Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey, Hey It's Our Birthday!!

Hey, hey it's our birthday!!
Hip Hip Hooray!

I have this long post in the works but when it comes down to it...this is their day.  It's their first birthday. Birthdays are fun and fun is what we did.  I'm still writing saving that long post for another day this week. So, stay tuned.

In the meantime here is a little photo-journal of our day.

It started off with their Anywhere Chairs.  I've had these cute little chairs stashed away for weeks wishing I could give them to them early.  It's not like they know it's their birthday, right? But Justin made me wait.

 They weren't too sure about them at first, especially after Archer tried to get down and did a face plant on the rug.  Oops, not the best way to start our morning :-/

We got a visit from Nana Banana this morning and she brought the cutest stools this morning.  They have their names in puzzle pieces on the top. SO cute! And a side note - we have already misplaced the 't' and the 'n' on Stockton's chair.  Dang...less than 24 hours and we have missing pieces!!

After all the morning fun we had lunch with dada.  He had to work late tonight so we just had to spend part of our big day with the Daddy. 

And, mom got a little present in the mail today...
my BOB!!!  I have been coveting this stroller for months.  I guess you know you're a mom when all you can think about is a double jogging stroller.  They are a little pricey and I finally just did it.  I found a good deal on Amazon and couldn't pass it up.  I wheeled the boys around our property this afternoon and they loved it.  It was a little bumpy on the uneven ground and our gravel driveway but the BOB can handle it!! So excited to test it out on the pavement tomorrow afternoon.   

I'm still trying to get them to cooperate when it's just me trying to take a picture...
This was a good as it got today.  Nothing like a traveling baby to make things a little interesting!

But, we end with this.

Happy Birthday sweet boys. You are loved more than you will every know...ever.


  1. hey hey to those handsome ONE year olds you've got there. got a few things...think i'm gonna do it bullet style:
    * uhm, could those stools with their names on them be ANY cuter?! i think not. and can i steal that idea from you too? ;)
    * is that a lovie that i spy in arch's hand?! what? when did this happen? you failed to clue me in on that one.
    * i'm lov'n the cute tank and those AH-MAH-ZING muscular arms on the momma!
    * the chair collage...priceless. welcome to the world of those lovely chairs...never a dull moment with those in the house.
    * can't wait for the LONG one year post....sit'n on my hands waiting. =)

  2. * the BOB....thank the Lord for that heavenly thing. super excited for you. happy giving birth day one year ago to mommy!!!

  3. Happy 1st birthday!!!! The pics are super cute!