Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner with the NSU Crew and a Razorback

Last night we were able to get together with some of our friends from NSU and our favorite Razorback Katie. 
5 couples and we all have kids now. 
So, that means 10 adults and 8 kiddos... table for 18 please!?!
Thank goodness Los Cabos is pretty kid friendly.  It's loud, they have a backroom and the staff was super nice.

Group photo!!

Katie, Aubrey and Davis York along with Blake Coffman

Justin loving on Blake

Archer: "Sure, I will share my tortilla chip with you!"

Sweet Baby Davis

Stock chewing on Sophie...tooth number 6 should be in any day now...

Daddy's + Kiddos

We all had a great time catching up and enjoying the chaos of all the chidren.  Justin and I were so proud of our little monsters.  They literally munched for and hour and a half without a nuclear meltdown AND stayed up past 7pm.  We didn't get home until 8:30pm and they were awake - barely - but still in pretty good spirits. 

They were dragging today though.   Justin's parents do an annual crawfish/hog smoke and so we were pushing it to try another evening outing.  I didn't get any pics but we had fun.  We pushed it to 7:30p but man, were they exhausted.  So...babies are in bed and I am hoping for a quiet Sunday so we can get back on the routine. 

Such big boys...but still so little :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Visit From Davis!

The last time we saw Baby Davis he was...well, he was a little bittle baby.
Only a few weeks old, but as precious as can be.

Fast forward a few months and look at Baby Davis now!
He's not so little anymore.  And he is as cute as a button and a sweet heart to boot.

It was great, as usual, to get the boys together and to visit with Aubrey and Katie.
It's going to be fun watching these little boys grow up together.  Hopefully, they won't get into TOO much trouble.  But then again...their dads are Justin and Aubrey...mischief just seems to follow them around when they are together so I think we might be in a bit of trouble!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spa Day and Great Grandparents

Another busy day for my little munchkins.  I was fortunate enough today to take an afternoon

I dropped the boys off at my moms (Thank you MOM!!) house then jetted over to Spa Southern Hills for their ultimate massage, body polish and a mani/pedi.  Justin gave me this ahhh-mazing gift for Mothers Day last year. I promised myself that I wouldn't use it - even though I REALLY wanted to - until I lost the baby weight.
Welp...I finally did it. It only took 50 weeks, not like I'm counting or anything.  The massage was awesome...the body polish - an experience for sure and I'll leave it at that :)...mani/pedi was fantastic.  Overall a great day!!

While I was away my mom took the babies to their great grandparents house!  They had a great time playing and kissing on great grandma and grandpa.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plumbing Shop & Bathtub Fun

The boys spent the day the plumbing shop today!  My in-laws own a plumbing/heating and air company in our small town.  My husband grew up in this very shop, playing with pipe and fittings and "hamma hamma hamma-ing" anything he could find with his little hammer.  

The boys had a blast exploring, playing and of course loving on everyone there. Mom got a few hours to herself to run some was a great day for everyone!

Baby Stock needed some nana lovin' towards the end of the day.  Sleepy baby!

After playing all day it was time for a bath!!  They looked so cute with with their heads covered in bubbles...and they splished and splashed their hearts out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Toys...

We spent the day playing with our new Easter toys...making a HUGE mess as usual!

Stockton flapping his arms like his new toy duck

Archer trying to figure out Donald Duck...

A fun day with busy busy boys!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hippity Hop...Easter Tots

The Easter babies woke up bright and early on Easter morning.
I could have stayed in bed with all of the thunder and rain going on outside but my little alarm clocks had other ideas. 

So we got up and they drank their milk, ate their fruit and oatmeal then dove into the Easter baskets.

They played with their new toys.
The plastic eggs were a big hit with Mr. Archer. 

Mr. Stockton liked them all, especially the Weebles.

We weren't sure how naps and church would go so we just gave it our best shot. 
We tried to let them play hard and put them down for a nap around 9am (typically it's closer to 10am) and they actually went right to sleep.  Praise!  We got them up around 10 and changed them into their dapper little Easter suits. 

Dang, they are cute if I do say so myself! 
Those suits had a clip-on tie and everything!!

