Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... March 31st

happy thursday!

I think we are snotty noses to wipe today hallelujah!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embracing the Camera ... March 24th

This week we are embracing another first.
Our first sickness.
We are soooo lucky to have made it this far without any colds, flu, rsv ect.
But, somehow we caught a cold.  And by we, I mean Archer, Stockton and myself.
But, thankfully they are troopers and have handled 4 days of fever and snotty noses pretty darn well.
A few nuclear meltdowns occured, but hey, we are all alive!
Nothing like a little snot running down your lip, eh?

Me and my snot-monster Stock

Arch had some super sad eyes and some wild hair Monday...

Nuclear meltdown part 1 Tuesday morning...

But, we got over it pretty quick!

Day 5...still snotty but NO fever! yay!
Happy Crusty Nose Thursday!

All in could have been totally worse.  They drank their bottles well, ate their food food and slept through the night and naps without much fuss.

I am so thankful for my good, sweet little monsters. Snot bubbles being blown in my face and all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... March 17th

Nothing says St. Patricks day like green tuxedo t-shirts!

Happy St . Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Months

Oh little babies, where have you gone?
I feel like you are growing leaps and bounds every day...and while I am thrilled for happy, healthy babies...could you slow down just a bit? K, thanks.

You guys are so rarely stop to just "be".
There is always a toy to play with, a hallway to race down and a brother to beat up.
Sometimes, you act like you could care less if I am there or not *sniff sniff*.

The last month has went by in a flash as I expect the next two to do as well.
Then we will be the big 1 YEAR OLD.  Whoa. Big Whoa.
The thought of not being on bottles anymore makes me jump for joy.
BUT, the thought of changing our schedule and trying something new makes me shudder with fear.

Their first experience with a duck call.  Daddy was so proud that they got so excited...and so was I.

Justin bought them their own 'Born On' duck calls after they were born. Both have their names and birth date engraved on them.  They had tons of fun chewing and playing with them.

Here are the details of our last month:

Same bottle schedule...hence the fear of trying something new.

Four bottles a day.
7:30a - 8oz * 11:30a - 6oz * 3:30p - 6oz * 6:45p 8oz

 I can finally say that bottles are good! Both can hold their own bottles but like to play with them a little more than momma likes them to...usually ends up with one squirting themselves in the face while they pinch the nipple.  then they cry.  But, I would cry too with milk in my eye! Anyways...Let's just say I end up holding the bottles just to speed up the process a bit.

Also, they have been letting us hold them during feedings again.  I have missed that so much!! They still take their bottles in their nap nanny's during the day when I am by myself, but at night it's time to snuggle!

Same solids schedule:

8:30a - oatmeal and fruit
12:30p - usually fruit and cheerios, puffs, goldfish or crackers
5:45p - protien and veggies and whatever we are having for dinner

We are starting to wean off of purees and baby food this month. They still eat them but as we are getting closer to the 1 year mark we are starting to feed them more finger foods and parts of our dinner but definitely make sure they are getting their veggies and good protein in.  

Prevacid capsules are still my best friend. I kinda have this gut feeling they may have outgrown the reflux but I am too scared to attempt to wean them from the meds. So, two more months of meds.

Naps and Nighttime Sleeping:

Nothing new to really report...

Naps: We are still at 2 naps per day. I know a lot of babies their age only take 1 nap per day but I like it the way it we are keeping it that way for as long as they will allow it! The morning nap has been awesome lately at almost a 2 solid hours. The afternoon nap varies but is usually around an hour and a half.

Nighttime sleep: Their last bottle is around 6:30-6:45p and usually they are in their beds by 7p. They usually wake around 7:15a. I still consider us so lucky that they are good sleepers.
Thank you BabyWise!
I catch them in this pose almost daily.  They are truly connected and love each other.  It's a pretty neat bond to witness

There's alot of chattering going on lately!  Up until last week it was mainly Stockton with the dada's and iyiyi's.  Archer was just "singing" his sweet little songs and shouts.  Well, now they are both on the
dada - mama - num num - ni ni - iyiyi -baba train. 
And it's  All.the.time.
And I love it. 
They aren't saying anything with meaning yet, but I know in their little world they are telling me some kind of fantastic story. And I am more than willing to listen.

As far as mobility goes...they are both getting more mobile every stinking day. They crawl on and over everything. They pull up and climb and thing their little feet and hands can touch.  And they are starting to walk with assistance.  Assistance from their walker, car or mom and dad holding their hands.  And they are really really excited about it.  Mom...well, it kinda makes me nervous.  I am picturing that first step then a headfirst dive into the tile.  It's like learning to sit all over again.  I am sure walking is far off...but Arch has been letting go and standing by himself for a few seconds at a time lately.  And he acts like it's nothing.  ugh.

But, cheers to newfound mobility and continuing to grow and learn!

We are also finally starting to clap along when we patty cake and can "almost" wave bye-bye.   And, they are both starting to point at things that they want.


Of course, they still love to play.   As they are getting more mobile they are starting to phase out of their cars.  Which makes me sad for a few reasons, but mainly because few times that they are in their cars I can get dishes and laundry put up and dinner started without worrying about them being under my feet or getting into something they shouldn't.  Plus they are so dang funny playing bumper cars through the house.

They are usually so happy all the time.  But, meltdowns happen, and when they do it's usually at the same time.  Which I am totally used to but I still hate it when they get upset. 

Stockton has started faking his cries...and I can tell it's fake because of this stink-stink face.  He's already tyring to play his momma...but she's too smart for that!!

When I went to Dallas a few weekends ago to see my fellow twin momma Alicia before they move to Ohio *sniff sniff* we went to IKEA and got the coolest tunnel.  E.V.E.R.  The boys get the biggest kick of crawling back and forth and the giggles don't stop.  Especially when you shake one end of the tunnel and shout "earthquake"!!!!!  Oh, the giggles!

Oh, and I have a window licker on my hands...literally.   I don't know why, but Mr. Stock-Stock really likes to lick the glass door.  ?!?  I'm not sure why, but it makes him happy.

And trying to get a picture of the two babies together and happy...well, it's getting to be more of a challenge.  Half of my "group" pictures the past few weeks have turned out like this:

But occasionally, I am able to get a good shot.

Notice how they are sitting...strange but that's how they roll.

So...minus a great shot of the both of them. Here are two of my favorites seperately.
I love my little men. With top teeth now too!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... March 3rd

We had lunch with Dada today...
He's been working hard and has not been able to really see the boys since Monday.

Before we left, Arch had to say goodbye to sweet Rebel...

Then I loaded their little butts in the car and we picked up some salads for lunch and went to see the daddy. 

Arch with "Little D"

Stock catching a ride with Kendall

Daddy is sooooo silly!

Do work, Stock, do work!
The whole glad everyone is smiling!!
It was a great day to get out and about.
 We can't wait to celebrate Daddy's birthday on Saturday...he is the best!