Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anatomy of a Kiss

Kissing is the new big thing with the littles. 
They kiss their mommy, their daddy, the puppies, grandparents and almost anyone else
they come in contact with.

Oh, and they love to kiss each other.
Pretty much melts my heart every.stinking.time.

I just love my kissy-face sweetie pies!

Friday, October 14, 2011

17 Months

Hello cutie pie babies! 17 months old and getting cuter by the day. The past few weeks have been fast and furious. They have learned new things, mom has tried new things, then gone back to the old way - sometimes you have to learn the hard way not to mess with a good thing (more on that in a minute). They continue to amaze us on the little things they pick up on. I can just see the wheels turning in their little brains They just never stop. I think the only time I have been able to just cuddle my baby lately is when Stockton had yet another double ear infection a few weeks ago. He actually let me hold him for an hour while we watched cartoons. That absolutely never happens. They typically have no interest in any tv...but that was a special time. And I loved every second of it.

This will be a brief...only a few things have changed since the last update.

The Happenings:
  • Words: They repeat almost anything you words include: Popcorn, Stockton (and he points to himself), elmo (mel-mo), cheeto (they love the natural cheeto puffs), peekaboo, swing (wing!!), bite, eat and apple (bapple)
  • Kisses. I mean the pucker up, close your eyes, lean in and go mmmmmm kind of kisses. Melts me every time. And they kiss each other. Archer initiates more than Stockton but it's adorable to watch them kiss.
  • When asked they show you their belly - by pulling their shirt up and rubbing it and their feet - if standing they will raise one foot or if sitting will grab their feet.
  • They have started walking backwards to their chairs or wherever they want to go sit down at. Even if it is all the way across the room. I love it when they walk backwards...adorable!
  • They love to go to restaurants, the store or just an outing. Always well behaved, rarely to they shout or get loud. I am so thankful for that. They love to look and flirt with all the people they see.
  • They are almost running. If they could just pick those legs up a little higher they could be little speedsters.

I love Archer's smile! Wish his eyes were open...

Stockton...such a little lover boy!




Here's where momma made herself a little crazy last week. I thought I had this nap thing all figured out. We were good at two naps a day....then we had stuff for a few weeks that required just one nap. The boys did great... it was different but no big deal. So I started talking to Justin and he said I should pick one and stick with it and I picked one nap. Why not, right?!? Wrong. They first few days were fine. Then it was a nightmare for me and them. They were cranky and Archer was not wanting to sleep longer than 1.5 hours which just isn't gonna cut it in this house. I think I shed a few tears along with them. So...we are to two naps at about 1.5 hrs each. Morning starts around 10:30a and afternoon around 3:00p. Sometimes they don't sleep long in the afternoon but play in their beds. Totally fine with me. I think they need to two breaks in the day. Maybe if it were just one baby a single nap would work, but trying to coordinate the both of them and they play so hard with each other all day. Simply put, they just need two rest times a day. The occasional day we have things going on that necessitates one nap we will go for it. But this momma is happier, the babies are happier which means the home is happier. Yes, Please and Thank You!

Night time sleep is the same 7pm to 7:30am.

Archer: dirt is goooood!

but kinda yucky too!


The boys have their days when they eat a ton, and then have days where they don't. I assume it's typical for this age. They will eat when they are hungy. Somedays are picky eating days - which drive me crazy - others are a free for all. I try my best to make sure they eat enough protein, grains, fruits and veggies. Veggies are still hit and miss. They have their share of snacks that probably aren't 'healthful' snacks but whatev. They like their natural cheetos and the occasional dorito or three or four. They are still long and lean babies so as long as they are eating mainly healthy I'm not worrying about it.

They are doing great on drinking their milk. Almost 3 full cups a day now. They still love crystal light lemonade (half lemonade/half water) as their day drink. They even dig a little gatorade now and then. They usually get that when we are out playing and I need to refill their drinks from the outside 'fridge.



Sweet baby Stock

Archer...wonder what he is thinking?!?

Archer: Don't worry! I've got my rock!!
I guess that wraps it up. Growing boys that love to play, hug and kiss. I'll take it.
I love my babies more than anything. Happy 17 months fellas!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Petting Zoo Fun

The Tulsa State Fair is in town and I have been dying to take the boys to the petting zoo.  Before kids, the fair has always been one of my favorite partsof fall.  The rides, the food and definitely the people.  We haven't been in a few years but I wasn't going to miss it this year.  So, I loaded up the boys and picked up my mom yesterday then headed to the fair.  It was a beautiful day and it wasn't very crowded at all.  The boys enjoyed a hotdog, part of my gyro and some cherry limeade for lunch. 

after lunch...let's get this show on the road!

grandma and the boys

We hit up the livestock barn first: 
what does a cow say??  moooooooooo!
Then we released the beasts at the petting zoo.  You weren't allowed to take strollers in so I had to leave the BOB tied up outside.  Wasn't too happy about that, but she was there when it was time to leave thank goodness. 

The boys LOVED seeing all of the animals and being able to touch them.   They did so well, just running from one cage to the next.  Their eyes would get so big and they would just stare at the animals.   

helping gma feed the animals
 Stockton got to see nature at its finest... what's funny about this is that when they see something they like, their little mouths turn in to 'O's and they go "oooooooooooooooo" in their sweet baby voices.  So...picture Stock seeing the sight below yelling out "oooooooooooo!!!".  Too funny, I almost lost it, and of course had to get a picture of it.,


Archer LOVED the goats.  Absolutely loved them!

if you didn't already know... I LOVE these baby boys.  Adore them.
But, it is so hard to get a picture of them both looking at the camera!!

After I quit hugging on them we went back to the animals:

Stockton is such a happy boy!!

Archer looking at the cow
It was a great day.  The boys were so well behaved.  They loved the little field trip and actually fell asleep on the way home that evening...that NEVER happens!!