We made it to church on time - miracle - and found the rest of Justins family who had saved the back row for us.  We didn't want to be "those" people with the rowdy babies disturbing the peace. 
The boys did GREAT.  They never cried...probably because every time they opened their mouths we shoved an animal cracker or a cheerio in it!
They danced to the music, stared at the people, lights and ceiling fans and sat on various laps throughout the service.  One of my favorite parts of the morning was listening to the choir sing Halleluah and seeing Archer on Justins lap throw his hands in the air and fling his whole body backwards to look at the lights...or maybe he was praising Jesus?!? Either was awesome.

After church we went to Justin's parents house for burgers and hotdogs with all the fixins.
 Bad for my diet...yummy for my tummy.

We made it home around 2:30 and put the boys down for a nap.  For babies who had been up since roughly 10am they were so well behaved.   It only took about 5 minutes before they were down for the count.

My parents came to see us today too!
It was great to have them come by and get to spend time with the babies. 

I am so excited the boys got to spend their first Easter with so many people that love them so much.

Happy Easter to everyone.

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Good, the cute and the ugly on a rainy Saturday

Just a jibber-jabbering on a rainy Saturday afternoon...

Stock took over the camera for a bit...

Then, it got a little ugly.
As in, Stockton biting Archer ugly. 
And unfortunately it's all on tape.
Poor Archer!!

And here's the aftermath. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday...Let's meet the Easter Bunny!

Our first experience with the Easter Bunny was a pretty good one!
They didn't cry or fuss...big shocker I must say.
But, they also didn't smile so our pic looks like this.

Right before it was our turn I smelled a little "stink" in the air. 
Arch had pooped his pants, so maybe that explains his 'lack of enthusiasm' of seeing the Easter Bunny.

Happy Good Friday to everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embracing the Camera ... April 21st

The babies embraced one of our favorite nurses...Nurse Connie Jo!
We made a quick stop while we were at St John today to see my friend Tahlina who is going through a similar situation with her newborn son. 

Going back into the hospital roughly the same time of year brought back a flood of memories. 
We have come so far in these short 11+ months.  It was great to see many of the OB nurses and other Special Care nurses that helped us during our 22 day stay. Oh, how far we have come!!

Thank goodness for amazing nurses who REALLY care!!
We love St. John!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stockton my little mimic & Archer throws a fit.

I am going to try and post some sort of video or picture of my little men every day until they turn one. 
Kind of a countdown...I guess...actually it's more of a celebration.
Celebrating the little turds men they have become.

Plus...aren't you dying to have a REAL glimpse into the everyday goings on with twins?
The mainly good but sometimes ugly? you go.

Stockton, my little mimic.
He loves blowing spit and biting...what little boy doesn't, right?

And, of course Archer and his fit.
You might want to turn your speakers down.'s amazingly horrible how shrill his scream is.

Before you start thinking I am a horrible mother for videoing this and not rushing to comfort that sweet, upset baby.  You might want to know why he is crying...because I SAT HIM ON HIS BOTTOM.
That's it.  I was carrying him, placed him on the ground and this is what I got.

Hands full? yes, please.
Love 'em...of course.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

11 Months + 1 Week & 2 days...but who's counting?

Oh geez... less 3 weeks until the babies turn 1.

And, again, I am over a week late with their monthly update.  Oops.  It's not like chasing these monsters around keeps me very busy.  I should have had this ready the day least that's what I promised I would do last month...and the month before that...  But, if you really know me, you know that I am a huge procrastinator.  So maybe, just maybe, the boys won't mind if we push their birthday back a bit, right? right?

To say they are a blessing doesn't even begin to sum it up.  They are two huge blessings. They are hilarious, stubborn, smiley, well behaved (for the most part), cute, drooley, biting little monsters.  And I love them a bunch.  Like, a whole, whole, whole, whole bunch.   Their personalities shine brightly and are so very different from each other.  But all it takes is a look from his brother and the others eyes start to twinkle.  They already have their own sounds and looks that only they can understand.  It's crazy...and really just awesome to watch. 

Bottles: Still on 4 bottles a day.  But, I think we are about to drop one and go to 3.  How am I going to do that? I don't really know...but I have this sneaky feeling that they are working on changing their naps so somethings gotta give.  I'm thinking about dropping the 11:30a bottle and just going to a larger lunch.  Hmmm...gonna kick that one around as long as they let me.

