Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera ... March 3rd

We had lunch with Dada today...
He's been working hard and has not been able to really see the boys since Monday.

Before we left, Arch had to say goodbye to sweet Rebel...

Then I loaded their little butts in the car and we picked up some salads for lunch and went to see the daddy. 

Arch with "Little D"

Stock catching a ride with Kendall

Daddy is sooooo silly!

Do work, Stock, do work!
The whole glad everyone is smiling!!
It was a great day to get out and about.
 We can't wait to celebrate Daddy's birthday on Saturday...he is the best!


  1. Such a great pic of the fam!

  2. as always, these pictures make me SMILE great big. and after the week i've had, i'm glad something puts a smile on my face! daddy checking out arch-man's teeth? because i'm pretty sure he's an eye doctor, not a teeth {tooth?} doctor. =) and you have on a mighty fine lil' shirt there missy. is it new?!?

  3. Great Pics. Good for you getting a whole bunch of shots with you and your family as well as your little cutie!

  4. Ah how fun! We love visiting dad at work, but as you can imagine, it stresses dad out when we ALL come up there.

  5. Always have good {embrace} moments! Love checking you out on ETC days!

  6. Loving this family photo!!!! Very sweet!!!