Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture Me Rolling

Yes...those are the lyrics of a Tupac song, but it has been the big news in our house this week!

Everybody is rolling like crazy lately, and it's because they want to and because they can! Both boys rolled from tummy to belly around 4 weeks old, it wasn't consistent but it was happening. Considering they were 5 weeks early the really should have still been in the womb! But, as they grew and got a little bigger the less often they rolled. I still wonder if they just got so mad on their bellies they just flipped on over because most of the time there was some screaming involved :)

Stockton Rolling

It still amazes me how much they change in just a day. Last Tuesday when I would lay Stockton on his belly for tummy time he would look around for a minute then lay his head down and suck on his hand. Archer on the other hand has been up on his elbows for the past 2 weeks like a champ. Just looking around and rolling to his back...happy as a clam! Well, last Wednesday I put Stockton on his belly and he was a new boy. Looking around and rolling like crazy! That's him in the video above... I love the looks on their faces when they end up on their backs, kinda dazed and confused on what just happened. And on their bellies they both look like little periscopes! And sometimes during their naps if they are on their bellies I will peek in on them and they will being doing some tummy time...Up Periscope! Such strong, growing boys!

And, as of yesterday, Archer is officially a tummy sleeper. I continue to lay him down for naps and for bed on his back but it doesn't take long for him to roll to his tummy. I want him to be able to sleep comfortably on both so I am just going to keep starting him out on his back. During every nap yesterday he never made a peep and I would find him on his belly. When I would roll him over to wake him up he would squint those tired little eyes at me and then promptly roll right back to his belly. Same thing with bedtime...the last few nights he has cried around 12:30am to be rolled over...not last night! I peeked at the monitor at 11:30pm and he was already on that tummy. At least he knows what he wants and how to get there! That, and it's obviously not up to me anymore how he sleeps unless I want to roll him onto his back again every 5 minutes...nah, mom needs some sleep! And there is nothing cuter than that little baby butt sticking up in the air...LOVE IT!

Stockton hasn't quite caught the belly sleeping bug yet but I am sure it's coming. He is our little snuggler. We are pretty sure he will be our security blanket baby when he gets older and we have started calling him Linus. It has taken a while to get used to, actually I still worry every day, but Stockton likes to snuggle the bumper in his crib. By snuggle, I mean we have to start him out laying next to it and he likes to press his nose and chin against it. He even does it in his swing...there must be something calming about it.
I have tried taking the bumper out but laying against the rails makes him cry...I have tried starting in the middle of the crib but he works his way to his left every time and cries when he hits the rails...I have tried a Breathable Bumper but it is too rough for his little face and he cried and could feel the rails of the crib. Sooooo, we are back to the bumper and back to starting him out laying with his left arm against it. That way he doesn't have to travel far to feel secure and he won't smush his face into it very hard since he is already there. I worry about it all the time, absolutely all the time...but it doesn't really seem like it's up to's what the baby wants. So, we are just being as cautious as possible and hopefully he will outgrow it soon!

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