Friday, March 19, 2010

Furry Pals and Words With Friends

Just finishing up Week 4 of being home and "resting". I am actually very thankful for this time to be at home right now (most days!). Being away from the pressures of work has been such a good thing for me and my little guys. The first few weeks I would stay up when Justin would leave for work around 6:45am and watch the news, each my Cheerios, watch Regis and Kelly (I love them!) then get up and around for a day of sitting on the couch with my furry pals Jimmy, Ratty, Stormy and Rebel. Honestly, having them as company has made staying home much more enjoyable. There is always someone to cuddle with and of course talk to. This week I have been pretty tired and the little dogs have been more than happy to stay in bed until 8:30am or so.

Jimmy and Ratty

Stormy and Rebel

Ratty and Stormy (they want my PB & J Sandwich!)

The other thing I can't live without right now is Words With Friends. Whoever came up with this wonderful game should be commended. It's a Scrabble app for my iPhone and I am addicted. I love hearing the sound of my phone ding when it's my turn to play someone. As silly as that sounds it helps keep me connected with the outside world. And, you can multi-task and play at the same time...I am playing while I type this blog! :) If you want to play username is eatingfor3 - original, right?

The doctors appointment went really well this week. Probably the best we have had in weeks. Blood pressure was good, my platelets actually bounced up a few points, weight was solid and the babies looked great. We started weekly Bio Physical Profile ultrasounds this week - it measures their fluid levels, body movements, muscle tone and breathing movements. I love ultrasounds and being able to see the little guys weekly now. The boys like to move around alot and this week they basically on top of each other in the shape of an X - one on top, one on the bottom. I have no idea how they fit that way, but they do. With the way that they were positioned it was hard to get a good picture of them, but here they are below!

Baby Archer

Baby Stockton

It's hard to see Stockton's face, but if you squint really hard you can see him. I tried to play with the brightness/contrast of the picture to make it easier -I probably should have paid more attention to Photoshop classes in college! One thing the ultrasound tech told showed us is that the babies have hair! Not alot yet, but a few little wispy hairs, so cute!

Also, I am so thankful for my chauffeur's! Between my mother in law Sharon and my mom, they have been awesome shuffling me to doctors appointments every week. I am sure I could drive, but I do much better not going to appointments alone. Plus, it is so much fun to share the experience equally with the Grandma's!!

In two weeks we are headed to Fort Smith to get 4d pics of the boys. I am so excited to see my Uncle Steve and his new dog Ozzie! Justin and I are so thankful that he has been there to answer our questions and encourage us through this pregnancy.

Our first baby shower is tomorrow, and I am so excited. I am sure my pregnancy hormones will take over and that I will shed lots of tears, but it will be fun!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another week down...

This completes the second week of house arrest...and honestly it was not as bad as I thought. Luckily I am allowed to get up and around and out of the house every now and again. We are starting to work on the nursery and our sweet contractor "Pops" was out twice this week to take measurements and get ready to get started on construction. It was nice to have the company. My mother in law Sharon took me to get my nails filled and a pedicure...thank goodness, it was looking a little rough! My friend Shelly came out to visit with her little boy Cam, it was great to have some girl talk and catch up! The dogs have also been wonderful company. Jimmy and Ratty are like little body attachments and are loving every second I am at home. I couldn't do this every day without them! Below is the most recent belly just keeps on growing!

25.5 Weeks

I also had my first driving experience since getting home from the hospital. Now that we have weekly doctors appointments I also have to bloodwork weekly before each appointment. We have the same lab in Muskogee that my doctor uses so they said I could do my labs here. That's a good thing as it cuts back on the Tulsa trips to just once a week. They also let me know that I had to do a 24 hour urine analysis, sounds like fun right? Basically I have to pee in a "potty hat" and collect all of my urine for 24 hours and keep it in a big orange jug. The kicker is that you are supposed to keep it refridgerated the whole time...ummmmm, pretty sure I am don't want a jug 'o pee in my fridge with my tasty treats!! So, it got it's own little ice chest in the bathroom. The things we do for our children! Anyways, I set out on Thursday afternoon to drop off my jug and have my blood taken. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was happy to be out, even if it was just for an hour or so. I put the address to the lab in my GPS and it took me directly to the hospital, makes sense to me for the lab to be in the hospital right? Wrong! Here I am in my maternity lounge pants and house shoes (yes, I wore my house shoes in public, and I don't care!) lugging my jug 'o pee through the hospital only to find out that the lab was actually located down the street. My jug and I went back to my car and headed down the street only to get to the front door and see that sign that they had moved...seriously? My jug and I trucked it down the street and finally found the lab. It was worth the trip though, the girl who did my bloodwork was fantastic, I didnt' feel a thing!

Yesterday we had a growth ultrasound and a doctors appointment. The ultrasound went really well, the boys are still growing. Baby A weighed 1 lb 12 oz and Baby B weighed 1 lb 11 oz. Everything looked good and they were moving all over the place during the ultrasound. Here are some pics!!

We do have names for our little guys...

Baby A is Archer Warren
Baby B is Stockton Tanner

The doctors appointment went ok... my platelets dropped again but the doctor didn't seem too concerned and it seemed I was retaining some fluid again. We are going to continue to keep a close eye on blood pressure and weight, I am going to start charting that every day for her so she can keep it in her file. Other than that, things are looking pretty good! I just have to keep being patient (which is really hard for me) and keep resting so the boys have the best environment to grow.