Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project Nursery Completed...almost

Finally we have the nursery 99% done! The only thing lacking are the blinds for the windows which just arrived yesterday. We are so happy to have the boys room completed! After weeks of construction and getting things put away, it is finally ready. We are counting down the weeks until our little men are here.

Here are some pictures of the their room...

We don't have anything on the walls yet...but it won't be long! Everything is finally coming together, it makes it so real!

The boys are continuing to grow and are doing great. We have had weekly BioPhysical Profile ultrasounds for the 6 weeks and they have passed every time. The BioPhysical Profile measures their amniotic fluid, movements, heart rates and watching them practice breathing. Next week along with the BPP they will do a growth scan to give us an idea how much they weigh. I am anxious to find out their weights...because, trust me, I know they are growing. Every week their kicks and punches get stronger and more frequent, not to mention my belly seems to grow every day. They are packed in their tightly but somehow Baby B (Stockton) has flipped breech two weeks ago and seems to be pretty comfortable there. I am not sure I can say the same LOL! But as long as they stay put and are healthy I am happy. The more they grow, the more it is affecting my body. My feet are starting to swell on a daily basis - Fred Flintstone's got nothing on me! But, it's manageable and as long as I don't over do it it's not too bad. The swelling is also affecting my hands - carpal tunnel. Seriously?? Carpal Tunnel?? Just another one of those strange pregnancy things I guess. The bad part is that it makes my sleepless nights a little more sleepless than normal. I have gone from sleeping for almost two hours at a time before waking up to 45 mins to an hour before my hands or hips go numb and the pain wakes me up. I guess when it comes to the sleepless nights when the boys get here I will be good to go!

Speaking of the boys getting here...we scheduled the C-Section today for May 24th!! The doctor feels like the boys are going to go the distance and could make it to 37 weeks. Our short term goal is still 34 weeks but she seems confident that they could make it to 37. It's crazy to have a tentative birthday set for the boys, let's hope to keep them healthy and cooking for another 4.5 weeks!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Under Construction...New Milestones

Under Construction

It's been a few weeks since I have updated the excuse for it, it's not like I haven't had the time! Even though I have been at home there has been alot of activity recently. Two weeks ago we officially started construction on the nursery. We love our little farmhouse, it was Justin's grandfathers and we feel so privileged to live here! That being said, we needed to figure out where the nursery was going to go since the other bedroom is on the far end of the home. We decided to turn our dining room into a nursery...let the construction begin!! Below are some before pics after we stripped the walls and took out the existing furniture:

Furniture out and walls stripped

Bench is out, wall is going up and closet door being moved

Wall is up!
Closet door now in the room

We had to take out the long bench on the back wall, revamp the closet and put up a wall to separate it from the front living room. The walls were textured and painted, furniture was custom made for the back wall and closet and new windows, trim and french doors have been added.
The cribs are here, assembled and will be put in this week. Bedding is ready to go...and we are starting to put away all of the awesome gifts we have received at the showers so far. Once the cribs are put in I will post pics of the finished product, but for now the pics above are just a teaser!

New Milestones

We hit the 30 week mark today!! Six weeks ago this seemed so far away and after receiving the news that I was off work until after the boys arrived I wasn't sure how fast the time would/would not go by being at home every day. I have been so blessed with our family and friends that have called, texted and visited while I have been home. The days actually go by pretty fast (I guess that can happen when you don't roll out of bed at the crack of dawn to get ready for work). Weekly doctors appointments in the middle of the week help break up the week and it's nice to get out into the world.

At our last appointment they did the monthly growth ultrasound and we were pleased to learn that our boys are "gigantic" as my doctor put it! They aren't gigantic by any means, but we are so happy that they continue to put on weight.

Baby Archer weighed 3 lbs 8 oz and Baby Stockton weighed 3 lbs 4 oz at 29 weeks 4 days. Almost 7 lbs of baby in this! I am so thankful for the continued growth and development of the boys, God truly answers prayers and we are so thankful for our doctors and their staff. They have been so kind, knowledgeable and consistent throughout this pregnancy.

I can definitely tell that the boys are growing. The kicks are getting stronger and more frequent - I think they like to "tag team" me so I am getting kicks/punches from all sides and angles at the same time. Sometimes it takes my breath away...but they always make me smile. As of Friday, both were head down with Baby Stockton slightly transverse and squishing Baby Archer. It's a full house in there! It makes it hard to breath and getting off the couch is proving to be more challenging than a week ago. And if I drop something...I have to get on one knee to pick it up with much huffing and puffing to go along with the effort. Sleeping at night isn't going too well - after about an hour the hip I am sleeping on starts to ache so I have to roll to the other hip. Don't kid yourself though, it's not really a roll but more of a 3 point roll, having to pause and push/pull with my hands to keep moving. I try to go slow so I don't wake Justin ...poor guy! But he has learned to sleep through it somehow. Oh yeah...with every roll I have to get up and pee...always a baby on the bladder. It makes for a long night that's for sure! I haven't been able to sleep during the day so I guess when the boys get here I will be more prepared for sleepless nights and days. Which by the way, could be here sooner than later! We have a goal of 34 weeks...and the doctor chuckled when I asked if we could make it to 37. So...if they come around 34 weeks we are just a month away from meeting the boys. I can't wait! Obviously we want them to "cook" as long as they can, but we are trying to be prepared as early as the first of May.

On Friday we went to Fort Smith to see my Uncle Steve and do the 4d ultrasound. It was AMAZING!! Justin and I were in complete awe in what we saw...the little miracles in my belly now have faces! After an hour and a half the boys were done and turned their backs to us as if they were saying "leave us alone!!". Here are a few good ones, I will post more later!
Baby Archer

Baby Stockton