Friday, August 13, 2010

3 Months Young

Over 3 months ago we brought two precious babies into this world. They were 5 weeks early, but we did it. From the day they were born they each had their own personality, their own special glimmer in their eyes.
Raising twins the last 3 months has been an experience - a life changing experience! There are the good days, the tough days and the absolute toughest days. It's funny, once the toughest days are behind me, it's only the good days I remember.

I went from being a girl who was content with her marriage, corporate job and her dogs to a stay at home mommy that is still content with her marriage, job (babies now!) and her dogs. My job was making loans and wearing dresses and high heels every it's feeding babies, wiping butts, comforting, snuggling, kissing, smiling, laughing, crying...basically loving and nurturing my family all day every day. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and take care of my little fellas.

They complete me.
In. Every. Way.
(even when they are screaming haha!)

Here is a short trip down Memory Lane....

Stockton in the NICU...sad little IV in his head :(

Archer in the NICU

Our first family photo, they look so tiny!!

After Archer's first bath.
He still looks like that when he screams!

Our living arrangments in Special Care at St John
Stockton on the left, Archer on the right

Needing a nap after passing their hearing tests

Stockton snoozing during his car seat tolerance test

Car seat tolerance more step closer to coming home!

5 weeks old...

Just chillin' in the bounce chairs

I couldn't resist a picture of their cute butts!

Archer after a BIG diaper blowout...he had to be washed along with his swing.
This was right before we found out about his allergy to cows milk protein and he was put on Alimentum...there have been many blowouts since this one!

11 Weeks old

Sometimes we just need to cuddle together...

3 Months old - Stockton loves the mobile on his swing

3 Months Old - Archer would rather just smile at you!

I love my guys!

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  1. That is awesome, Stacy!!! I love the pics!! And I love the perspective on your "job description"! :) It's so different from a real job, but it's so much better.. even on the tough days! I totally agree.