Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Keeper Sleepers

The bugs have decided that they are too cool for their jammies lately.  I have been walking into their room in the mornings and after naps to find this:

 Archer's first great jammie escape

 Monkey see monkey do: Stock couldn't resist the nakedness

 Archer is all boy: hands down the pants.  And his ability to pull his shirt to his waist is amazing.

But, thankfully Nana Sharon came to the rescue and bougth some Little Keeper Sleepers.  What are LKS's you ask?  Jammies that zip down the back with some hard core snaps to keep those little fingers from getting to the zipper.  I still find semi-naked babies after naps, but what can you do??  Here are the LKS's in actions tonight.  Pretty sure we will need to go up a size in the next few weeks.  But, for now, we have clothed babes every.single.morning.  Yippee!

Stockton loves his daddy.  And his "preetty".

Archer having some turtle time!

I love baby butts.

Happy Stock-Stock.

Archer stole 'preetty' but he wasn't fast enough for Stock.

This little slide is too much fun!

again: I love baby butts.

The Archer-roo

Stockton and "preetty"

Thank goodness for the LKS.  They are keeping my kiddos warm and their beds pee free.  NICE!

Also...I referenced the 'preetty' which is a whole new post in itself.  Keep on the look out!

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  1. Your kids are soo very cute! ^^ take care!