Friday, July 29, 2011


Last summer, after the babies were born, Justin and I decided that once they turned a year old we would take a week long beach vacation.   And I am soooo glad we stuck to that promise and actually did it.  Justin surprised me on my birthday with a week long vacay to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.  He put so much thought and effort into it...what a great fella I have!  Thank goodness he gave me a few weeks warning because:  a) needed to add a few workouts to get bathing suit ready (if that's really even possible) and  b) I had to prepare to leave my little monsters for a whole week.  In their little lives, I had only been away from them for ONE full day.  Just one day I didn't see their faces at some point during the day.  They have had overnights with the grandparents but never any extended stays.  There were many, many tears shed in the weeks and days leading up to our trip.  I just *might* be a little attached/obsessed with my children.  Thankfully the grandma's were absolutely awesome and took amazing care of our sweet babies. I'm not sure they even really missed us.  Truth be told...they probably needed the break from us just as much as we needed it from them.  Clearly, it was a win-win!

We dropped the boys off with his mom Saturday afternoon so we could run some last minute errands and get to bed early.  The 4am wakeup time came pretty early.  Our flights were on time and the only hiccup we had was not sitting together for 3 of the 4 flights.  I blame the travel agent who shall remain nameless (justin)!! We arrived safely to Cozumel the took a 45 minute ferry ride over to Playa.  The weather was gorgeous...humid...but not the sweltering Oklahoma heat we have been having lately.   The ferry ride was so fun and the water was beautiful.  We made it to Playa and headed over to our resort.  We stayed at the Gran Porto Real.  It was beautiful and our room was really nice.  We had a walkout beach room, so we just had to walk out of our glass door and there was the sand....a short walk and we were at the waters edge.  The only bad thing about the walkout part was that you can't lock that door.  And if you know anything about our Cabo trip a few years ago (cash and my wedding ring/bands stolen while we were ASLEEP) then you know I was a little leary.  But, I was smart this time and left all the good stuff at home. But there was a ton of security walking around so that made us feel better.   We used it to go on our morning walks on the beach.  trying to a little bit of exercise while we were away.  It was definitely a workout...that sand is tough!! We usually walked around 1.5 miles every morning. 

We spent our first full day by the pool having some fruity drinks and a cervesa or two. I *might* have been a little anxious to get a tan and only wore a 20 spf the first day.   Oops! No real burn, but it was pretty pink...not to mention the big bar from my bathing suit top across my chest.  Justin was smart and wore a 30 spf plus he's got all of that Cherokee in him and tans like a little brown berry just thinking about the sun.  Not fair, not fair!

We got dressed up to go out to eat every night.  I love date nights! With our package we were able to dine at several specialty restaurants at our hotel and their sister hotel across the street.  Each place had a dress code for the men...pants and close toed shoes.  It was a little warm for that, but the food was divine.  The best meals we have had in a long time.  Breakfast was wonderful.  I am pretty sure my favorite part of breakfast was having refried beans and a little watermelon every morning.  Weird combo - yes.  But it was delish. 
Date night #1
On the way back to our room was a 24 hour coffee shop with snacks.  That's dangerous for a hungry girl like me.  Justin always teases me that I must have a hollow leg since I can out-eat him and most people we know most of the time.  I wish I had an off button for my belly, but I just don't. So after our dinner I had to have a snack...

We spent Tuesday walking 5th Avenue.  It's a long street full of shopping and food.  Actually...we spent part of our day walking 5th Ave.  The morning was wasted spent at The Royal (sister hotel across the street).  We were told we could get a free breakfast and tour of the hotel...we thought maybe they wanted us to upgrade to that hotel for the rest of the stay, which we probably would have since it was super night.  But, we were wrong. They kept us for 2 hours trying to get us to purchase a $90,000 time share package with them.  Thank you for feeding me the same food I could have gotten at my own hotel and then giving us dirty looks and talking down to us when we said "no thank you".  Geez! All of the rebuttals...I wanted to scream.  Literally scream.  So...after that fiasco we headed to 5th Ave. They had some crazy characters out there...

a little titi monkey!

