Saturday, May 18, 2013

3rd Birthday Party

We had a BLAST at the boys 3rd birthday party.  I can easily say that this party was just as interactive for the adults as it was for the kiddos.  We started off the morning with the boys sleeping in until 8:45am.  That was actually perfect because the inflatable slides and bounce/obstacle course was to be delivered at 8:30am.  So, by the time they woke up and got dressed all they needed to hear me tell them was "Your slides are here!!" and they were out the door in a flash.  I had to practically force them to eat a pop tart and milk in the midst of some bouncing/sliding mayhem.    They had to explore every inch of those slides and I *might* have  had to try them out too before getting everything else in it's place.  

We were lucky and got the boys to stand still long enough to snap a quick family pic before all of our friends came.  The expression on Stockton's face is priceless.  He pulls a million different faces in a day and this is one of his favorites lately.  That kid is just precious...actually they both are, I can't help but adore everything about them.

Their Nana brought them some doctor kits for their birthday before the party.  They were both so excited to get dressed up and give "check ups".  Maybe one day they will be a doctor like their daddy!


The doctors are IN!

giving Nana a check up

Once again, the party didn't have a theme.  I'm just not a theme kinda girl...sometimes I wish that I were interested in crafting or planning.  (If I ever get the itch to attempt that all I have to do is think about last years cupcake icing disaster.  Thank goodness for the Courtyard Bistro in Fort Gibson, their cupcakes were amazing!) What I want my kids to take away from these milestones is not the decorations or goody bags, but the memories of great times with friends and family.  I am pretty sure the memories we made will last quite a while!

camo cupcakes...delish and super cute!

Once our friends started to arrive it was time to slide, bounce, play on the playground ect.  Pretty much a big free for all.  Not to mention the weather was absolutely perfect.  No wind, warm but not to hot...just perfect.

Layne and Stockton having a chat

Layne and Archer diving head first down the slide

This pic is probably my favorite of the bunch

happy Archer!
We needed to take a break from bouncing so naturally it was time to take the cars for a drive.  Stocky jumped in the car with his girlfriend Kate.  Her beautiful momma Cristin and I joke that they will get married one day.  Secretly I hope that's true.  Stockton loves him some Kitty Kate!

Kate, 'noculars and juice: all Stockton needs

see anything Kate?!

and he goes in for the kiss!!

sharing our cars with our friends 
Now it was time for some cupcakes and presents!

Archer was the first to blow his candle out

and Stockton wasn't too far behind

Eli enjoying ice cream and cupcakes!
our other twin buddies Fynn and Sutton!

the Coffman crew!
After opening presents the crowd started to thin and the adults needed some slide and bounce time! And of course the boys were dying to get back into their jumps.

Aunt Abby going for it!

even daddy got a little crazy


fun with daddy!!
We ended our day playing on the playground with our buddies Tyler and Blake.   A little sandbox action to unwind from a crazy day.  There were no naps on birthday party day.  The boys went strong from the moment they woke up until we put them to bed.  Truth be told, they probably could have stayed up a little longer but we knew we needed to get them in bed a little early that night.

Boys, we loved every minute of your 3rd birthday.  Seeing your joyful faces and hearing your belly laughs make life worth living. Thanks for a fun 3 years.  We can't wait to have more adventures with you!

We love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Such a fun party! And I love all these pics of Kate & Stockton... so hilarious to think of him driving her around one day!!