Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months and Mobile

It's been a big month for the cuties...and their momma.
They continue to amaze me every day...every stinkin' day. 

A few weeks ago I began to question if they were on target for their milestones. They could sit and were kinda sorta mobile but not really. More rocking than actually going anywhere. Well...never question a baby. The last week or so they have really turned it on and momma learned her lesson!

Where to start?!? The small stuff first:

They take two naps still.  Both are about 1.5 hours long...rarely does the 2 hour nap appear but we love it when it does.  I was a mean momma and had to implement crying it out at naps the week of Christmas.  It took us two weeks but we are back on track with a firm "you stay in your bed for two can nap, play or cry...take your pick" policy.  I need some time to regroup and do the chores around this house little men!

On the four hour schedule still but we changed the bottles a bit. 
7:30a - 8oz
11:30a - 6.5 oz
3:30p - 6.5 oz
7p - 8 oz
They are still hard to feed sometimes and I have had to work hard on not getting hung up on the numbers.  They will eat what they need...and that's fine with me.  No more fighting or crying over undrunk milk.
But, like the nap policy, I have a no feeding in the middle of the night policy too.  So drink and eat up boys... :)

Solids are going well. They eat three meals a day now along with bottles.
8:30a - Breakfast - oatmeal & fruit
12:30p - Lunch - fruit or veggie and crackers
6p - Dinner - protien and veggie
All in all they probably take in 8-10 ounces of solids a day along with their bottles.

Sippy cups...they still haven't quite grasped that. But they just don't like bottles or sucking.  They actually drink water from regular cups pretty easily and prefer that.  But...that doesn't help me when they get older. cups.  Oh well...we'll get it down on day!

Also, Stockton has been shaking his head no alot lately...usually when he is eating.  I don't think he is telling me 'no'...but it's just fun and I can't help but laugh when he does it.  It's so hard to be serious when he is that funny!

Downward Dog anyone??

Have I mentioned that Archer LOVES his car.  I mean, loves it.  He is fast and hilarious flying through the house.  He chases Rebel around which doesn't make her very happy. 

And it kills me when they get the giggles...just melts my heart.  Pardon the crazy momma saying beep, bop, boop...but it doesn't take much to make them cackle, it's infectious.

We love us some diaper time before bed.  

 And,  this is what happens when daddy is in control of the spoon...

Milestones and what's new:

They are almost able to push themselves into a sitting close!

We are crawling and inchworming everywhere.  Last week, Archer took his first few wobbly crawls. Only a few shuffles at a time.  Fast forward to this weekend and look who is full-fledged EVERYWHERE:

Stockton prefers to inchworm.  And he is fast...I wish I could tell him that crawling would take less effort but this little guy has energy to burn.  Burn, baby, burn...then take a long nap, ok?!?
(this one is kinda long...sorry!)

We started pulling up this weekend. Only to our knees, but pulling to standing is right around the corner, I can feel it.   We pull up in our bed, on momma, on toys and on each other!
Stockton is in jail!
Hello Momma!

The Arch-Man wants some of this action...

Who couldn't love that face??

Arch will just use his brother as a step stool...

They love each other...I mean, LOVE each other.  They have really started enjoying each other over the past few weeks.  They giggle and's super cute.  Friends for Life.  To see them interact this young is so interesting. I love to watch them explore their toys together and explore each other. 

Those smiles make me melt...every.time.

My guys...8 months old today
They are a handful...but so worth the effort.


  1. umm...where shall i start?? i love your policies. i think it's called 'tough love.' right?! or maybe just, 'we do this so mommy stays sane, sweet boys. just go with it. sleep and eat when it's time to eat. thanks.' i love your videos. adam and i sat here and laughed with arch-man. sweet baby laughs. i.can't.get.enough. love the crinkle face{s}. think your boys shared this with ledge?! the car. man, am i for the car. {have i ever thanked you for this suggestion?} if not, thanku dear friend. thanku! the crawling, the pulling up....what's next?! are we ready??? love those two faces. and their momma's. thems are some lucky lucky boys to have such amazing folks.

    {adam said those are some hideous t-shirts....the ones that have a big O and U on them}. =)

  2. I love the laughing little Archer boy! I had Shae come into my office and we watched that video over and over. Now my stomach hurts. Thanks Archer!

  3. you have TWO boys??! i bow down. i really do, my one little man is just about all i can handle for now. you get twice the love though, lucky! ;) your kids are so cute girl! good luck:)