Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... January 27th

This is what I see every day when I walk into the boys room:

Two beautiful "big boys" holding the rails of their cribs.
Big Boy Stockton

Big Boy Archer
 We went to Dillards today...the sun was shining and we needed to get out!
They looked so handsome in their track suits.

Lovin' on my sweet Archer

And the Stock-man...he is such a stinker!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My little Stockton has started dadadada-ing again.
Last night it was in his high chair after dinner.
and Archer LOVES to smile at his brother when he is being silly in his high chair!

And for the record, Stockton wasn't upset...just being a BIT dramatic :)

(please excuse the mess of toys in the background...two little tornadoes came through there yesterday)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Embracing the Camera ... January 20th

Embracing the big boy Stock-man who can stand up on his own now...
He loves to stand in his crib!

Arch has his first runny nose this week but has been a champ. 
8 Months and 1 week without being sick...I'll take it!
Notice our cute froggie humidier putting out the moisture!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation: GetFit

Operation: GetFit has officially begun.

Looking back, I wish I would have appreciated my pre-baby(s) body.  It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't too shabby either.  I have a curvy body thanks to my Hispanic roots.  I like the curves...I embrace the curves... It's just time to get those curves back to the right proportions.   I am only a few lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight, but things have shifted.  But I guess I really shouldn't the end of the pregnancy I was a BIG 65ish lbs heavier big girl.  In case you forgot or just started reading this blog...I looked like this:

34 weeks 2 days preggo

34 weeks 5 days

Granted, I had PreE so a bunch of that was fluid.  But still, BIG GIRL!

So, I am thankful to be close to pre-preggo weight and that most of my clothes fit again, just a little different. 

But, I want to get back to marathon shape. No, no, no...I don't want to run another marathon.  One was enough for this girl.  Now, a few half marathons here and there? You betcha!  Running is the one thing I truly miss from my pre-baby life.  

I miss:
  • Hitting the trail at 6am on a Saturday morning
  • Putting life on hold for a few hours to just get out and go
  • Sweat streaming from my kneecaps after a 2 hour, hot, sun shining down on me-run
  • Losing myself to the rythym of my feet hitting the pavement, dirt or gravel
  • The sheer bliss of running 6 miles and it feels like a warm up
  • The view of our property as I make my way up the hills and through the pasture on my self-made trail
  • my garmin
  • running with Rebel - she LOVES our 3 mile runs
  • racing...5k to half marathons are my favorites

I quit running when I found out I was pregnant with twins at 7 weeks.  November 1st was the day.  I continued to walk and strength train until 24 weeks when we started having issues. I have ran since the babies arrived...but it's not the same. 

Well, it's time to get back.  And I might not make it to the trail anytime soon.  Or I might not run my own trail at home...yet.  But that time is coming.  When spring hits I plan on getting a double jogger for the boys and we will head to town as I don't think my gravel driveway and dirt roads will be much fun for them. Until then...I am going to pound away on my new treadmill.  Get my mileage back up and get this body ready for the road.  I am ready to have my running body was strong and fit. It wasn't too skinny and I still had my curves.  I want to be this girl again:

So I am back on the "get fit" journey.  Got my Nike Vomero +5 running shoes (in all black...LOVE them...only running shoe that really fits me...and I have tried a bunch) last week and I started Weight Watchers again (did it a few years ago to lose 20lbs of marital bliss, haha).  I didn't think that I was eating bad, but I have realized that I was not eating enough fruits or veggies and definitely not drinking enough water.  Back on the healthy eating wagon I go...It's hard retraining yourself to eat!  I am trying to work out during the first naptime during the week, alternating running on the tready and strength training with my Nike Women's Trainer App.  And if you have an NEED this app.  It's free and it's awesome.  It hurts so good...just like having a personal trainer in your living room and it syncs to the music or playlist on your ipod.  Pretty fancy...and free!
I have also started 'Phase 1' of my closet clean out.  Hoping to just knock it out by the end of the weekend.  It's time to get rid of the work clothes that aren't going to be worn anytime soon and figure out who this girl is now.  That's a whole other post in itself... something I am currently struggling with a little bit if I am being honest.    But,'s time to officially be out with the old and in with the new me...if I can figure her out that is.  Is it bad to hang up your yoga pants on a hanger??  I mean...really? They are kind of a staple in the 'ol wardrobe now...hmmmmm, decisions, decisions. 

