Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day at the Pool

Last Sunday my uncle Steve invited us to his house in Fort Smith to visit and get in the pool with the boys. They like their baths so we thought it would be fun to get them in the water. I got them little swim shirts and hats for their big adventure...they were so cute! We picked a good day and the shallow end of the pool was nice and shady for the boys. They loved floating around and even kicked their little legs like frogs. I will say that it seemed Archer enjoyed it more than Stockton but they were great the whole day. We weren't in the water very long, just enough to float around and get some really good pictures. Mainly it was a fun day for us more than it was for them I am sure. Getting into a swim suit less than 3 months after giving birth wasn't so fun for me...but you gotta do what you gotta do! Might as well face it...this body might not ever be the same but it gave us two beautiful baby boys! Definitely worth the sacrifice!

Below are some pics from our day!

The family!

We love little baby butt cracks!

Justin and Stockton

Me and Archer

Justin and the Boys

Sweet baby Stockton

Archer and Stockton...Just floatin' on a raft (fully supervised of course!!)

Stockton is strong!!

Archer - Just lounging around!

Me and my guys...Stockton is NOT a happy camper :)

Stevie introducing Stockton to Emma and Oz

That was our day in a nutshell! Lots of floating and laughs...a few cries but overall a lot of fun. I think we may have some water babies on our hands!


  1. CUTE!!! And you look fantastic! I love the pic of Archer on the raft=)

  2. I agree you look GREAT!! Those babies are two cute!

  3. LOVE it! two posts in one week...LOVE that too! =) Keep em coming!

  4. Love it! Your boys are so cute in the water!!!

  5. You are in a bikini less than 3 months after babies?!??!?!! You're awesome! You look great Stacy!! Those pics of the boys are adorable! :)