Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Month Mighty Men

Last Friday the boys turned 7 months old.
I am a week late writing this, oops! 

I have laughed more over the last month than I have in a long time.
They just tickle me every day. The smiles, giggles, kisses and of course buckets of drool.
I know I am biased...but dang, they are cute!

Stockton is an animal! He lunges and is totally on the verge of crawling...eep!

Archer preferred to "do the swim" earlier in the month

'Ol Blue Eyes

Always animated...beware monk-monk, Archer is gonna eat you!
Our 7 Month Stats:
Archer - 17 lbs 3 ounces    27 inches long
Stockton - 16 lbs 15 ounces    27 inches long

We are still on a 4 hour feeding schedule.  It looks like this:
7am - wake, meds
7:30 am - 8 oz bottle
8:30 am - oatmeal and fruits
11:30 am - 8 oz bottle
3:30 am - 8 oz bottle
6pm - veggies/dinner
7pm - 8 oz bottle

I need to add a solids feeding for lunch...but I am just not ready yet. I feel like they eat all the time!

I still make their veggies, their fruits are mainly Gerber.  The only food they haven't loved are green beans....everything else, especially peas and squash, they gobble up.
They take their bottles in the nap nannies...they sometimes hold their own bottles but it's rare and short lived.

They are really hard to feed...I write this more for me and their baby books...but it's a constant battle of the wills when it comes to taking a bottle.  They try to roll out of their chairs, refuse, eat, blah blah blah.  It's not a reflux thing, it's a total battle of the wills.  We already have to tell them "no"... fun fun  :)

Naps...oh sweet, precious naps.  They used to be dependable, like clockwork.  But lately they are short...too short!  They usually go down for their first nap around 9:30am. Typically someone is up by or before 11am.   The second nap is around 1:15ish and has only been lasting 45 mins to an hour.  So they are back up around 2p and have decided to pretty much drop the last catnap so they are up from 2p to 7p. So they only average 2.5 to 3 hours of naps per day.   I am just thankful they are happy when they are awake, but my productivity has reached an all time low lately...not helpful since its Christmas!! But the good thing is that they rarely fuss when awake, they just want to play, play, play. 

Arch has his two bottom teeth...I feel bad he didn't get his own post like his bro.  Oops!
 What's New
We have started puffs and mum mums...they love them!  They pick up the puffs with their fists...haven't quite been able to use their fingers to pinch and pick up yet.

Started working on sippee cups too.  They grab the handles and chew the spout.  It's way more fun to bang them on their high chair trays than actually drink out of them.  It's definitely a work in progress :)

Stockton is my little animal.  Always on his hands and knees lunging around.  Even in bed.  I have lowered the crib once already, but I think it's time to do it again! 
I see you!
They still love their cars.  And are getting very efficient manuevering around the front part of the house. And, they are really fast...they back up, turn around and go with a purpose.  Archer made it into the kitchen this morning and pulled open his first drawer.  Time to start really baby proofing!

Archer still loves his car

Stockton has a new smile...I call it his scrunchy face.  And he has turned into a little mimic.  If I scrunch my face up he will too and he caught on to "no no no" and shakes his head no. 

They love to bounce...bounce, bounce, bounce!

They each have two teeth and are working on more.  We have decided teething stinks.  Poor Stockton's cheeks and chin are chapped from all the drool! And I tend to blame everything on the teeth...the short naps, lack of naps and fussing to teeth.  I know deep down that's not really it but it makes me feel better. 

They sit unassisted for extended periods of time now.  And when they fall it's more controlled and they don't plunge head first to the floor any more. 

They are so close to crawling.  I see them starting to inch one leg forward instead of hopping and rocking all the time.  Stockton has started lifing one hand, all he really needs to do is coordinate the effort and he'll surely take off.   Arch is rocking a bunch and bringing a knee up.    They both roll, scoot and pull themselves where they want to go. 

I guess that's about has been a big month!

