Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embracing the Camera ... Feb 17th

The boys got all dressed up (shoes and all) to go to Claremore yesterday.
We went to visit Justin's sister Abby since we (me and the boys) couldn't make it to the birthday dinner since it was wayyyyyy past their bedtime.

They LOVED looking and kissing themselves in the mirror...

Apparently Stockton REALLY loves himself...

Sorry about all the dirty fingerprints and slime marks on the glass Ab!!
It was a fun fun day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

9 Months...


another month has come and gone.
my babies are 9 months old.
seriously, they almost aren't babies anymore.
there was a time when I was wishing for this day...that they could sit, crawl, do more than just be...well, just be a baby.
now, I am a little sad that those days are really here.
but I am thrilled that they are growing, playing, laughing, standing, crawling...doing everything they are supposed to do.

so...what's new? A LOT


Still taking 4 bottles a day. 
8oz - 6oz - 6oz - 8oz

they can both hold their own bottles. which is great...but it's hit and miss.
and, they can still be difficult to feed bottles, but it has gotten alot better.  For the most part they do really well.  But, they feed off of each other so if one wants to fight it, the other usually follows.

I usually chant this to myself weekly:
"3 more months of bottles...3 more months of bottles...3 more months of bottles"

feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner
still taking about 3-4 oz of food at those feedings. 
they LOVE crackers and puffs.
they are getting really good at feeding themselves but still eat purees.
they LOVE chicken

we are still taking one capsule of prevacid for their reflux each in the morning with some applesauce.  I am too scared to try and wean them from the meds so 3 more months of prevacid then we'll give it a go.

Oh yeah...we are starting to understand the sippy cup.  FINALLY.  Just looking at this pic makes me proud!

Naps and Nighttime Sleeping:

2 naps per day.  Lengths vary but typically 1.5 hours in the am and 1.5 hours in the afternoon.
They sometimes bless me with the 2 hour nap, but then they curse me with a 45 min nap. 

The "in your bed during nap time-you can sleep, play or cry" policy is still in full effect.
and I love it. They really don't cry much anymore, just play and laugh at each other til it's time to get up.

Nighttime - they are starting to push their bedtime up again.  Bottles are in mouths around 6:45am and in bed by 7pm.  They sleep until 7am-7:15am. 

We are blessed to have good sleepers....rarely do we hear anything from them once they are down for the night. 

both are crawling, going from crawl to sitting position, pulling up and slowly cruising furniture and from toy-to-toy.
both have also used their cars or standup toys with wheels to take a few hesitant steps.
both are saying dadadada...with no meaning, but I am working on mamama to no avail. come on kids, who loves you and wipes your butt daily?!?
Stockton says dada more than Archer and is very proud of himself when he does...very proud!
 They each have two bottom teeth and beginning this week both have top teeth coming in. yay!!

Archer and Stockton LOVE to play.  At times I feel more like a lifeguard as they like to play with each other more than me. But, they are everywhere and into everything so I can't turn my back for a second.  I am so thankful that they have each other as playmates for life!

They love to chase things...balls, trains and an empty formula can are a big in our house.
Trains...they are motorized and the boys can't get enough of them.  Once the whistle blows they stop whatever they are doing to chase down the train then beat it to death with their hands.  

Arch can make it up the step all by himself...going down is another story  :-/
this smile melts my heart every day!! Love my little Stock-man!
They still love their cars, but as they get taller and more mobile I am afraid the cars will not be pratical for much longer.  But, for now, it is nice to have them confined and safe...for the most part, every once in a while. 

 But they can still do some damage in their me!

They love the of the many things they get told "no" for daily...ugh!

kitchen chairs are so fun...kinda crazy how well they already work together...


Stockton - 19 lbs 3 ounces
Archer - 19 lbs 10 ounces

they make me smile every day. 
 they giggle and think each other are so funny, it's hard not to agree.
they love to give open mouth kisses.
and on occasion...they like to just cuddle.
they hold on like little monkeys when you pick them

Arch has found his thumb lately...I think it's the top teeth coming in.

Silly boys and their toys!

Arch makes the most adorable clicking noise with his tongue when he makes this face...sooo cute!

Stockton just being Stockton

Cracking each other up...
and, I will leave you with this last pic. 
my little men in diapers...probably one of my favorite times of the day...diaper time before we put on jammies.

Look at those legs - beefy, chunky, vaccination ready legs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Crazy Babies

Even the babies are going a little crazy being snowed in!!

Hurry up and melt snow!  We have places to go and things to do!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... February 3rd

it's cold in this Oklahoma town...
too cold to get the littles out even just to show them the snow.
but, here is my view from our deck.
beautiful, isn't it?

since we aren't going outside anytime soon...
figured they might as well wear their hats to get in the spirit.


Rebel decided to join the fun...
she LOVES them...
like, I can't keep her away when they are on the ground.
she's a fantastic fur-momma.
they climb and crawl all over here (under my supervision of course)
and she never bats an eye.

Happy Thursday!