Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does Your Pediatrician Do This??

Home visits that is.
Well, ours does.  He does well baby visits at home.  How awesome is that?
His office is located in Tulsa and this was his first outing to the Muskogee/Tahlequah area.  I am super excited that we were able to take total advantage of this. 

I have mentioned him before but here it is again.  His name is Dr Raley and you can get more info on his practice here. I'm being generous sharing this so don't go flooding his office and make it hard for me to get my babies in.
k, thx.

Anyways, 1 year well check and shots today.  Did I mention it was at my house. Oh, I did, didn't I?

Here's the skinny:
Archer: 21 lbs 2 ounce  31.5 inches tall
Stockton: 20 lbs 8 ounces  31 inches tall

Both had a head circumference of 46 cm.  Different head shapes, same size. 
Those are my boys.  The same, yet very different.

Allergies are kicking our a$$ but there's a med for that.  AND we have double ear infections for each boy.  I'm thinking tubes are in our future. And if that's the case I hope it's sooner than later. Let's do this!

After a successful evaluation (they are normal, healthy and on track developmentally) it was time for pics with the Doc.

Of course they wouldn't look at the same time...

And how can you resist the face below. 

Probably should have taken pics BEFORE the shots.  Oops!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A few of my favorite videos as of late...

The boys love some couch time right before bed and dad loves to wrestle with them as well.  For some reason the corner of the couch gets them all fired up.  This might be the highlight of their day!

I am one proud momma this week.  The boys are really starting to pick up on things. 
Arch understands where is tongue is and is very proud to show it off...

And they are both starting to sort shapes and putting them in the right containers. 

Yes...I am super proud. The little monsters are growing up.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

1 Year


Just over a year ago two of the littlest men were born.If you forgot or are new to my blog you can read their birth story here.  Little did I know just how much they would rock my world.  I went from being an independant career woman that loved wearing a pretty dress and the highest heels or wedges I could find to a full fledged MOM (mother of multiples).  We had a tough pregnancy after the 6 month mark and a tough delivery but we made it.   I was your typical first time mom...nervous, tired, scared, excited, anxious ect.  We made it through sleepless nights (thanks J for always getting up to feed a baby in the middle of the night, what a trooper!), reflux, teething, hard to feed babies ect.  And what we ended up with are two of the sweetest, most lovable little boys.  I have tried to document their first year on this blog and as I look back over the last 12 months I am amazed at how they have grown.  The bad stuff just doesn't seem so bad anymore.  I remember in the early days when they would wake and cry I would want to hide in my room...I just wasn't sure if I could take care of them the way they needed to be cared for.  If I am being honest, I might have had a few panic attacks here and there.  But, as they grow the good stuff just keeps getting better and better.

 I felt the best way to raise my boys and keep my sanity was to find a schedule and stick with it.  And stick with it I did and we are so much better for it.  It has allowed me to try to have a clear mind, take care of my household and my husband.  To try to carve out a little bit of time for a workout or to have a mug of coffee in silence.  A schedule isn't for everyone, but for us it was a must.  This type-A girl needs a plan to get through the day. My children respond well to routine and but also accept change.  They are full of love and life and the twinkle in their eyes never seems to fade.   They melt my heart daily with their monkey grip when I pick them up and the sloppy kisses that they love to give.  I am so lucky to be their mom.  I know great things lie ahead for them.  Thankfully, I get to be along for the ride.

Enough of the mushy talk...more of that to come in the next few days as I continue to write letters to each.

Archer   20 lbs 12 ounces
Stockton  20 lbs 9 ounces
  • Both clap and wave (finally)
  • Still jabbering away but haven't said anything with purpose yet. Although I SWEAR Arch pulled on my leg while saying mama the other day and he meant it. 
  • Cruising furniture like champs.  Pushing while walking anything that will move including high chairs, kitchen chairs, toys ect.
  • Archer is taking 2-4 steps and kind of sortof venturing out on his own every now and again.
  • Stockton tries to take a step but leads with his head still.  (I think he is so used to leaning forward to push things he's just used to that motion)
  • Standing independantly
  • Archer is starting to put a circle in the circle slot on his Learning Farm Walker
  • They mimic everything you do.  It's quite funny and they really get a kick out of it.


We are down to two bottles a day now, morning and night.  They eat a large lunch with a straw cup of milk around 11:30/11:45am when they wake from their first nap.  They don't drink a lot of milk at lunch as we are still getting used to a cup but the straw cups seem to be a hit so we are sticking with those! We have a small snack around 3:30 when they wake from nap #2 that hold them off until dinner around 5:30p.  Dinner is whatever we eat still with any leftover milk in their cups from lunch.  After baths we give them a night time bottle and they drink what they want.  Hopefully soon we can drop the actual bottles in favor for small cups  but we'll see.  

