Thursday, June 7, 2012

2nd Birthday Party

We had the boys 2nd birthday party the weekend after they turned 2.   I wish I was the crafty type that can put together the cute themed parties...but I'm not.  My crafts never turn out and I should have remembered that when I started planning.  There is this little website called Pinterest that has tons of great ideas for just about everything you can imagine.  Crafts, food, clothes ect.  It's all there.  But it's also misleading as it gives you (or me in this case) the impression that you can make anything and it will be SOOOO easy.   Pinterest lies I tell you, it lies.  I tried to make this cute felt happy birthday banner to string along the porch.  I spent hours in the evening cutting out felt shapes and letters to find that the only thing my fabric adhesive would adhere to was my hands.  Ended up using hot glue then having the felt rip apart when I tried to string hour before the party.  
Did I happen to mention that I am a procrastinator? Yeah, I am.  

We took the easy way out on and ice cream!  It ended up being the perfect day.  We celebrated our little wonder boys with lots of friends and family.  We played, ate, opened presents and just enjoyed spending time with everyone.  The boys had a blast.  They visited with everyone and played with new toys.  It was a great day and we celebrated Hogle Style.  No frills, just good times with the ones we love.

Archer and his cousin Drake playing cars

The boys playing with the new tractor from Steve

Stockton and his tractor
Pop Pop and my brother Drew having a chat

Eating pizza and drinking juice

Archer chowing down on ice cream

Jennifer and KeKe!

the fam damily

opening presents

New plates from the Coffmans!

Super Stockton!

Super Pop Pop!

Nana and baby Drake

Arch getting a drink of water

I thought cupcakes would be easy and that a good mother would make them for their babies and guests.  So I made 36 cupcakes and 2 baby smash cakes that Friday night.  Icing would be so easy, right? I can just whip that up and ice/decorate all the cupcakes/cakes while the boys nap before the party...right? Wrong.  Turns out when your recipe for icing calls for unsalted margarine you might want to have some on hand.  And if you don't, you might as well run to the store...or wish you bought the dang cupcakes.  But instead, I used regular butter and didn't quite follow the directions so I ended up with runny icing that no amount of confectioners sugar could thicken or save.  So...forget about the cute fishing themed cupcakes I saw on pinterest, instead everyone got a tasty yet ugly cupcake. 

Live and learn I say.  Live and learn.

Happy Birthday to You!

Make a wish!

With cousins Eli & Dallas

that icing wasn't pretty but it sure was good

hi Drake!

Aunt Deana-neana-neana saying hello
After the party was over we went down to the pond for some fishing with friends. The fish were biting like crazy and it was a perfect night to play at the ponds.  What a great way to end a great day.  

Archer would not put the Diet DP down

fishing after the party

fish on!

Coffman boys caught a perch!  (love archers big drink in the background)
Archer, Syndey and Kurt

Sweet baby Blake and Ashley

Headed's way past our bedtime!
A big Thank You to everyone that came out to celebrate.  We had a lot of fun, made lots of memories and can't wait to do it again next year!

Happy 2nd Birthday little buddies! We love you to bits!

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