Let's pray that they decide they love naps again...k, thanks!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Embracing Santa's Little Helpers ... December 9

I was THAT mom yesterday...
My little monsters were transformed into little Santa's Helpers, hats and all!
and boy, were they c.u.t.e.

I am sure they will love these when they are 16!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sitting Pretty

We are starting to do some big boy stuff lately...

Sitting - briefly - being one of them!

We  are still working on balance, but these little guys can finally sit!
They stay upright longer if they have a toy to hold on to.
But, they are getting stronger every day!



And Stockton is still rocking away...but I think every day we are closer to REALLY being mobile...eep!! 

Stockton rocking and blowing raspberries

Rebel just fascinates them...

Ummmm, yeah...let's NOT suck on the dogs foot, thanks!
They are growing up so fast!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera ... December 2nd

It's a Daddy Embrace Day!

These guys have an awesome dad.
He loves them so much.
He LOVES spending time with them. 
He can make them giggle with just a glance and saying "poop poop a doop"
(We're not sure why it make them laugh, but boy does it get them going!)

He spends every evening after work helping me feed, bathe, play and put to bed.
I'm telling you folks...he's a keeper!

Not only is he a great dad...he's an awesome husband.
He's my best friend, he knows my faults and loves me anyways.
He works hard so I can stay home and raise our boys and he wouldn't have it any other way.
His first thought on a night without the babies is to take me on a date. Just the two of us.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Great DNA Debate

Just over a year ago we found out we were pregnant...October 4th to be exact.  On November 1st (7 weeks preggo) we got a sneak peak of what we thought was our baby..singular. As in ONE baby.  Un Bebe. This is what we saw:

Not just one, but two little blobs with two little flickers for heart beats.  We were shocked yet surprisingly thrilled to have TWO little babies in my belly.  We had actually had the conversation of "what if there are two babies in there" on the way to the ultrasound.  Just a "what if even though it's not gonna happen" conversation. 

Looking at the ultrasound we immediately wondered...are they identical? They were both in one black circle and we weren't sure if we could see a dividing membrane.  Are they fraternal?   The most important question for me week to week was "will they stick?" "Will both babies be there the following Friday at our 1

st official ultrasound with my Dr?"  I like to google...bad idea, as all the horror stories of twin pregnancies showed up and the possibilities of a vanishing twin which is so very common.  Well, as you know by now, they stuck.

Dr. Heffron, my OB-GYN who we LOVE, confirmed the twin pregnancy via ultrasound and told us that they were indeed identical.  This was a Mono/Di twin pregnancy.  Monochorionic (one placenta)/Diamniotic (separate fluid sacs).  The fertilized egg split sometime between day 4-8 after conception. As you can see in the ultrasound below one week later...they still look like they are in the same sac.

But a month later, you can barely see the whispery membrane that separated the babies.

Here is a pic of the top of their of the last few they could get of the babies together since they were starting to get so big and the membrane was still difficult to see.

Not trying to bore you with the small stuff.  But we have been trying to piece this puzzle together since we found out there were two.  Mono/Di twins are the second highest risk twin pregnancy...fraternals being the safest.  Since they shared a placenta there was a higher chance for TTTS - Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  Luckily they had their own fluid sacs so we didn't have to worry about them getting tangled in each others cords. The boys grew and grew and we were lucky that my body took the brunt of the pregnancy while they thrived.

Ever since they were born the big question has still been "identical or not?" They look the same, but they look different?!?  Physically you can tell them apart some days, others is super hard.  They have some differences...Archer has a big strawberry between his eyes, Stocktons is small.  Archer has a double cowlick on the back of his head...Stockton, well I don't know because his hair isn't growing as fast or as fuzzy. Archers head is taller/wider on top, Stockton has fuller cheeks.  But, put a hat on these kids and they look just alike.  

They both had pyloric stenosis and surgery within days of each other.  They both have silent reflux.  They both got their two bottom teeth within days of each other.  Archer was 7 ounces bigger than Stockton at birth and he is still 6-7 ounces heavier.   

