Thursday, October 28, 2010

Embrace the Camera ... October 28th

Embracing the chilly weather with our fleece today! It's almost time to turn the heat on!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Embrace the Camera ... October 21st

This morning was a daddy kind of morning.

Justin works until 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday so he doesn't get to really see the boys on those days. Especially since our last bottle is now falling around 7pm.

Basically, he just gets to kiss them hello in the morning and goodnight in the evenings.

Oh how I wish he were home those nights!! It's so much easier to get them to bed with a little help. For some reason that last bottle is a little tricky when you are by yourself.

The flash was a little bright, but you can see how much he loves his little fellas.

Still in their sleep sacks, getting some good lovin' from their dad!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Embrace the Camera - October 14th

Had a busy day in Tulsa yesterday so we didn't get to post our pics...but here are a few from our day out.
Loving some Stockton kisses...

Getting lots of smiles and giggles...

And a little drool to top it all off!

Archer spending some quality time with his Great Grandma!

Loving on the Grandma's
Smile for the camera! Or...just suck on your hands :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 Month Recap

The boys turned 5 months old this weekend! I am praying that their fifth month goes better than their fourth. This last month has been tough but I *think* we have things figured least for now. Both Archer and Stockton are on medicine for reflux. Stockton is on Axid, an H-2 blocker, twice daily to help decrease the amount of acid his stomach produces. Archer is on Prevacid twice daily, a proton pump inhibitor, which also decreases the amount of acid in the stomach by stopping the acid pumps. He finally seems back to his old self again which is such a relief! He is still on the soy formula and seems to really like it so we are going to try Stockton on it so we can just have one formula for once.

In the mornings I have to give them their medicine 30 minutes before feeding...ummmm, try telling a hungry baby (x's 2) every morning they have to wait for their bottle...not so much fun. So, I wake them around 7am, give medicine orally through a syringe and put them in the same crib for some "twin time". Usually they are sleepy/happy enough that I can take a few minutes to make their bottles after that we sing songs, watch the mobile, play...pretty much anything to pass the time without having a meltdown. The first 20 minutes aren't usually too bad but the last 1o minutes can be a bit challenging. Below is an early morning snap shot of our twin time!

"Please feed us mommy! It's been 12 hours since our last b0ttle!!"

Every week it seems like they do something new. Stockton has found his feet and LOVES to grab them. He grabs them in the crib, playgym, while I change his diaper...he just loves his little feet. And I love that he loves them. It is too cute! Archer is starting to find them, but right now really enjoys just sticking his legs straight up in the air. He even bats at toys under the gym with his legs...silly baby!

I love my feet!
And they have definitely found their thumbs. I love that they use their hands/thumbs to soothe. I will take that over a pacifier any day. (you might want to remind me I said that when my boys are still sucking their thumbs in middle school)

Yummmmm, thumbs taste good!

So...a few weeks ago I decided that the boys were ready for their first road trip. And I decided that I was the one who was gonna take them on it. This past weekend my friend Tahlina was getting married in Branson and it seemed like a good opportunity to see how the boys would do, plus be able to be there for my friend. Justin had a conference he had to attend, so my friend Sarah and I decided we could handle it. I learned first hand how much stuff was needed for just a 3 day trip...alot. 2 PackNPlays, stoller, formula, bottles, diapers, 2 Baby Bjourns ect, ect, ect, ect.

The boys did ok for the most part, actually, it was probably mom who was having the hardest time. At home we are used to our eat/play/sleep schedule and that's not really what happened this weekend. Also, most babies sleep in the car...apparently mine don't. We were lucky if they catnapped a little on the way there and back. Then they would alternate moods, one happy and one sad, then they would both let us know how NOT HAPPY they were to be in the car.

Stockton is content...for now

Archer is not...

Going to see the beautiful bride

While it didn't go as smoothly as I had planned, we made it. We all lived. We are back at home in our bubble and we love it. We love to consistency of our day, we love naps in our beds, and we love not being in the car anymore! :)

We have introduced a new toy over the past few weeks. The Baby Einstein bouncy-exersaucer-thing. The boys love it. They have started to bounce and are learning to swivel the chair to reach the other stations.