We have introduced them to whole milk.  They don't hate it and don't love it yet.  But it hasn't bothered them so hopefully they will start gobbling it up closer to their first birthday.  It hasn't bothered Arch a bit which makes me very happy.  Hopefully his milk protein allergy is gone...although I am really leaning towards a different theory on that issue.  I kinda don't think he ever truly had an allergy.  I think it was a temporary intolerance due to the mega dose of antibiotics from his stomach surgery...his symptoms popped up less than a week after me crazy but I think he never really had a real problem.  Nothing we can do about it now, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.  

Solids: They eat what we eat. No more baby food for the most part.  We usually have oatmeal in the morning with fresh fruit and cheerios.  Sometimes we top it off with yogurt, sometimes we don't.  I do have to puree their fruit because they spit out anything slimy.  Pretty much a banana is the only fruit they will feed themselves.  They go nuts over avocado but I still mash that up and spoon feed it. We do pancakes, waffles and french toast on the weekends when daddy is home.  They like a little scrambled egg too :)    Lunches are kind of random, it depends on if we are at home or out and about.  They love grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and cheese quesadillas, leftovers from dinner, bananas, avocados, yogurt, goldfish ect.  Kashi TLC cereal bars and Dole Squeezems are our go-to when we are out and about running errands.  They eat what we do at dinner.  Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti was a huge hit this weekend.  They love meat: chicken, steak, bits of hamburger, turkey breast are their faves.  Sweet potato fries are so easy to make and for them to eat and they can't get enough of them.  Green beans, steamed carrots, corn and squash are regulars at dinner.  I need to revisit peas but last time they didn't get too excited.  And black beans were ok...but they had more fun smashing them than actually eating them.   Mac and cheese is also very nummy nummy in their tummy.  We also do healthy, lower-sodium soups.  We strain the broth and give them the guts.  The veggies are already soft and flavorful.  They dig it.  But that has to be on a bath night because they get "soup hands" which...frankly, is kinda stinky.

I think we have some big eaters on our hands.  I can't image what our meat bill will be in a few years. 

Spaghetti night was fan-tastic!
Oh yeah...Prevacid.  Today is our first day completely off of Prevacid.  We had a few pills left last week and decided to split the pill between them instead of one pill each.  It went well.  Today has been fine.  Fingers crossed we have outgrown the reflux and we can scratch that mess off our list!!

Oh yeah, yeah...a few more weeks of bottles. Yeah!?! Kinda?? I think??  They just had to start liking their bottles lately and not paying as much attention to their cups.  Thanks, kids.  I really appreciate it. So, hopefully the transition will go ok.  Tips/tricks? Send them my way, k? Thanks.  :) 

 Naps and Nighttime Sleeping:

Naps: Still two naps a day... for now.  They are not wanting to go down for a morning nap until close to 10am.  And they could probably stay up longer but I have been putting them in bed anyways.  Usually sleep until 11:30/11:45a and then go down for the second nap around 2pm.  Again, they could continue to play but I have been putting them down anyways.  So they chatter and play until 2:15 or so before actually going down and are usually back up around 3:30/3:45pm at the latest.   So, I wonder how long they would make it if I let them stay up in the morning and how that would make the rest of the day play out?  I am too chicken to find out so I'm gonna keep putting them down at 10 and 2 until they just won't sleep.  I think.  Maybe.  Crap...I really just don't know.  *sigh* (i hate changing the schedule)

Nighttime Sleep: Bottles are usually in mouths around 6:30pm and they are in bed with the lights off by 7pm.  No fuss or fight...nighty, night! Their teeth have been coming in so we have had a few nighttime cryouts but nothing to go in their room for.  I have been letting them wake on their own and they are usually up by 7:15am.  Smiling, laughing and ready for the day.


They are both able to stand for extended periods of time without holding on to anything.  They still need something to hold onto to get in the standing position.  They can stoop to pick up small objects and stand back up most of the time. Both have attempted to walk...yay! Archer has taken 3 hesitant steps on his own before sitting down or putting a hand down.  Usually it's just one or two but he REALLY wants to walk.  Stockton has taken a step or two with some prodding but he's just content to stand or crawl right now.  They both practically run if you are holding their hands or they are pushing their walker. 

Both clap like it's going out of style.  They get so excited and proud of themselves the give their own little standing O.   And they love to bang block or wooden puzzle pieces together.  Or tupperware...pretty much anything they can drum to their own little beat.

They still won't wave.  Seriously.  I know they are not waving just to spite me.  I'd almost put money on it that they wave at each other from their cribs once I shut their door.  I guess I need to watch my video monitor more (but be proud, because I am not as obsessed with it as I used to be!).  I know, I know...they will do it when they want to.  They won't be 18 and not know how to wave.  