I wanted to take this little guy home so badly!

Justin, or maybe I should call him "Meester Weeskers" like they did, was a big hit on 5th Ave with the vendors.  Apparently they thought he looked like he smoked "the green bud" and almost everyone asked if he wanted to buy some. thanks man. 

Rooftop Pool!

After a long day we headed to another date night... Steak house night.  Phenomenal. Did I mention the hotel had a dance group that performed every night?  We made sure we went to dinner early enough each night to catch all the shows. A little cheesy...yes, but very entertaining.

Date Night #2

Our room had these weird curtain-things hanging on each side of the bed.  Pretty much perfect to wrap yourself up in and twirl out of.  Which is what I did.  Good times, good times!

We spent some time at the beach, but we found a little gem at our hotel.  They had a small rooftop pool that was hardly ever crowded, had a swim up bar AND a little sushi bar next to it.  It was actually much cooler on the roof than it was by the pool or beach.  It was perfect for us.

We ventured out of the hotel to 5th Avenue for dinner at a Mayan restaurant called Yacxche (thx Aub & Katie for telling us about it!).  It was absolutely authentic and delish.  My only complaint was that I got a different soup than Justin.  His soup was phenomenal.  The ceviche was divine.  I could have eaten a whole plate of ceviche and been perfectly content.   The restaurant was just a few blocks from the hotel so we walked.  We didn't stay out too long after we saw the police strolling 5th with their machine guns and face masks.  I'm sure it's normal...but it's not our normal. 

Date Night #3 (love this of my faves!)

On Thursday we took our morning walk on the beach.  I made J take my picture on the coolest rocks on the beach in front of our hotel.  They were so pretty and the perfect pic setting.  I also snapped a good pic of Justin on our walk.  While we were out we saw some guys fishing which was pretty neat to watch.

My JBird

We swam with the dolphins that afternoon.  So much fun.  So amazing.  You realize how amazing God really is when you get up close and personal with his creations.  They were beautiful.  We spent an hour learning, touching, swimming and kissing on them.  J wasn't too excited abou the excursion before we left, but afterwards he couldn't stop smiling.  It was so sweet.  It was a fun play day for us that's for sure.

We ate at a restaurant next door called Pelicanos.  Caribbean food...oh so yummy.  Hands down best coconut shrimp I have ever had.  It was on the ocean so we got to listen to the waves while we dined.  Beautiful night...beautiful food.

Date Night # 4
After dinner we walked along the beach and the moon was awesome.  It was a little beam of light shining down into the ocean. It was so pretty!

We spent the last day doing a little shopping and vegging at the rooftop pool.  I was able to finish reading The Help, which is a fantastic book by the way.  I just saw previews for the movie and I can't wait to watch it!  I also read a few Chelsea Handler books while at the pool.  Not the most sophisticated reads, but hilarious.  Love that Chelsea. 

We had dinner at Asiana - an Asian restaurant.  Sushi rolls and more.  It was wonderful.  I actually can't remember what I ate but I know it was delish.  Just like every meal we had there. 
Date Night #5

The only thing we didn't do that we wish we would have was to take a snorkeling excursion.  In hindsight, we should have set that up when we got there, but we kept putting it off and when we really wanted to go it was time to go home.   Oh, and I loved the little towel creations Guadelupe left on our bed each day.  So cute!

It was a great trip.  We really enjoyed just relaxing and spending quality time with each other.  There was no cooking or cleaning to do...just sleep, eat and relax.  We missed the boys like crazy though.  I'm a little nervous to see my cell phone bill next month...eep!   But, being away from them, especially in a foreign country, made me so thankful for our family and our freedom. 

I guess that's about it.  We are back to the daily routine.  The boys are walking and starting to say so many words.  It's a amazing how much that changed in that short week we were gone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great Grandparents Day!

