Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do Circles!

Doing 'circles' is a fun way to pass the time these days...

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That and drinking water from the hose...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


By far, the boys favorite thing to do is go outside to play.
And, their favorite "toy" is a rock.
Lots and lots of rocks.
Rocks go in our carseats with us.
They even go to WalMart with us.

 The first place they race to when the door opens is Rebels water bucket.

Rebel helped sniff out an itty bitty rock

And with those rocks, they like to dump them in Rebel's water bucket to make a big splash. 
We have to dump her bucket almost daily because it looks like this:

Archer: Sticks are fun too!

Stockton: Me.Love.Rock.

And when they are done dumping rocks,
they like to dig them out and throw them back in.
If we actually have clothes on, it's a big wet mess!

Archer: Hi Mom!

Stockton: Where's my rock?

Done with rocks...what else can we get into?

Monday, August 22, 2011

15 Months

This time last summer I was hanging out with these two:

A lot has changed since then that's for sure.  These two only have one speed when awake.  That speed is GO!  They are so busy exploring this crazy big world.  They love to eat. They love to play.  They love to love.  Every day is a big adventure and apparently this momma is just along for the ride.  Since the weather has finally cooled off a bit we have been able to play outside again.  Now that they can both walk really well there is no place they don't like to explore.

They are eating machines.  Food is their friend.  You couldn't tell it to look at them, seeing how they can still fit into their 6-12 month GAP cutoff jean shorts, but they can put away the food.  They eat a big breakfast every morning: dry cereal, eggs, sausage, waffle or toast and fruit with yogurt.  Lunch has been a little random, but they like grilled cheese, fish sticks, quesadillas, pb & j's, pizza sandwiches and dinner leftovers along with fruit.  They like to snack on fruit squeezies, raisins, bananas, goldfish crackers and their beloved animal "cookies" crackers.  Dinner is what we eat with veggies, even though veggies have been a little rough lately.  I think I just need to get a little more creative in this department.  But they happily eat sweet potato fries, squash, beans (Stock more then Arch), tomatoes (only Archer), avocado, zucchini, yellow summer squash and black olives (yuck).  They tolerate green beans but don't love them.  They will eat broccoli but it's not a favorite.  

Milk is going well.  Typically they drink 2 to 3 cups each per day.  It was a struggle at first but they seem to have finally hit their stride.  We do have to tether the cups to their high chairs though, since they like to throw then across the room when given the chance. 

Still at 2 naps per day.  They go down at 10am and sleep for about an hour and a half, rarely longer.  They go back down in between 2:30 and 3p depending on what we did that afternoon.  They usually sleep for an hour in the afternoon.  Just enough time for me to get dinner prepped.

Bedtime is still at 7pm, sometimes later if we have evening plans.  They typically wake around 7:15a/7:30a.  If it's a late night they *might* sleep until 8am...woohoo!

The Happenings:
  • They are talking up a storm lately.  Words include: momma, mommy, dada, daddy, baby, puppy, cookie, poppa, please (pees), thank you (dank du), car, fan, hi, bye bye, night night (ni ni), moo (when asked what a cow says) fish (ish).
  • Archer can throw overhanded really well. Stock can, but doesn't do it often
  • They are starting to eat with a fork.  I was shocked at dinner the other night when they actually used it correctly and it wasn't a huge mess.  Definitely a work in progress.
  • They have started spinning in circles until they almost fall down from dizziness. It's super cute
  • Archer loves to dance.  Anytime there is a beat he can't help but to bust a move.  And, he gets a real kick out of himself when he dances.  That sweet grin and twinkling eyes melt me every time.
  • They are helping us dress them by sticking their arms and legs out.  Stockton even tried to put his shoe on the other night.  In the bath they have started rubbing their heads when we put shampoo on it and have tried to brush their own teeth.
  • They love to "do circles".  They spin round and round until they almost fall down.  It's just too cute.

should I eat mulch?

or should I eat an animal "cookie"?