Now, what completely amazes me is that they have been in the same physical environment since birth, only spending a few nights apart between pylo surgeries and their personalities are as different as night and day.  From day 1 Arch has been more demanding and quick to anger but definitely a lover.  Stockton has been more of a cuddler and not really a complainer.  

Two weeks ago I found out they had the same blood type and yesterday my OB confirmed it.  They tested the placenta at birth to make sure it was one and not two fused together...

dun dun dun...

They are in fact Mono/Di Identical twin boys.  The science proves it people. 

I always knew that was the answer but with small physical differences I just NEEDED to know for sure.  Especially when the enevitable "no they're not...I can tell them apart" by a complete stranger always seems to come up. 

I plan on doing more research as some of what I have read states that even though they are identical that there can be physical differences. 

But at least we know the answer to the million dollar question that has plagued us since their birth...

So alike...yet so very different.  Just the way I like it!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The First Thanksgiving

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with the boys yesterday!

We spent the day in Tulsa with my family eating lots of good food and showing off the boys.  Justin's family spent the holiday in Georgia this year so we didn't get to see them...we were pretty sad that they missed the boys first Turkey Day but there will be many more to celebrate.

The boys did pretty well with some new faces and lots of noise.   We had a few "stranger danger" meltdowns from Mr. Archer.  It was only with the men which was strange, but he finally got over it.  They even went down for a nap (it was only 45 minutes...don't get too excited) while we ate.  Archer decided not to eat much yesterday and pretty much fight every bottle.  It's so frustrating, but I guess he will just eat when he is hungry...but not at night anymore. Momma isn't playing that game :) 

After a full day of Thanksgiving fun..

We  are getting VERY sleepy

Still getting smiles! Love it!

Archer needed some cuddling

Mr Stockton showing off for everyone!

My mom and dad with the babies...You can see J and I were trying to get them to smile :)

Time for our bottle!
 Overall it was a really great day!  Justin fried a yummy.  I made mashed potatoes...they were ok, I think I put too much butter on top and they were kind of runny (they were perfect the night before, dang!).  The rest of the food was delicious...I love ham...and we came home with full bellies.  Justin and I topped off our Thanksgiving day feasting with some mac and cheese and apple pie for a late dinner. 

We are so thankful for our two little turkeys and all of our family for being so supportive.
We are so blessed!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera ... November 18th

We have been trying to use the Bumbos more lately.  These guys can sit, kinda, but they just don't want to.  So...we are trying out some Bumbo time each day. 

Stockton doesn't mind it...Arch on the other hand, well, he kinda hates it...unless he is being totally entertained.

You are about to witness Archers great Bumbo meltdown caught on film:

Really, Mom?!?

Dang Bumbo!!

I'm about to lose it!

Yep, I lost it...dang Bumbo!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We have teeth!!

This post is all about Baby Stockton.

He is so funny...he is so my little love bug!

He has been working on teeth for what seems like forever.
The drool, the slimy poops, the nap strikes and the occasional bad attitude....I kid, I kid.

But over the past few days he FINALLY got teeth.
That's right, not just one toofer, but two!
You can barely see them in the pic below, but trust me...they are there!
And they are sharp little suckers!

We are so happy for teeth!!
And because it's all about Stockton today...check out his hops...the little guy is getting ready to take off. I still wish he would just sit first...but whatev. He is so determined to of these days!!`


