Wednesday, August 24, 2011


By far, the boys favorite thing to do is go outside to play.
And, their favorite "toy" is a rock.
Lots and lots of rocks.
Rocks go in our carseats with us.
They even go to WalMart with us.

 The first place they race to when the door opens is Rebels water bucket.

Rebel helped sniff out an itty bitty rock

And with those rocks, they like to dump them in Rebel's water bucket to make a big splash. 
We have to dump her bucket almost daily because it looks like this:

Archer: Sticks are fun too!

Stockton: Me.Love.Rock.

And when they are done dumping rocks,
they like to dig them out and throw them back in.
If we actually have clothes on, it's a big wet mess!

Archer: Hi Mom!

Stockton: Where's my rock?

Done with rocks...what else can we get into?


  1. holy moses these are cute pics!!

  2. OMGoodness i love these pictures. and the captions. and their mommy. the.end.period.