!)
  • They still love to kiss.  They have started kissing the dogs on the mouth.  Rebel doesn't mind but Jimmy isn't too fond of the idea and doesn't stick around for it. 
  • Fits of rage.  Stockton has started throwing some sort of fit. He gets really mad and will throw food or objects, when you go to correct him he just loses it.  Must be an attention issue and we are working on it.  I could write pages about the 'fits' and how much it frustrates and makes me sad but I won't.  He's testing my limits and I know it.  Guess it's time for the not so fun part of parenting... Just ordered Dare to Discipline from Dr. Dobson...hope it helps give me some insight. 
Throwing leaves is FUN!



We love our little men more than life itself.  I pray every night that God will give me the patience and ability to lead by example when it comes to raising my children.  So far he has blessed us in more ways than we can count.  The kisses and twinkle in their eyes just make me melt.  What amazing miracles our babies are.

 Happy 18 Months Arch and Stock!!
My Loves

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
It was epic when it comes to cuteness.
The boys went as Chippendale dancers...
the cute version.

Before you judge...these boys like to dance.  They bounce to any beat and laugh at themselves.
It just popped in my head one day when they were dancing to a commercial in their high chairs. 

Costumes were super easy to make.
Black pants with iron on letters on the butt.
Black and white felt cut and hot glued to look like a collar & bowtie and cufflinks.
And a white shirt for the actual trick or treating part.

"Dale" aka Archer

"Chip" aka Stockton

Hold my cuff will ya?

All in all it was a total success!  The boys trick or treated for about 45 mins.  They would hold their buckets and walk to the door with us.  We rode around in the Ranger until 8p then headed to see nanna and pop pop for a few minutes on the way  home.   They ate a little candy but were more interested in all the people and costumes.

It was a great night....good times had by all!
Love my little Chip & Dale!