Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday Number 3

We started off our birthday celebrations this year with some cinnamon roll waffles and bacon.  Only your favorite breakfast foods will do on the day you turn 3.  Seriously, 3.  You slept in until 8:30am on your birthday morning.  I am not going to lie, I enjoyed a few extra quiet morning minutes before it was time to get you up and start celebrating. 


We spent the morning playing and working in the yard to get it ready for the big birthday bash the next day.  Really, we were just killing time anxiously waiting for daddy to bring home your super fun birthday presents before lunch.  You knew he was bringing them home on his big trailer and boy, were you guys excited.

The excitement and smiles of joy on your faces were enough for me. You guys didn't waste any time jumping in your jeeps and backing them off the trailer yourselves.

You rode and rode until the batteries just didn't have any more "gas".  It's a good thing daddy thought ahead and got you two extra batteries to keep on the charger so there is always some more "gas" when we need it.

Stocky can't contain his joy!

Archer was beyond thrilled with his new ride

Archer: trying to off-road already
Of course, daddy knew you would want to be just like him so he made up so tow straps to keep in your trunk. Just in case you need to haul off some tree limbs or get yourself out of a jam.

fixin' to hook on to something...anything!

loading up the Jeep

We had a birthday visit from our buddy Davis later in the afternoon.  Stockton, you were so excited to take your little buddy for a ride in your new car.  The two of you carried on quite the conversation punctuated with tons of laugh and giggles.

Davis and Stockton

Happy 3rd birthday sweetie-pie baby boys.  I hope you enjoyed your big day like we did.  Nothing makes this momma happier than seeing your faces light up with joy and those big blue eyes sparkle with happiness.  

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  1. Yay!! What a fun day! I see bokeh in your pics! ;)