We went to see the {great} grandparents today!
We had a great time playing and loving on them this afternoon.
I cherish moments like these...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Night #1 in Mexico

After a short day of traveling, taking a ferry and taxis we have made it to Playa. We are looking forward to long days of laying in the sun and just truly relaxing!

Enjoying an evening by the ocean...drinks in hand and the sand in between our toes.

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Location:26 Norte,Playa del Carmen,Mexico

14 Months

14 Month old babies.  I guess I could call them toddlers, but I prefer babies.  Sweet, lovable, kissable, huggable baby boys.   Every day is getting more and more fun with these two.   They laugh and giggle most of the day.  Stockton seems to get a kick out of tormenting Archer when he is sitting in his little chair.  Their chairs are side by side, but Stockton only wants to sit in the one Archer is in...and he pretty much wins every time.  As the days go by their little personalities continue to come out and becoming more defined.  Stockton has turned into a momma's boy but is also a bit of a bully sometimes.  A funny bully...but a bully still. He makes funny faces and has the deepest belly laughs.  Archer is so lovable and sweet.  He lets Stockton take toys away and then cries.  He can be really sensitive but seems to find the humor in most situations.  When he smiles he crinkles that little nose and his eyes sparkle. 

Baby Stock


We are completely off bottles!  They take whole milk out of their straw cups at every meal and water or water/crystal light during playtimes.   They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their high chairs with a small snack around 4pm.   For breakfast they love scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage and cheese, pancakes, waffles or toast and yogurt with fruit.   Lunches are usually grilled cheese, pb&j's or fish sticks along with fruit and some golfish.  Dinner is still whatever we eat but they are lacking a bit in the veggie department.  Just found out that they like black beans and that Stockton likes red and yellow bell pepper.  Go Stock!

Walking or crawling...whatever gets us there!

Getting in position to stand up!

Naps and Nighttime Sleep:

Still on two naps a day.  Usually around 10am for an hour and a half and then again at 2:30pm for another hour and half.   I *think* they could do 1 nap but for my sanity...keepin' the two naps a day. 

Bedtime is at 7pm and they usually wake around 7:15am, occasionally later than that.  Still sleeping all night.  We have had a few wake ups lately due to teeth (I'm assuming) but never anything I would have to go in and check on them for.  They did surprise us on July 4th weekend and stayed up until 9pm one night and 8pm the next while we were out with friends.  I was so proud but super happy to put them down at 7pm again once the weekend was over.  Momma needs her time!

Baby Stock

Blue eyed boy

Would you like my walnut?


  • They are full on walking!! They are getting faster every day...still a little unsteady at times but for the most part walking most of the day. 
  • They are finally starting to talk.  They can say da-dee (daddy), mama,  bay-bee (baby), ba (ball), hi and bwee (we have know idea what a bwee is but it's very popular right now).
  • They are obsessed with putting things into contianers still.  They have started putting rings on the stacker and have fit the right lids to tupperware containers.   I have had to start checking the trash can as I keep finding toys and balls in there.
  • They give "hi fives"
  • They can show you where their tongue is and will open their mouths and say "ahhhhh" on command.

Baby Arch

Checking on the rocks...

cutie bug Archeroo

all mullet jokes aside, I LOVE the little curls!  Can't cut that hair just yet!

Any and Everything In Between:

They are both getting their third bottom tooth.  And, they have both had their top molars break through and the bottoms aren't far behind.  Poor babies have been very emotional because of those molars.    But I haven't minded giving the extra hugs and kisses.   They love to swim.  We have taken them to the pool and they love to float in their rafts.  At the water park they loved looking at every one and all the colors.

They are my sweetest boys and I love them more and more every day.  Can't imagine my life without my little sweetie pies!

Playing in the dirt!
Look! It's a tumbleweed!

Arch *might* have some dirt on his face

Baby Stock

Baby Arch and his walnut

Loving their playset!

Say Cheese!

Biggest boy...growing up way too fast.