The boys are hilarious.  Their big personalities continue to shine through every day. 

Archer: has this sweet innocence that sparkles through his eyes daily.  He can find the comedy in most situations.  He gets the giggles so easily, when he gets really tickled, he will scrunch up his nose and those big blue eyes twinkle like nobodies business.  When it comes dancing, this guy's got the bug.  Just clapping your hands makes his little head bob to the beat.   And, he knows how cute he is, cue the sparkling eyes. Arch loves a good rock.  He can't help but throw it in Rebels water bucket or carry it with him in his carseat.  He gets really upset if you try to take it away.  Justin found 4 big rocks in my car this weekend. Thanks Archeroo.  I love my silly cuddle monkey.  What a lover that Archer is.

Stockton: is one busy guy.  He never stops until it's time to sleep.  Stock loves to push absolutely anything he can get his hands on.  A chair, a car, a rock, his brother...doesn't matter.  If it can be pushed, the Stock-man can push it.  He has turned in to quite the mommas boy lately.  If he sees me leave the room the tears start streaming.  It's difficult sometimes, but I have learned to sneak away in stealth manner when I have to leave them for any amount of time.  He gives the sweetest night time hugs.  Before bed, he will lay his head on my shoulder and gives the tightest hug.   It's hard to put that baby to bed when all I want to do is keep holding on.  He also has the deepest belly laugh.  It just rumbles up from deep in his little belly.  Stockton can be all business but is as lovable as they come.

Look at those lashes!

Fitting the hickory nuts into the holes

Stockton showing me his leaf!

For the most part the boys play really well together.  BUT, there are those "he's touching me" moments that inevitably happen daily.  It's usually Archer getting upset that Stockton is taking his toy or pushing him out of the way.  The baby needs to toughen up just a little bit :)   And, Stockton has been biting alot lately...bad Stock - "no bite!".  Sometimes the aftermath brings more tears to my eyes than the baby who was bit (sadly it's mainly Archer).  Below is a "he's touching me" moment:

I was proud, Archer held his ground and kept his position on the slide.  The perfect lookout on a perfect day.

All in all, the boys continue to be more fun every day.  They are little sponges and just soak up everything around them.  They are curious, happy, well behaved and just overall wonderful.  We have our days...I tend to still blame teeth though (which, by the way, they each have 11 and are working on the 12th right now).  But they are just my wonderful little love bugs.  Sounds corny I'm sure...but I just can't imagine life without my littlest men.  Bad days and all.

We are truly, truly blessed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ultimate Carnivore

Enough said...

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I got Waterlooped

Just when I think I'm tired of running, something happens to make me change my mind. Today it was the Waterloop run in Muskogee. A trail run in Honor Heights park, and when I say trail run...I mean trail run. This wasnt a flat and fast course, it took lots of agility. Most of the run was a narrow trail only wide enough for one person up and down hills. Aside from the monster hills in the Route 66 Marathon a few years back, this was by far the hilliest run I have participated in. There were water zones, including a fire hose, it was AWESOME. The whole thing was just what I needed to reignite my running bug. Kudos to Regina for putting on such a fun event. Plus, I didn't want to get my iPhone wet so I ran sans music and it was exactly what I needed. Total mind cleansing run.

And a big thanks to daddy daycare for taking care of the bugs. It was an evening run so that meant dinner and bedtime duties. Thanks daddy! And speaking of the bugs, they are fantastic. Busy.Crazy.Wearing their momma out fantastic. We went to the lake last night and were jamming to some old school tunes and they were loving it!!

YouTube Video

15 month post coming soon...

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Beating the Heat...

Oh my's hot.  Like, oppressive hot.
It's supposed to be over 105° for the rest of the week. 
It makes me sweat just thinking about it. 

We couldn't stand being cooped up inside anymore last Friday so I stripped the boys down to their diapers and set out to play in the sprinkler and their pool. 

We had to ditch the diapers when we got in the pool.  The only way to splash around at our house is nekkid.

Stay cool...I know we are tyring!