Saturday, February 4, 2012

Climb and Slide

Wednesday of this week the little misters got a bit adventurous.  The weather has been phenomenal lately...if this is winter, I will take it.  We have been able to play outside several days a week.  And I am sure that any mother of an almost 2 year old(s) will tell you how much easier the day goes when you can play outside.  Well, we were outside playing with cars, dirt, balls, mulch, ect...when I sat down on their slide with my back to the bugs.  A few seconds later I heard stomp stomp, giggle giggle and to my surprise they were both on the platform of their playground just laughing like crazy.  But I need to remind you that they have NEVER shown any interest in their ladder or trying to climb their playground.  zero. zilch.   So this new development not only baffled me but scared me silly.  Now when I let them outside, I can't just open the door...finish cleaning the kitchen/fill drink cups & snack catchers...I gotta be out there too. With my eyes wide open.  Before they would go out, tinker with their cars or mowers, yell for me to come out...never far from the front door.  Now mom has some competition: climb and slide.  So, I guess our new adventure of climbing, sliding and the tumbles I am sure they will take is here. Wish me luck.  Times two.

Here are the littles enjoying their climbing and sliding this week:

Stockton: first little man up the ladder

Stockton: ready to slide

Stockton:  even held on to his apples the whole way down

Archer: had to have his mo-nay (lemonade) and his mommer (monster)

Archer: prepare to slide!

Archer: now that's talent...mommer in one hand mo-nay in the mouth and one free hand

Archer: reflecting on his sliding abilities

 Stock-man just a'sliding

back up we go!

Stockton: taking an apple slice break

Stockton: slices in hand and ready to slide

Archer: how can you resist that smile?! I know I can't.

Archer: that scrunched up face gets me every time...

Archer: happiest little guy around

Archer: loving life. loving his slide

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