So...if you see me posting my Nike Workouts on Facebook...I am just trying to keep myself accountable.  Trying to motivate this body to get it in gear and get back to it's former strong self.

Thanks for reading...just something I needed to put out there.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... January 13th

Justin got me a fancy remote for my fancy new camera...and it's tons of fun!
The boys better get used to photo shoots 'cause I like them :)

His brother pulled his hair...poor widdle Arch-Arch


Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months and Mobile

It's been a big month for the cuties...and their momma.
They continue to amaze me every day...every stinkin' day. 

A few weeks ago I began to question if they were on target for their milestones. They could sit and were kinda sorta mobile but not really. More rocking than actually going anywhere. Well...never question a baby. The last week or so they have really turned it on and momma learned her lesson!

Where to start?!? The small stuff first:

They take two naps still.  Both are about 1.5 hours long...rarely does the 2 hour nap appear but we love it when it does.  I was a mean momma and had to implement crying it out at naps the week of Christmas.  It took us two weeks but we are back on track with a firm "you stay in your bed for two can nap, play or cry...take your pick" policy.  I need some time to regroup and do the chores around this house little men!

On the four hour schedule still but we changed the bottles a bit. 
7:30a - 8oz
11:30a - 6.5 oz
3:30p - 6.5 oz
7p - 8 oz
They are still hard to feed sometimes and I have had to work hard on not getting hung up on the numbers.  They will eat what they need...and that's fine with me.  No more fighting or crying over undrunk milk.
But, like the nap policy, I have a no feeding in the middle of the night policy too.  So drink and eat up boys... :)

Solids are going well. They eat three meals a day now along with bottles.
8:30a - Breakfast - oatmeal & fruit
12:30p - Lunch - fruit or veggie and crackers
6p - Dinner - protien and veggie
All in all they probably take in 8-10 ounces of solids a day along with their bottles.

Sippy cups...they still haven't quite grasped that. But they just don't like bottles or sucking.  They actually drink water from regular cups pretty easily and prefer that.  But...that doesn't help me when they get older. cups.  Oh well...we'll get it down on day!

Also, Stockton has been shaking his head no alot lately...usually when he is eating.  I don't think he is telling me 'no'...but it's just fun and I can't help but laugh when he does it.  It's so hard to be serious when he is that funny!

Downward Dog anyone??

Have I mentioned that Archer LOVES his car.  I mean, loves it.  He is fast and hilarious flying through the house.  He chases Rebel around which doesn't make her very happy. 

And it kills me when they get the giggles...just melts my heart.  Pardon the crazy momma saying beep, bop, boop...but it doesn't take much to make them cackle, it's infectious.

We love us some diaper time before bed.  

 And,  this is what happens when daddy is in control of the spoon...

Milestones and what's new:

They are almost able to push themselves into a sitting close!

We are crawling and inchworming everywhere.  Last week, Archer took his first few wobbly crawls. Only a few shuffles at a time.  Fast forward to this weekend and look who is full-fledged EVERYWHERE:

Stockton prefers to inchworm.  And he is fast...I wish I could tell him that crawling would take less effort but this little guy has energy to burn.  Burn, baby, burn...then take a long nap, ok?!?
(this one is kinda long...sorry!)

We started pulling up this weekend. Only to our knees, but pulling to standing is right around the corner, I can feel it.   We pull up in our bed, on momma, on toys and on each other!
Stockton is in jail!
Hello Momma!

The Arch-Man wants some of this action...

Who couldn't love that face??

Arch will just use his brother as a step stool...

