Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fingers are Fun!

The boys have found new uses for their little fingers.
They have realized that those little bittle fingers fit perfectly in...

the ears:

baby Stock
and of course...the nose

happy saturday!

Boomer Sooner!

Friday, September 23, 2011

16 Months

Who told the boys they could grow up so fast?  Another month has gone by and they have learned more words, are doing more things and if it's even possible, are sweeter than ever.  I am a blessed momma to have two hilariously funny, good natured and smart little baby boys.

The Stock-Man

The Arch-Man

As usual, I am late writing this 16 month update because they are keeping me so busy.  They love to play, play and play some more. Being outside is so much fun, they have figured out how to open the screen door all by themselves.  Figured that out when I was in the kitchen washing dishes last Sunday, it was raining by the way, and I heard Justin say: "Do you know where your children are?".  As a matter of fact, it had gotten very quiet over the last few minutes... turns out they had quietly let themselves out the screen door and were playing with their red car in the the nothing but their diapers.  Guess I need to lock that 'ol screen door the next time, huh?

Running Free


Still rocking the 12 hr night time sleep.  They go down around 7/7:30pm and wake around 7:30a.  If I were smart I would get up earlier and get some stuff done, but this momma has had a hard time rolling out of bed herself lately.  

Naps.  Naps are getting a little bit tricky.   They still go down for 2 naps a day, but I feel like that trend is slowly but surely coming to an end.  We have had several days over the last 2 weeks that we had to do only one nap and it's worked out just fine.  But, for a bit longer I am going to stick with the morning nap around 10:30am (about 1.5 hrs) and an afternoon nap at 3p (between 1 to 1.5 hrs).  I like having the morning to get in a workout and the afternoon for cleaning/dinner prep.  But...most days they are still raring to go at the first nap.  We'll see how long I can hold them off!

wrangler butts drive me nuts!


Still eating like champs...and still long, lean, stringbean babies.  Stockton weighed in at 23lbs at the pediatricians yesterday and Arch is around 23.5lbs.  It's not for lack of food that they are so skinny but all that activity and running/chasing each other around. 

Veggies are still hit and miss.  Archer still has a love affair with tomatoes but hates beans and corn.  Stockton still loves beans and corn but hates tomatoes.  I'm just doing my best to keep offering different veggies and mix them up in different recipes.  I make the cutest mini meatloaf muffins that have a ton of shredded carrots in them.  What they don't know won't hurt them! And daddy loves them too 'cause they are so tiny and cute!

They love meats of all kind.  We smoked some pheasant over the Labor Day weekend and they gobbled it up.  Fruits are always easy.  Stockton likes cherries, but Archer doesn't.  Fruit squeezies are still a big hit as a snack around this house, along with the still beloved animal "cookie" cracker.

They have almost mastered the fork.  Archer is determined to fork everything on his tray and will put it his mouth on command (love that they understand "put it in your mouth"!).   Rarely do the fork go flying anymore...which is nice not having to take their forks away because that just causes a huge meltdown and the meal is essentially over.  I haven't attempted the spoon yet.  Not ready for the mess that's going to cause. 

gotta get that rock!

The Happenings:
  • We have added new words: shoe, no, cracker, tractor, book, uh oh and diaper. They quack when you ask what sound a duck makes
  • They have figured out if they want something, like a drink from your cup, they can say "pees" and that gets it.  It's super cute. Especially when they bounce up and down like they just can't stand the waiting.
  • They give high fives and kisses on command.  Archer will grab the back of your head with both hands and plant a big open mouth kiss right on your lips.  He's so strong you almost can't get away!
  • They know "shoes" mean they get to go outside. 
  • They know where the swings on their playground are.  When you ask them if they want to swing they head straight for them.
  • If they get things out of a drawer, you can tell them to put it back and close the drawer/door and they will do it every time. 
  • When they see something they like they go "oooooooo".  Those little mouths in the shape of an O make my heart happy. 
  • They have started talking in a weird martian-type language.  It's just gibberish but dang, it's cuuuute!
  • When I ask them to say "Love You" they blow kisses instead.  Talk about melting my's so sweet.
  • They are on the verge of running...I have a house full of twin tornadoes that walk, run and get into everything.
  • Apparently Stockton chipped one of his top teeth within the last couple of weeks.  Maybe he should stick to walking for now?
  • They both are little climbing monkeys.  They can climb and get off the couch with the greatest of ease.  But there are some times they take a huge tumble. Like this morning as I watched Arch fling himself over the arm of the couch onto the tile...scared us both!!

bye bye!!