Again, thank goodness for straw cups. I was about to have a breakdown thinking my kids hated bottles and cups so how in the world would they get any fluids??   They love Crystal Light lemonade (half water/half lemonade...just enough to give it some taste) in their straw sippys and will go through two 10 ounce cups a day each now.  Literally this happened on Tuesday...who are these kids?  I prayed hard they would learn to love to drink and thank goodness God answered. 

Still sleeping 7pm-7am or whenever they wake on their own.  Now that we are one I am trying to be more flexible with wake times.  
2 naps a day.  Usuallythe morning nap is from 9:45/10am until 11:30/11:45am  and the afternoon nap is from 2pm until 3/3:30pm.  I like 2 naps a day and hope they do too for a few more months.

That's about it.  We are just working on walking, words and transitioning to cups. And, trying to get a decent picture of them together which is all but impossible lately. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The (1st) Birthday Party

We had the boys big 1st birthday bash last Saturday.  It was a little chilly that morning but turned out to be the perfect day to have friends and family over to celebrate.  Justin smoked some chickens, bologna, and we had pulled pork for sandwiches.   I carved a watermelon into a pretty little bowl (how crafty, right?) filled with fruit, made PW salsa and some guacamole to snack on.  The ice chests were filled with drinks and it was time for the party to begin.   We didn't do a themed party.  I would have liked to in one respect, but putting it simply, I am just not that crafty.  Plus, I figure in a few years they will be more than willing to demand what theme they want for their parties. 

The day went perfectly.  The boys were excited and well behaved.  There were no major freakouts thank goodness!  They snacked on any and everything you would put in their mouths and played with a few of their presesnts. 

I had told my MIL that I didn't think they were ready for anything motorized yet...figured that would come in about 6 months or so. Well, I was wrong.  They loved these little electric 4wheelers and once they figured out the button to make them "go"..."go" they went!  We have already had a casualty...Archer put his hand on the back wheel and Stockton pushed the button making the wheel spin.  Trust me, Arch was NOT happy about that!

Layne being a monkey on the swingset

me and my babes

J and the Stock-man

I just want to pinch those cheeks - and wipe away the drool!

Archer was an eating machine... he just couldn't get enough quac and chicken!

Archer eating and singing sweet songs to Lindsey

Grandma, J and the Stock-man

My family

My nephews Dallas and Eli

Tyler was just-a-swingin!

We are starting to get better at straw cups...yay!!

After visiting and eating it was time for the cakes.  My MIL asked if she could make them the same alligator cake she made for Justin when he turned 1.  Of course I said 'you betcha' (one last thing for me to worry about yay!) plus I was really excited they could have something to look back on that was so special.  Hopefully for their kids I can make an alligator cake for their 1st bdays! 
Family pic before the cake destruction

Here we go!!!

The big cake for everyone and cute little cup cakes!

Someone was very proud of themselves!!

Oh happy day! Lots of green icing to go around!

Archer was very methodical eating his cake...savoring every last bite


And, I must add that they pooped fluffy green icing for THREE days.  Numma, numma!

And finally, just relaxing with daddy after a GREAT birthday party!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and celebrated.  We opened gifts that evening and the boys won't need any toys or books or outfits for a very long time. 
We are so blessed, thank you thank you thank you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey, Hey It's Our Birthday!!

Hey, hey it's our birthday!!
Hip Hip Hooray!

I have this long post in the works but when it comes down to it...this is their day.  It's their first birthday. Birthdays are fun and fun is what we did.  I'm still writing saving that long post for another day this week. So, stay tuned.

In the meantime here is a little photo-journal of our day.

It started off with their Anywhere Chairs.  I've had these cute little chairs stashed away for weeks wishing I could give them to them early.  It's not like they know it's their birthday, right? But Justin made me wait.

 They weren't too sure about them at first, especially after Archer tried to get down and did a face plant on the rug.  Oops, not the best way to start our morning :-/

We got a visit from Nana Banana this morning and she brought the cutest stools this morning.  They have their names in puzzle pieces on the top. SO cute! And a side note - we have already misplaced the 't' and the 'n' on Stockton's chair.  Dang...less than 24 hours and we have missing pieces!!

After all the morning fun we had lunch with dada.  He had to work late tonight so we just had to spend part of our big day with the Daddy. 

And, mom got a little present in the mail today...
my BOB!!!  I have been coveting this stroller for months.  I guess you know you're a mom when all you can think about is a double jogging stroller.  They are a little pricey and I finally just did it.  I found a good deal on Amazon and couldn't pass it up.  I wheeled the boys around our property this afternoon and they loved it.  It was a little bumpy on the uneven ground and our gravel driveway but the BOB can handle it!! So excited to test it out on the pavement tomorrow afternoon.   

I'm still trying to get them to cooperate when it's just me trying to take a picture...
This was a good as it got today.  Nothing like a traveling baby to make things a little interesting!

But, we end with this.

Happy Birthday sweet boys. You are loved more than you will every know...ever.