Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today, I am thankful...

Today, I am thankful.

I am thankful for two beautiful baby boys.
I am thankful for my loving, funny, cute as a button husband Justin
I am thankful for our dogs (even though they stare at me all day because they are attention starved...)
Together, we make our house our home.

I have never been as thankful, or realized how blessed we are, until recently.

Last week, our friends lost their 9 day old baby after a strong fight with a condition the doctors don't know much about.
I have watched a mother full of hope and strength say goodbye to her son only 22 months after losing her 3 day old daughter to the same condition.
It is not my story to tell, but I along with so many others have been inspired and awe struck by the strength of these parents. Their faith has not wavered and they aren't placing the blame on anyone or anything. They are strong...I only wish that I could be so strong.
They inspire me to have faith and to pray without ceasing even if the outcome is not what I had hoped for.
They inspire me to stay strong and persevere.

So, today as I look at my family I praise God that he has blessed us with our babies.
I am thankful He has blessed us with our friends and families.
I am thankful He gives us hope for tomorrow when today doesn't quite work out.

I. Am. Thankful.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Once again, my boys are changing the rules of the game on me.

We have swaddled them since the day they were born. They loved their swaddles, the swaddles were part of our everyday routine. "Were" is the operative word.

One week ago today the boys said bye-bye to their swaddles. They had an overnight with Justin's parents and when I called Saturday morning to check on the boys his mom said they faught their swaddles, cried and carried on when they put them to bed. At first I couldn't believe it. They never acted like that when we swaddled them. They were swaddled for every nap and at night...something didn't sound right. She said they slept great without them...straight through the night...swaddle free?!?

Well, Justin and I experience the "swaddle disaster" that Saturday night. We did our normal bed time routine.

Feed-burp-cuddle-change diapers-swaddle-lay down for bed-say good night and walk away.

Usually, we never hear another peep. Not a squeek, squawk or cry. They look around, yawn and are down for the count.

Saturday night we heard the screams. Archer was screaming, Stockton was thrashing.
Archer was red faced, screaming bloody murder, sweaty baby upset.
Stockton wasn't as bad but wasn't happy.
Justin pulled the tabs on Archers swaddle and like magic, the screaming stopped.

We had never been faced with this dilema...what do we do? I had tried to test them during naps the week before by leaving an arm out...but that wasn't going to cut it tonight.

So...we tried the Sleep Sack.

Sweet, wonderful, soft, heavenly Sleep Sack.

The boys love their Sleep Sacks...who knew?
Archer loves to sleep on his side...something we never knew because he was swaddled

Stockton still travels the crib...and loves to sleep with his arms in air...waving like they just don't care!

After three successful night/all naptimes in their sleep sacks, I walked into their room Tuesday morning to find this...

My sweet little Archer apparently decided sleeping on his side wasn't good was time to try the belly!

I am not ready for my babies to roll from back to belly unattended...totally not ready. I blame it on the mattress. He must have hit a bouncy spot and bounced on over to his belly...right?? My guys have always slept on their back, they have snoozed occasionally on their bellies but have never had a problem being on their backs.

They are growing up way too fast. Period.

Here are a few pics from last week just 'cause they are cute!

Friday, August 13, 2010

3 Months Young

Over 3 months ago we brought two precious babies into this world. They were 5 weeks early, but we did it. From the day they were born they each had their own personality, their own special glimmer in their eyes.
Raising twins the last 3 months has been an experience - a life changing experience! There are the good days, the tough days and the absolute toughest days. It's funny, once the toughest days are behind me, it's only the good days I remember.

I went from being a girl who was content with her marriage, corporate job and her dogs to a stay at home mommy that is still content with her marriage, job (babies now!) and her dogs. My job was making loans and wearing dresses and high heels every it's feeding babies, wiping butts, comforting, snuggling, kissing, smiling, laughing, crying...basically loving and nurturing my family all day every day. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and take care of my little fellas.

They complete me.
In. Every. Way.
(even when they are screaming haha!)

Here is a short trip down Memory Lane....

Stockton in the NICU...sad little IV in his head :(

Archer in the NICU

Our first family photo, they look so tiny!!

