Friday, November 26, 2010

The First Thanksgiving

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with the boys yesterday!

We spent the day in Tulsa with my family eating lots of good food and showing off the boys.  Justin's family spent the holiday in Georgia this year so we didn't get to see them...we were pretty sad that they missed the boys first Turkey Day but there will be many more to celebrate.

The boys did pretty well with some new faces and lots of noise.   We had a few "stranger danger" meltdowns from Mr. Archer.  It was only with the men which was strange, but he finally got over it.  They even went down for a nap (it was only 45 minutes...don't get too excited) while we ate.  Archer decided not to eat much yesterday and pretty much fight every bottle.  It's so frustrating, but I guess he will just eat when he is hungry...but not at night anymore. Momma isn't playing that game :) 

After a full day of Thanksgiving fun..

We  are getting VERY sleepy

Still getting smiles! Love it!

Archer needed some cuddling

Mr Stockton showing off for everyone!

My mom and dad with the babies...You can see J and I were trying to get them to smile :)

Time for our bottle!
 Overall it was a really great day!  Justin fried a yummy.  I made mashed potatoes...they were ok, I think I put too much butter on top and they were kind of runny (they were perfect the night before, dang!).  The rest of the food was delicious...I love ham...and we came home with full bellies.  Justin and I topped off our Thanksgiving day feasting with some mac and cheese and apple pie for a late dinner. 

We are so thankful for our two little turkeys and all of our family for being so supportive.
We are so blessed!

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