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Half Way to One

6 Months....
I don't know why every time we hit a month milestone I am amazed that it's already there. I should be used to it all by now, every few weeks we start a new month. But the days go by fast and all I can say is woah. Woah...six months ago I was HUGE with these little human beings in my belly. Six months ago I was getting not one, but two spinal taps. Six months ago, during my c-section, I had two nurses and an anesthesiologist pushing on my belly from all angles trying to get the boys to enter the world. These guys haven't made it easy for me from the beginning and I wouldn't have it any other way.
A lot of things have happened over the last month, so here we go!
First, silent reflux reared it's horribly ugly head again in both boys. Back to screaming during bottles, not eating and definitely not sleeping through the night. It's a vicious cycle and I would be lying if I said I didn't wonder "why me" during the attacks. But, we made it. We are surviving all thanks to our awesome pediatrician Dr Raley and this little pill.
15mg Prevacid OTC.
It rocks.
Cut the cap open and sprinkle it in some applesauce...our house is happy again.
The boys are doing so well now. We are back to four 8 ounce bottles a day with a feeding of solids in the morning and at night. They are sleeping through the night again, they are smiling when they wake up and when they go to bed. It's amazing the difference this little pill has made in our lives.

We had our 6 month well check and shots at 5.5 months since we were already there for the reflux. The boys did so much better this time around and the shots didn't slow them down a bit. Here were their stats:
Archer Stockton
15.9 lbs 26.25in tall 15 lbs 26in tall
They are still little guys, but they are finally gaining some ground on the growth chart percentiles.
Both roll tummy to back/back to tummy
We are "close" to sitting...but not close enough :)
They are both getting up on their hands and knees and rocking...alot. Please sit first!
Archer likes to hang out on his side...kinda like a yoga pose?!? Strange, but at least he is happy there... I guess?!

Stockton just likes to hang out however he lands. He stayed like this forever the other night. Whatever makes him happy and doesn't make him cry, right?

See...Stockton does smile!
They still love to hang in their cars. They scoot all over the living room and into the kitchen. Granted...going one foot takes a minute or so, but they get where they want to go. Those cars were the best $40 each we have spent so far!
I got a "drive by" kiss from this little fella the other day. Melts my heart!

Contemplating his next move...
What's different lately?
Well, since you asked...
We don't use sleep sacks for naps anymore. Now they are just for bedtime. Why? I don't really know? It just sort of evolved that way. Now they just get a little blanket to cover their legs and they love it.
We are teething. Times two. Everything goes in their mouths. Slime is oozing out of their face like a faucet has been turned on. Naps are disturbed...come on toofers, make an appearance already!
They both are loving playing with their feet. Even during naps. They wake, play with their feet, talk/sing, then roll back over and go to sleep. It's cute, until they don't want to go back to sleep. ugh.
Archer has really taken notice of Stockton. He even giggled/belly laughed at him about a week ago. Out of the awesome momentJustin and I both got to witness. I can't wait to hear those giggles coming from both boys as they run through the house, so fun!
Did I mention the hands/knees and rocking business going on? It happens all the time, during naps too. Mainly from Stockton...the boy just started really rolling a few weeks ago...really??

They are just too cute not to put random pics up.
So, I have added some new stuff to my daily routine. Some days I love it, others, I ask why be so ambitious?? Oh well :)
I have started making their own baby food. Thanks to my friend Alicia. She hooked me up with this awesome website and I have been cooking away..kinda...sorta :) The boys love it and so do I.
So far we have made:
Avocados, pears, butternut squash and peas.
Carrots and apples are up next!
Pureed peas!

Frozen and bagged Butternut Squash
Oh, and my last little addition....Studying Esther. My mom gave me this Bible Study when I was in the hospital waiting to have the boys. It's by Beth Moore and it's titled, Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman. Seems fitting for my journey, right? Well, the weeks and months have passed since she gave it to me and it sat on my nightstand. Lately I have been feeling like I need to go to church, which I do, but the fear of the nursery is keeping me away. That and disturbing the nap schedule. Stupid, I know...but baby steps. Literally.
Anyways, I have started this Bible study and have really enjoyed getting back into the Word again. Granted, I haven't finished the first lesson yet, but hey...cut me some slack. At least I started!! I am hoping to start devoting more time and soon get back to church, even if it is only occasionally. Time to get out of this bubble :)
Well, that is our 6 months in a nutshell. We are rolling, rocking, teething, singing, and loving every day more and more.