Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playdate with the Walters Boys...Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago we had a fan-tastic playdate with our little buddies Ledger and Holden. 
They just moved to Cleveland, Ohio last week.  Their momma and I have become great friends over the past year and I HATE to see them go.  But, I am so glad we were able to get the little men together to play before the big move.   She has some super handsome boys on her hands, that's for sure!



You lookin' at me??

We met in Tulsa at her in-laws house for a little bit of playtime. Then we thougth it was a great idea to take them outside and try to get a pic of all 4 boys...surely with 2 adults we could make that possible, right?

The pretty green grass proved too much for my munchkins and off them went!

I'm gonna get you.. and you!

Gotcha both!
Unfortunately, my camera was on a weird setting so my pics turned out blurry or just not quite right.  Dammit! But we got quite few that I can totally live with.   

Triplets?!?  Or just a runaway Hogle boy?

Holdey wasn't too excited about the "group pic"

Notice, her boys walk...mine don't.  And let me add that they walk REALLY well!!  I was so impressed. I am still impressed.  Mine still crawl but they are a-steppin' just not quite ready to turn loose yet.

Go Ledge Go!

Animal crackers make everything better...

Alicia and Ledger

 We then took the boys to Senor Tequila's for some yummy mexican food. 
And, since the boys all had on the same shirt (thanks Alicia!!) they thought they were quads and wondered who they belonged to. 
Ummmm...nope, just two sets of twins thank goodness!
And, I am not kidding when I say that they started pulling out their camera phones and taking pics.
Weird. But very amusing.
My children love tortilla chips (not the healthiest but whatev) and I was a BAD influence and gave Holdey and Ledge their very first chips.  Sorry mom...we live on the edge here in Muskogee!

I LOVE Holdey's face in this pic....words can't describe how much I love it.

I just can't quit kissing on them!

I love my little men!


Stock double fisting the chips

It was a great day and of course I wish we would have had more time :(
And, I wish it didn't take me 2 weeks to get the pics up.
But, in my defense, we have had 2 ear infections in the last month, well checks, shots and terrible allergies. 
Allergies = snot faced babies which also = tired momma.
So, better late than never, right?

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  1. uhm...think it's safe to say this is my all.time.favorite post of yours to date. =) those boys are my heart. and you've got a piece of it as well. thanks for being my friend. encouraging and cheering me on daily. you are the bestest mommy {even if you feed them chips}...those sweet boys are some lucky ones! xxoo