Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

This year we hit up the pumpkin patch for the first time.  The boys were excited to see their grandma and also their aunt 'deana neena neena' and cousin Eli.   We went to Carmichaels in Bixby on Tuesday. I had heard good things but when I looked online and saw that they had a petting zoo and pony rides I was sold.   And, please don't judge me that I put my kids in shorts and hoodies (that are *almost* too small...we were not prepared for the cooler weather in the clothes department!) The forecast called for a high in the upper 70s and when it would have been ok if the wind hadn't picked up. And please don't judge the fact that my children are wearing socks and crocs.  It was chilly out and their blue shoes matched their shirts.  So there. 

When we got there we looked at pumpkins for a bit then got some feed for the animals and headed out to see all the fun goats, sheep, piggies, chickens, horsies, llamas ect.  There were a few other brave moms with their kids out that morning and Stockton had his eye on the girls right away.  He LOVES little girls.  It's super cute to see how tickled he gets when it comes to girls.  And he likes to kiss them.  It can get a little out of hand.

Stockton: Hello Ladies! you are pretty much going to see a ton of pics and captions of our animal/pumpkin patch adventure.  But there is nothing I like more than telling a story with pictures.  
Archers cheese face


checking out the animals

feeding the sheeps
Archer feeding goats

I am pretty sure they are thinking: "we need goats and sheeps at our house daddy..."

Archer feeding sheep
 We laughed when we introduced the boys to the llamas.  Archer kept calling them 'baby mamas' because he couldn't quite say the "ll" in llama.  He would say: "mommy!! look at the baby mamas!!" Moments like that really tickle me.  Not only are they so excited to see the animals they just keep repeating it over and over.  I love that innocence in a child.

talking to the baby "mamas"

with Grandma...say cheese!

Stockton looks like he's seen a ghost!

Archer so happy to play in the hay maze

the boys were SO excited to see their cousin Eli!

lets all hold hands

sweet Eli feeding the cows
We also laughed at Stockton that morning (we laugh alot)...this particular goat was a golden color and had a long beard and actually resembles a lion.  Stockton did NOT want that lion to take any food from his hand.  "no Lion!" he said!  This kid has an incredible imagination already...and I love seeing it in action.

Stockton: "NO no!" 

aunt 'Deana neana neana with the baby "mamas"
We went on the pony rides next.  I wish I was small enough to ride the ponys.  I have to admit that I was a little jealous the boys got to.   Those ponys were just so darn cute!  Eli hopped right on but it took Archer and Stockton a bit to warm up to the idea.  Archer finally agreed to get on if Aunt 'Deana neana neana walked with him.  Stockton was having to part it in at all, which surprises me because he is typically my more adventurous one.  We watched Eli and Archer go around about 5 times before we tried again.  He wasn't thrilled with the idea, but he warmed up to it pretty quickly.  They all enjoyed the pony rides and I was so excited they gave it a try.

Archer: Excited about his pony ride
Stockton: a little scared but such a big boy!

After pony rides we picked out some pumpkins and decided to call it a morning. The wind had really picked up and everyone was starting to feel the chill.    We posed for a few pics then headed to the car to warm up.  It was a super fun day and we will definitely make it out there again next year!

great end to a fun day

group shot: say cheese!

grandma with Eli

we "almost" got all the boys to look and smile

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo.  Finally.  I don't know what the heck took us so long because we all loved it.  Even daddy.   We went a few weekends ago, it was a rainy morning at home but the radar showed clear skies in Tulsa so we took a chance and boy, did it pay off.  The weather was cool and the sun was behind the clouds and it wasn't crowded at all.  The boys did awesome, we left the stroller at home and held our hands every where we walked to.  They had seen pictures and knew most of the animals by name but were amazed to see them right there in front of us.

The peacocks that ran around the sidewalks were so fun to chase after.  The boys would get so excited when they saw one.

Archer and the peacocks

come here bird!
They loved the monkey exhibit and thought it was so funny watching them swing and play inside their habitat.  

daddy teaching Archer about the monkeys
The zoo has camel rides...which I wanted to go on REALLY bad, but didn't since the boys would want to go and we just didn't feel comfortable yet putting them up there.  But they loved talking and watching the camels.

checking out the big tortoise 

Penguins!!!  They loved seeing the penguins up close.
 The rhinos were out and close to the fence.  It took a few times repeating that they were rhino's and not elephants to get the boys to remember.  But I think they now have it down.

just hanging out with the wallaby...
 Besides seeing all the animals the boys probably had just as much fun at the petting zoo than anywhere else.  And truth be told...I did too.  I just love petting zoos.  I have convinced myself we need some goats, cows and chickens at our house.  But I haven't convinced Justin yet, and I probably never will!

there is pure joy on archer's face...and I can't describe how much I love that cheese face!

monkeying around with daddy
After wandering for a good two hours we decided to take a lap around the zoo on the train before we headed home.   The boys really like trains and were so excited to go through the first little tunnel and ride around. 

They were real troopers, I hope we can make it back to the zoo again soon and see the places we missed.  I think we forgot to go to the rain forest and the polar bear building was closed due to renovations.  It is definitely on our to do list to go back before it gets too cold!