Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zoo Days

we are Archer and Stockton....hear us ROAR!!!!!
Earlier this year we bought our zoo family pass.  The boys love the zoo, and quite frankly, so do I.  It's so peaceful and there is plenty to do and see.  We went Thursday morning for a bit and had a great time checking out the animals and of course riding the train.  Archer was on a mission to find a Toucan (not sure why, but we HAD to check every building for one).  I don't remember stumbling up one but we forgot to check the rain forest building.  That and it started to rain on us so we decided to leave.

mesmerized by the sea lions

turtle time

Archer...just hanging with the giraffes
penguin watching
All in all, a great day to get out and zoo it up.  I am thankful to have fun boys who love to have "Archer and Stockton's Great Adventure" days with me.  That's what we call the days that we are one the go and don't get a nap.  And naps are still precious around here...we try not to miss them unless an adventure is involved!

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