They chitter chatter all day.  At each other, at me, at their toys.  Lots of dada, mama, vava, bobo, wowo, iyiyi...nothing with meaning yet though.  Again... I tell myself they won't be 18 and not know how to say mama.  But they "talk" to each other, and give each other "the look" all day.  I really need to research twin talk.  'Cause I know that's what is going on around here.

And they understand "no".  Probably because they hear it all day.  But, they stop and look at me and drop their hands.  They usually try to open that door or pull that flower a few more times before getting a flick on the hand.  It is funny though...when they look at you after you tell them no it's like a standoff.  If you even smile with your eyes they laugh and go back to being naughty.  Smart little turds. 

He may look terrified, but he was having a grrrreat time :)

It's on...all day, every day.   They chase each other around, chase me, bang toys together, play in their tunnel, push their walkers, ride their little bike/rocker-thing, play in the tupperware drawer, swing on their new swingset...pretty much anything to exert some energy and they are on top of it.  And they absolutely love cars.  They push these little wooden cars I got at Ikea around the house all the time.  If they could say "vroom vroom" I bet they would.  They have also taken a huge interest in the dogs as of late.  Rebel is so good natured and lets them crawl all over her and pull her ears and hit her on the head.  The little dogs hang out on the top of the couch most of the day.  They haven't quite taken to the boys charm yet.

Everything else and then some...

Sweet Baby Stockton...  he is one of the funniest little monsters around.  He is a total mimic.  He likes to fake cough and will stick his tongue out at you if you do it to him.  He shakes his head no-no and will move his shoulders side to side if you want to dance with him.  He gets the giggles like no other. He has a new giggle too...he sounds like a little chipmunk. I couldn't imitate it if I tried, but it is presh.  He is very independent and likes to play alone and for me to read him a book.  He really studies the mechanics of how things work.  Opening and shutting the nursery door is always a good time.  And he loves to stand outside the end of his crib with me in front and look at me through the slats of the crib, then he leans to the side so there is nothing in his way and will just grin.  It's like he's playing peek-a-boo but not really!  Stock loves to kiss.  Most are closed-mouth kisses now...but if he leans in with his mouth open you better watch out... he bites.  And he bites HARD!   He has bit my lips, cheeks and mostly my neck.  I need a button for him to wear... watch out: I bite.

Silly Baby Archer...he finds the humor in almost everything.  He is very headstrong but also can be such a lover.  His laugh is infectious and his kisses so sweet.  He too, kisses mainly closed mouth, and will actually pucker and kiss back.  He bit es also, but it's mainly on the neck.  Vampire baby.  He likes to crawl around and get into cabinets he isn't supposed to.  He loves to chase the ball and open and shut the nursery doors and doors on toys.  He likes to be read only half of a book then he is over it.  See ya!  He is also developing an extremely shrill/blood curdling scream.  He does it when he's happy and he does it when he's mad.  He is also throwing, throwing himself face first on the floor fits.  I don't really know what to do about it except ignore it.  It usually happens when I put him down from carrying him or take a toy away.  I am just ignoring it right now...tell me it's a phase and it stops!?!?  He makes strange noises just to amuse himself.  This week he is braying like a donkey.  Strange?  Yes. 

They are starting to play games with us, which is so much fun!  The main one is in the morning and bedtime.  They like to "run" away into the corner of their cribs and then fall out laughing when we pinch their butts or give them a tickle.  All it takes is a little grin and a "I'm gonna get ya!" and off they go. 

Last month we FINALLY started bathing the boys together in the big boy bath tub.  Why it took us so long, I don't really know?  They love it and we do too.  They love to splash and play with their toys.  They scoot around and stand up (oops) like pros.  Bath time is seriously one of my favorite times with them.  They are so soft when we get done and so cuddly in their hooded towels.  Plus, seeing these naked little butts just makes my day!

Yes, our bathtub is avocado green.  Don't be jealous.  I actually like it since it blends well with my shower curtain.

They each have five teeth right now. 3 on top and 2 on the bottom.  It looks like each has another top tooth coming in right now as well.  The drool is in full usual!

I guess that's about it... We are so thankful for our sweet, crazy, stinky little babies.  (they don't really stink...I just like to call them my stinky babies)

I just love 'em.