They love each other...I mean, LOVE each other.  They have really started enjoying each other over the past few weeks.  They giggle and's super cute.  Friends for Life.  To see them interact this young is so interesting. I love to watch them explore their toys together and explore each other. 

Those smiles make me melt...every.time.

My guys...8 months old today
They are a handful...but so worth the effort.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Embracing the Grandparents ... January 6th

Today was a great day to embrace the grandparents!
We had a fun visit today with my lucky the boys get to spend time with them!!

Stockton and his great grandpa

Archer and his great grandma

Just lovin on gpa...

It got a little too quiet and we found this guy...on his knees...first time to do that by himself!!

Arch wanted to play under the table too

Stockton loving on his very pretty Grandma!
Happy Thursday!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Extravaganza!

Babies First Christmas...
I don't think it could have been any way, no how!

It all started on Christmas Eve.
We had an AWESOME visit from the Walters.

Just a little back story...our friend Sara Jantz Parlsey (you will always be Sara Jantz to me!!) connected us when we were pregnant with our little bundles of joy.  And Sara isn't our only friend in's like 7 degrees of Stacy & Alicia instead of Kevin Bacon.  How had we not met before??
Anyways, Sara put us in touch and we facebooked and emailed through the end of our pregnancies as we were both carrying twin boys.  Small world.  Same friends, both preggo with twin boys and due only weeks apart.  Well, Alicia had her cuties two weeks before me and gave me the scoop on what to expect.  We finally talked on the phone 6 weeks or so after giving birth and became fast friends.  She has been my lifeline, my friend and a HUGE supporter during this crazy twin adventure...
<3 her!!

Well...after 8+ months of being internet/phone friends we FINALLY met in person as we live about 3.5 hours apart.

Alicia, her husband Adam and their twin boys Ledger and Holden came to see us in our small town/dirt road on Christmas Eve.  It was so fun I was sad when they left.  Good times showing them our country living, the boys got to play, we snacked on oreo balls and had a great time laughing and playing with the babes. 

I wish we would have gotten a picture of us and both sets of littles.  
I wish they could have stayed longer. 
It was so fun to get two sets of twins together. 

I can't wait to return the favor and go see them soon... hopefully very soon!!

Ok...on to the rest of Christmas :)
We always spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family.  We eat chili, open presents and just spend quality time together.  We were so excited to take the boys to their first Christmas Eve, but just a little nervous since the festivities always start at 7pm and that's normally their bed time....eep! I'm not gonna lie, the scheduler in me had a slight panic attack.

But all was well! They were champs, never fussed and actually made it happily til 9pm. I was so glad, I wanted to make sure that my grandparents and extended family were able to spend time with them since we don't all get together that often.  We had an hour-long drive home and they were awake when we got home but crashed as soon as their little cheeks hit the mattress.

So handsome in their chords and Polos!

Daddy and Archer having a giggle before going to see the fam...

Just chillin' waiting for everyone to arrive

Yummmm....bows taste good!

Arch reading his new soft book...thanks Drew, Ladeana, Dallas and Eli!

Christmas Day was exciting!
Justin and I have always opened presents together Christmas morning so we were excited to have our first family Christmas morning with the Littles.

They love the Christmas paper, bows and lights on the tree.  They had no idea what was going on but were so curious about everything.

They pulled at the paper and bows and were so excited to get their new toys!

Stockton would rather eat his present than open it...

Dump trucks from daddy!!

Get it boys!!

Whatcha got there?

Yay for Christmas!!

We spent the afternoon with Justin's family just relaxing, opening presents and eating a yummy Christmas dinner.  The boys had a blast and were so good even after two crazy days full of short naps and being around lots of people. 
Come here you little reindeer!

So serious...
Checking out all the new toys!
It was a wonderful, magical time for everyone.  The boys were great and had so much fun.  Mom made it through without a breakdown.  We took lots of pictures so we wouldn't forget a moment. We are so blessed to have our sweet little boys. 

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!