Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Babies are Crazy!

The babies are crazy! Crazy in a funny way that is.
They have been especially cute the past few days and I was lucky to get it on film.

They love to fall down and roll around in their beds before bedtime.  and naptime. 
pretty much anytime they are in bed.
They shared some diaper/crib time last night and this was the result:

Justin's mom got them the cutest little shopping carts this week. 
They are metal and roll pretty fast.  I foresee an accident in our near future involving said shopping carts, but what do you do?  We have already had Archer bite through his tongue and Stockton bust his mouth open in the past few weeks.  guess we better get used to it.  Boys will be boys, right?

Anyways, for fun I put Ratty in the shopping cart.  Pretty sure she NEVER wants to go for a ride in that cart again!

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