Saturday, June 11, 2011

13 Months

Another month in the books. And it's been an eventful one to say the least.  We have had 2 ear infections the same time mind you, massive allergies, and I had strep throat.  Oh...and I am pretty sure Stockton is working on at least 3 out of 4 molars.  Fan-tas-tic.  Seriously, the teeth saga is never ending.  I'  But other than that it's been fun, fun, fun. The boys are starting to walk.  They have been taking steps since 11 months but within the past week have really started letting go and actually walking.  It's funny to see my little Frankensteins marching around.   I am so ready for them to start walking.  I feel like that will make things a little easier for me...if it ever really gets easier that is.  But at least going outside should be easier instead of having to carry them or worry about scraping their knees on the concrete or rocks in the yard.  So come on boys...lets walk!!

Archer (pardon the drool, that 6th tooth is taking it's sweet time)


Mr. Fish Face


We are almost off of bottles completely.  Hip Hip Hooray!  The only bottle we have left is the night time bottle and we didnt' do that one twice last week so it may be on it's way out as well.  And for some reason that makes me kinda sad *sniff sniff*.  I really enjoy that little silent time to just hold the boys and top off their little bellies before it's time for bed.  

We are officially pretty good at cups.  Straw cups that is.  They still don't really get the concept of tipping their heads back on a cup with a spout so straw cups it is.   They drink whole milk with meals and diluted crystal light during play times.  

Meals have gotten a little more complex now that we are off bottles.  They eat A LOT.  They must take after their momma.   Here is a sample menu of our day:

Breakfast: Milk and Cheerios to munch on while I cook.  Scrambled eggs with sausage & cheese along with fruit and yogurt and either toast, a pancake or a waffle. 

Lumch: Milk and Goldfish to munch on.  One of the following: Grilled cheese, grilled cheese with chicken or tuna, pb&j sandwich, chicken cheese quesadilla or mac n cheese with hot dog.  A banana, avocado or diced fruit, prunes (cause we are a little stopped up right now :-/) and apple sauce.  Top 'em off with some yogurt melts while I clean up the mess.

Snack: Fruit squeezy and animal crackers or natural cheetos

Dinner: milk and whatever we eat.  I need to get some more veggies in...need to replace a fruit serving at lunch I think.

So...yes, they eat plenty.  But they burn it all off when they play.  You would think they would weigh a ton but nope. Still in the 20th percentile in weight.
Pork chops and sweet potato fries in nothing but our diapers and tenny pumps.

Sweet potato fries are favorites at dinner!

Still sleeping 7p-7a.  Still taking two naps.  The first is around 10am and lasts typically an hour and a half.  The second is around 2pm and lasts until 3:30/3:45pm.  

  • They are so close to walking it's not funny.  If they would just let go already!
  • Still jabbering away without any meaning.  I thought I almost got Archer to say 'dog' yesterday and I thought he said 'banana' at lunch.  I think I am just thinking too much. 
  • They are obsessed with putting things into containers ect.  To the point that they want to put food on each others trays it's that much fun to move something around. 
  • Archer can stick out his tongue when you ask him to show it to you.  (not always but he does it when he wants to)
So that pretty much sums up our last month. They are eating and sleeping well.  They are too funny for words sometimes.  They love to cuddle, kiss and hug.  They get the giggles at each other every day still.  They love to play on the couch and fall over like fainting goats.  They just love to love each other and every day.

Another fun thing we have been doing lately is the baby pool.  These boys love them some baby pool time.  They like to get nekid and spash it up.  So, since baby butts make me so incredible happy words really can't describe it, the following pictures are full of nekid babies and a few nekid butts.  I have a feeling this is how they will be spending the majority of their summer.


Archer loved watching the martins (birds) fly around

still bird watching


baby butt crack alert!!



I love you so much baby boys! It just keeps getting better every day!

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