After Archer's first bath.
He still looks like that when he screams!

Our living arrangments in Special Care at St John
Stockton on the left, Archer on the right

Needing a nap after passing their hearing tests

Stockton snoozing during his car seat tolerance test

Car seat tolerance more step closer to coming home!

5 weeks old...

Just chillin' in the bounce chairs

I couldn't resist a picture of their cute butts!

Archer after a BIG diaper blowout...he had to be washed along with his swing.
This was right before we found out about his allergy to cows milk protein and he was put on Alimentum...there have been many blowouts since this one!

11 Weeks old

Sometimes we just need to cuddle together...

3 Months old - Stockton loves the mobile on his swing

3 Months Old - Archer would rather just smile at you!

I love my guys!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning to Listen....

The babies aren't the only ones learning new things lately...Mom sure is too! Over the past two weeks I have learned to actually listen to my babies. If you listen very carefully they tell you what you need to know. I have been borderline obsessed - ok, very obsessed - with getting them to the point where they could sleep through the night. A lot of my friends have babies and they were able to sleep through the night around 8 weeks, why weren't mine? I was jealous and perplexed. On my first big post last week I mentioned that they had a "witching hour", turns out it wasn't a witching hour but a "feed me, change me and put me to bed. I am TIRED!" hour. After a few friends suggested going ahead and feeding and putting to bed Justin and I gave it a try. At least we wouldn't have to listen to the cries after 9pm, what could it hurt? It didn't hurt anything, it helped! I would have thought that feeding early and putting to bed early would mean instead of sleeping until 3-4am we would be getting back up around 2am. I was so wrong. We actually started getting longer stretches of sleep immediately.

I also had noticed that Stockton was "traveling" the crib at night, and he always aimed for Archer's head! It never failed, he almost always schooched to back of the crib, then made a 90 degree left turn and headed straight for Archer. Sometimes he got close, most nights he actually ran into him. I tried moving them further apart, putting a crib divider in between them but it just wasn't working. I had planned to sleep them together as long as I could...apparently this was it!

I have to admit, I can't make it through the night without my video monitor. I like being able to hit the button and see where everyone is at (especially Stockton) during the night. The big dilemma last week was only having one camera and their cribs are on separate walls. I ordered a new camera and luckily it came Thursday. I was so nervous separating them...they have been together since we had brought them home but we had to try something new. I spent the first night peeking at the boys. There were a few cries that prompted giving them a paci and some pats to calm them down and the occasional swaddle adjustment but they made it the whole night in their own beds and I even had to wake them at 7am to start their day! I didn't get much sleep but it was awesome to know that they could make it 9.5 hours without being picked up or fed. It seemed like we were finally rounding that corner. Now, if only I could get some sleep too!!

Friday I packed them up and took them to my mom's house...she was going to tackle taking care of the twins for the night. I was on my way to OKC for a much much needed girls night and hopefully a solid nights sleep without worrying about babies. It was hard to leave them, I thought about them all night. My friend Sarah and I headed to OKC to stay with my other friend Lindsey. We were going to get some delicious sushi in Bricktown then head over to the Adam Lambert concert. Yes, I love Adam Lambert. Love the music, hair, all of it. Guilty pleasure for sure! The food was good, concert was fabulous and the people watching was phenomenal. A sleeping pill gave me a little help that night, not that I really needed it :)

Lindsey, me and Sarah before the show

Loving some Adam Lambert...eyeliner and all :)

I talked to my mom the next morning and she said they did cries and slept from 9:45pm until 8:15am. Who are these babies?? Where did they come from? I couldn't believe that they slept so well - thankful for sure - but it was their second night away from each other and they slept in Pack N Play's. My mom said she walked in to check on them and Stockton was awake and just smiled at her. "Good Morning!!" They slept through the night Saturday night as well...a few swaddle adjustments were needed but they never had to be picked up or soothed. Last night they never made a peep. In bed at 9:30 and awake just before 7am. Let's hope this trend continues!

Play gym fun at Grandma's house! big lesson last week was that when your babies talk...LISTEN! They wanted to go to bed earlier and they needed their space. What Baby wants...Baby gets!