I guess that about sums up our 16th month.  We are currently fighting ear infections and go back to the ENT at the end of October.  Hoping if tubes are in our future it happens sooner than later.  I hate seeing them feel badly.

I absolutely love everything about my little bugs...even if they aren't so little anymore! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fur, Feathers and Fall Weather

The weather is finally turning towards fall.  Instead of 100+ temps we have seen a wide varietty of 70's, 80's and low 90's.  And today it's rainy and in the mid 60's.  You know, one of those days where the coffee pot is brewing all day long.
Yes, please and thank you!

Not only does fall signal that it's time for football and comfort foods to start.  It also signals the beginning of lots of wildlife creeping about. And flying about.  We get really excited for fall around this house, almost giddy even. And it's not just me.  It's also my burly hunting-eat what he kills husband.

A few weeks ago he brought home this blind he plans on setting up somewhere in the woods to hunt the deer. Of course we had to set it up in front of the house...I mean, why not? Thank goodness we don't have any neighbors that can see our redneck selves. The boys were ecstatic to play in the tent with their daddy.

Arch: I have my rock, do you?  Stock: Of COURSE I do.  Rocks are a-maz-ing!

And in case you were's still in the yard. In front of the house.  It's kinda pretty, right?

But there are a handful of good reasons to get excited about that tent.  And those reasons have lots of fur and big horns.  This is the first year we have been privilaged to see so many bucks on our property.  We feed them every year...this year being no different...but as Justin explained to me last night, the reason we have so many is the food source.  Being such a hot dry year, our property is literally a buffet for my deer friends.  (get it, dear friends...deer friends...ha!)  They have access to food, water and shelter with little or no interruptions.  Anyways, we set up some cameras and this is what has been hanging around our place this summer.  They are gorgeous.  They come out every evening and we can watch them from the porch...nature at it's best.

Good eats and a wall mount.

Along with the deer, come the doves.  Justin had some buddies out for a dove hunt last weekend.  Once they got back the boys and I met them at the barn.  The boys got to touch their first dove.  They were fascinated with the feathers.  After a while they were over the birds and ready to hunt for some good 'ol rocks.

Also last weekend, I was privilaged to see my first tarantula.  And it was by my front door.  Awesome.  I guess I can add that to the list of unwanted 'friends' that come around the house.  


And for our last adventure with some form of wildlife:
Roco the Super Chick

Aunt Abby thought it was a great idea to get the babes their own baby chick.  He's super cute but between the dogs and the boys that chick wouldn't last a day at our house.  I can just see them trying to love the chick but squeezing his brain though his eyes.  And it almost happened last night.  Those little hands are fast and strong!!  So...Super Chick is staying with Nana who swears she is going to turn him into a trick chick that can dance and do other silly things and I will wish I kept the little booger.

Truth be told...she's probably right.  But 3 dogs, 2 babes and a Justin are about all I can handle right now.

Nana: Archer, be gentle   Archer: I want to squish you super chick!

Nana:  Isn't the super chick so cute?    Stockton:  He'd be cuter if I could squish him!

There are no words for the joy on Stockton's face...priceless

Nana: Archer, give super chick a kiss...    Archer:  how about I take a bite out of him instead??

Nana, the boys, super chick and rat-tastic Ratty Dog
Oh, I almost forgot.  I don't have a picture, but a HUGE black snake slithered off the porch and went under it while I was grilling some steaks the other week.  I wanted to vomit.  Snakes give me the heebies.  That's one of God's creatures I could live without. 

So there you have it.  Lots of fur, feathers and fall weather at my little house on a dirt road down by the river.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... September 1

it's been FOREVER since we did an Embrace the Camera Thursday.
thanks to alicia...we embraced today.  In the dogs room. Because that is their favorite room to play in.
like the dog food trash can in the back?
yes, given the chance they like to munch on dog food.
and they lounge on the dog beds.  

and Ailene and Luvi came right when we were attempting pics!
they are the sweetest girls ever.
they come every Thursday to clean, play with babies, chit chat...did I mention clean?

 i thank my lucky stars for Ailene and Luvi.  
they make my crazy twin boy life so much easier.
and cleaner.

Archer: Sweet and loveable.  Stockton: Cranky Crankster.

happy thursday!