We also changed our schedule...again. I say I am big on being on a schedule, but it seems like it changes all the time so is it really a schedule?? Anyways, I think this one is the keeper. This is how our day typically goes now:

7am - Wake, give meds and stall until 7:30am

7:30am to 9am - Feed then play

9am to 11:15/11:30am - Nap

11:30am to 1pm - Feed then play
1pm to 3:15/3:30 - Nap

3:30pm to 5pm - Feed then play

5pm to 6/6:30pm - Nap - This one is tricky and we haven't mastered it yet. Ideally would like them to sleep until 6:30pm but one usually wakes unhappily around 6pm right now...

6:30pm - Meds, play then bath time

7:00pm/7:15pm - Bedtime bottle and usually in bed between 7:45pm and 8pm

We like it...alot. They are actually awake more now than they ever have been but I love playing and interacting with them. They are very busy boys that like to play, I can only imagine what it will be like when they start to crawl...omg...not ready for that ! Ready for them to sit, but not crawl.

Current weights:

Archer - 14 lbs 12 ounces Stockton - 14 lbs 2 ounces

They might not be very big for 5 months, but they continue to grow at their own pace. They might be wee widdle fellas, but they are my wee widdle fellas!! Just love them!

What's New:

He is trying soooo hard to roll from back to belly. He can get on his side but hasn't quite figured if he pushes his little hips over another inch he can do it on his own.
We think he's starting to fun fun.

He has found his voice. He likes to screech, especially when playing in his car. Sometimes he sings more like his brother, but for the most part he likes to give a high pitched screech.

He's finally eating again!! The soy formula seems to be working for him. And, he is almost back to sleeping through the night again.

Archer & Stockton

They have both started solids. They are eating rice cereal, applesauce and bananas from a spoon once daily right now. They are doing really well with the spoon, I hope the new foods start 'beefing' them up a bit!

They love to smile and laugh. Especially at their daddy. For some reason he can get more laughs out of them than I can. It doesn't seem fair does it? I am just chalking it up to his face looks funnier than mine does ;) haha!

They love to stand up so big. Even trying to burp, they want to stand.

They are starting to discover each other. They stare at each other alot more than they used to. Archer even laughed at Stockton the other day when he was having a meltdown. Brotherly love!

Boomer Sooner!!!

That's about it for now...let's hope this month goes a little smoother than last!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Embrace the Camera ... October 7th

We can't help it that we are sooo cute!

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun

After our "good morning" bottle Saturday the boys and I decided to spend our play time on the porch. It was a little chilly, but perfect to put on our camo fleece outfits for the first time.
Dad was out at the ponds shooting the dove, we could hear the gun shots as the boys played in their cars.

Archer's getting close to nap time

Archer is loving his car these days.

Stockton has found his thumb...and he loves it so much!

This was a great beginning to a pretty good day. We are still struggling with Archer and his reflux/non-eating/crying during or after eating/not sleeping through the night issues. It seems like we will have about a 5 day stretch of good days giving us hope that we are getting over the hump on whatever the problem is then another set back. His medication was changed to Prevacid and we have had to increase the dosage once so far. Last Monday he simply refused to take his bottle most of the day. He is on a hypoallergenic formula from Similac called Alimentum due to his allergy to cows milk protien. It stinks. I wouldn't want to eat it so I don't blame him for finally refusing it. Justin brought home a soy formula and he actually started drinking it pretty well. We were hoping it was a formula issue and that soy could help us...well, now we are not so sure that's the problem but at least he is drinking something.

He continues to gain weight and somehow continues to be heavier than his brother?!? Stockton is still taking the Axid for reflux and seems to be doing really well. Seeing how he is taking 8 ounce bottles without an issue I would think he would be gaining faster than his brother. It's so strange, but he has always been 7-8 ounces smaller than his brother and that is still the case today.

It is more than frustrating to not know what is wrong with your baby and especially frustrating trying to fix the unknown. I pray that we figure something out soon. I just want my happy little guy to be able to eat again soon. I have a feeling that a trip back to the doctor is in our very near future.